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    I would be laughing and really happy  
    im a really big procrastinator so this choice was easy  
    I have really bad luck so it is actually 90% of $0 and 10% of $1 billion  
    I'm 13  
    I already do so no problem for me  
    It never said for how long it could be a day  
    Anorexia is easier to fix  
    More celebs live in LA  
    I can watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians on my laptop so easy choice  
    But it depends who I work with +1
    I would feel to guilty and Ive read to many murder books about this stuff  
    I can already hear everything anyway I'm the biggest eavesdropper ever  
    I don't like coca-cola  
    Me and maths good at it but I hate it fyi I got 93% for maths in my report for semester 1  
    The items at macaques and kfc have shrunk so much  
    No one knows everything  
    I feel sick if I don't have milk for breakfast  
    Then I would just leave them hiding  
    I like food to much sorry  
    My legs get really sore  
    Im from Italy but my family over there is all in prison or dead  
    Neither I'm scared of hieghts  
    My hair is so difficult so now its someone else problem  
    More food  
    My ears get unbearable sore on planes  
    It's called spare key that you hide outside  
    No war = more money = less hunger  
    Well I don't really like being left handed so this could solve my problem  
    Aliens haven't been proved to exist and they don't have guns and knives  
    You can change things or just bring them along to the island  
    I live in Australia and I love it and I always feel safe when I'm at school  
    They only attack surfers because the black swimsuits make them look like seals so wear bright bikini problem solved  
    Because apparently I et the man flu but I'm a girl  
    At my school the people in the popular group are actually really nice (and one is my cousin)  
    I go camping all the time so...  
    My religion would be and is celebrities and that would be fun to learan  
    It hasn't really changed  
    Hahahahahaha the things I could do  
    Only sleep around that much anyway  
    I already do so..  
    More food at christmas  
    Then he might learn and then I would help him  
    I love JB  
    I love movies (especially scary murder ones)  
    One of my friends is short and ginger and she is really pretty  
    It's called a phone guys  
    Everyone hates my enemy so I don't have a problem  
    If I ruled everything would be perfect and everyone would love me so...  
    It never said you couldn't have a bath or a spa  
    My friends sisters name is Emma Watson but she's 9  
    I need my weekends  
    Porsche of Lamborghini or Bugatti thx +1
    It never said for how long it could be 4 days  
    What if someone was mentioning like the place where ISIS behead people and you have to go there?? ...  
    Guys if you have only one wish then you wish for endless wishes  
    I already am so...  
    that would be so lit  
    Be able to single Queen B who could pass up that  
    I love music so much and I have a huge knowledge so that would be like the ultimate  
    Actually I'm a 'white girl' and i choose iTunes so...  
    YOLO is just away to get away with doing stupid stuff  
    Zombies don't have nuclear weapons etc,  
    At least you can move on if I cheated I would feel real guilty  
    just because you never physically age it doesn't say you're dumb but if you don't mentally age you would act like a 3 yr old for the rest of your life  
    Are you kidding??  
    There are things I would like to redo in my life so rewind  
    I'm I get emotionally attached to easily so I couldn't be a doctor  
    I have nothing against tattoos I just really want a belly button piercing and a another earring  
    Great things come in small packages  
    I would be famous so I can do something amazing with my life and then I could become friends with a celeb anyway  
    If I knew the date of my death then I can do everything and say goodbye to everyone I love before I die  
    Too many sharks in WA  
    Celebrities are where I get all my drama from and I love JB  
    The $10,000,000 is just something you come across it doesn't prevent you from finding true love  
    If I ruled there would be no issues and Beyonce's song (any of them) would be the national anthem  
    I'm Italian and most of my family in Italy are locked up or have been shot so it would be interesting to see how the marfia and everything worked  
    If no-one shows up at your funeral how are you going to know, your dead  
    You have internet on your phone so...  
    I can't live without chocolate sorry  
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