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Everything, Imp mean EVERYTHING I choose is true. It's what I really think. If you don't believe me, go watch yourself some Dora The Explorer. Cause good for you!

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    Love means more.  
    More crimes are in cities anyway.  
    Electro Ball!  
    If he knew I liked him, he could think if he liked me. :) +1
    How would any one hav Satan as their lord. Satan is a trick to pull you down. Jesus don't want that to happen. He'll bring you up.  
    I hate the Religious Fanatics photo it says "God hates you" that's just evil. God loves everyone, but people are more evil inside and don't believe in God anymore. The Bible does say that "Only few people will go to Heaven." I'm telling u The End is coming.  
    I have never played Minecraft just watched  
    What if your best friend was your crush? Common scene.  
    If I found the perfect husband I could never leave him.  
    Future is awesome.  
    You need a life.  
    I could look nice all the time.  
    All our newer songs are sex and nasty stuff. Kids are even dancing like Taylor Swift and Fifth Harmony.  
    Opposite gender would be cool.  
    The Holocaust is so sad. I'd stop it.  
    The Holocaust is so sad. I'd stop it.  
    If I asked if someone if they loved me, if they lied and yes I could tell.  
    Penguins have cute voices.  
    Your right camokilla1. Mine would be the best porn too.  
    I don't want my hair looking like a rats nest.  
    Duh. More money you can keep buying things longer.  
    A perfect world sounds like heaven. In that case I'm picking this one.  
    I don't care about sex I care about life.  
    I don't want to go deaf. My one ear was messing up and it was like I was going deaf in that ear. After it was better I never wanted it to happen again.  
    I could do magic spells!  
    I don't need to read people's minds. Like what if someone was thinking something inappropriate. I don't want to see that.  
    I could scare my sister out of bed with my Darth Vader Breathing!  
    Most people are not who you think they are, so to avoid trouble I'll talk with animals.  
    Starbucks is amazing!  
    I was never told what this meant so I guessed.  
    If we had an alien invasion we would all die. You would know if you watched I think The 15 Waves or The 5 Waves.  
    I agree Abbiekat.  
    Just thinking about zombies freak me out+ A zombie apocalypse lasts forever a war won't. Sure a lot of people may die a war, but about everyone will die a zombie apocalypse.  
    You guys are so selfish!  
    I hate Harry Potter too.  
    I agree on the comment that you put out M.  
    You sure are right PointProven  
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