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    I never do my homework anyways so ha  
    This would at least be entertaining  
    Mmmmmm butter  
    Spinach rocks-  
    The chicken had to come first in order to lay the egg-  
    Yes, actually it is-  
    So true  
    I already am the funniest person ever.  
    Eminem is way better-  
    No blood- because then i'd be even paler ouo  
    Religion sucks-  
    With what proof?  
    I hate kids-\  
    Avatar's way better-  
    Gatoraid is better-  
    Neither- they're both disgusting-  
    I- why would you choose an option just because a person in the picture is better looking-  
    I'd rather be skinny-  
    But- if you were skinny you can also gain weight-  
    Living alone means a lower bill-  
    There is no heaven-  
    so i'd sleep... either eight, or five hours- *shrugs* Fine with me-  
    I'd keep mine- I know it sounds selfish, but if i hate it then i could do more stuff with it that would benefit the less than fortunate-  
    metal is way better than that rap crap  
    Science is better-  
    I don't fit in the lockers at my school so h  
    does anyone else notice that the picture they used for religion was a picture from montey python- XDDD  
    I don't wear makeup at all- And i'm a girl.. .makeup is like false advertising-  
    I detest my family-  
    You must be a femenist  
    Simple solution, i detest babies.  
    Umm... why are people so hyped up about him... he's not that attractive, girls-  
    Yes it is-  
    Do you have proof?  
    There is no god though.  
    There is no god.  
    I have an okay face, but i need a better body- XDD  
    it doesn't say you'll be hated by everyone, and you can have one close friend, so this is okay with me-  
    the forest rocks- you can hear all the animals, it's really super calming, and there's a lot of shade- WTF are you guys talking about having a ficking slenderman in the ficking forest- He doesn't exist guys =.= +1
    I love umbrellas- Besides, i like being in the shade too, so it's a win/win-  
    If i were a billionaire in 1776 that would be ficking amazing because i love the general way of living- Sure, it has it's downfalls, but its awesome!  
    What kind of a question is this-  
    I don't like people, so...  
    ....they speak english you insufferable prick-  
    What about australian slang though...? Do you guys use that-?  
    smirnoff is way better-  
    It's been five minutes and i still can't tell if this is an excited girl loving bikinis, or a dude loving the sight of bikinis-  
    If you were fit, then at least you would live longer- XD  
    dude, iceland ficking rocks-  
    i hate kids-  
    I love long hair-  
    I don't care about shirts lol  
    And throw it into the ocean-  
    tomboy ftw  
    I'm strait mostly, so this is fine with me- XD  
    ps3 is Freaking awesome- idk who this 56% is, but apparently there are way more stupid people than i originally thought-  
    I'd walk, take my bike, or just take the bus-  
    price is right is the best damn show ever-  
    I hate kids-  
    Elvis Presley! Versus! Michael Jackson! Begin!  
    satan rocks though-  
    I haven't tried it- but it would be awesome if it were legal, because it helps with a lot of things, like stress and such-  
    But vampires don't sparkle-  
    All of my friends are dudes- *cough cough* The two friends that i have- *cough cough*  
    Sure, let's do this. It's not like anyone would want to watch the movie after they find out that i'm in it- lol  
    Does being 5'4" count as being short-  
    I already don't watch TV XD  
    I won-  
    If you're living forever, you have to go through the pain of everyone that you know and love dying off-  
    My grandma's actually quite awesome-  
    o_o neither-  
    Men are superior  
    it depends on how high the cliff is-  
    I play the guitar- mainly electric... Oh, and you can get an electric accoustic- so... yeah... +1
    You have a better chance of surviving a shark attack i think-  
    I already get 5 hours of sleep every night- XD  
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