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    Not doing EITHER  
    Black cars look AWESOME!!!!  
    I could ride the duck...Its not gay its FABULOUSS!!! :3 +133
    Life of Pi = YOLO  
    I always hold it  
    It's spelled the pewdiepie way "Zambie" or the swedish accent way ._.  
    Park my car in the garage and do it... +1
    Pewdiepie :3 looks like my uncle's house O____O Is that a house in Fredricksburg?  
    I'm used to my mom :|  
    What kind of SICK question is this?!  
    My legs are beautiful THANK YOU!!  
    Dont care had sex and thats coming from a girl +1
    Hes not annoying, he's just stupidly FABULOUS! And that what we love about him. Think about it this way i have heard some people were going through depression and when they found pewdiepie they said "If i never found pewdiepie, i dont think i would even be here" He makes us happy and thats what's important. And im not say Toby doesnt make people happy he does but Pewds has more affect on people.  
    I feel happy at day  
    ROFL x3  
    I f*cking hate those people. F*CK!  
    LOVE JENNA xoxo Shes effing inspiration +1
    I would get ALOT of money  
    I drank a dettol bottle when I was small...  
    Assassins creed anyone?  
    Excuse me but I wanna be successful in my life. Now move aside. COLLEGE HERE I COME!!! +5
    Religion was made so people will have hope. If an athiest has problems like they cant pay the bills and they have one week who will they go to? How ill they get hope? Atleast religious people will pray to god for help and have hope that everything will be alright.  
    Not my grandma...  
    Superglue people together +10
    Fruity ;) +2
    Atleast ill die with mother nature...oh god i sound like a hippie >.  
    Me too  
    Lawl x3 +3
    I dont drink  
    I dont know...  
    DAMN i chose the wrong one. I WANNA STAY A WOMAN  
    F.uck that o.o  
    Wash it in hot water BAM! Germs gone ._.  
    That's only in Christianity *Trollface*  
    I dont get it? What does Get head and give head even mean?  
    Well yeah if they put the real one then everyone would just puke allover their computer or phone. That video has scarred me for life  
    That's deep ._.  
    The left pic has officially creeped me out O.O  
    Im 14 xD  
    I wish i could forget about him >.  
    I want telekinesis that way i dont need strength  
    Who needs friends?  
    ...i cant tell if that's sarcasm or not  
    You cant live without water f*ckheads  
    uhhh...Superman is DC... and DC wins because they have Superman  
    f*ck this +33
    My grandma is not annoying so jokes on ya  
    I dont get why people become vegetarians because you are killing plants too...  
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