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Would you rather Have 90% off everything you find in the stores but have everything else multiplied by 1.5 or Have 30% off everything 4 years ago 153 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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I eat the bacon and the eggs, then proceed to bicycle kick anyone around me. 4 years ago  
My stomach loves to fly! 4 years ago  
People know nothing about crocodiles. Living in Northern Australia, I know at least enough to land a few hits. 4 years ago  
Call of Duty has an autistic fanbase, but at least the base game is good. 4 years ago +1
Uh... Neither? 4 years ago  
paint,net? No? Okay... 4 years ago  
Steam is not a website, people. It has a website, but you can't play Steam games on the Steam website. 4 years ago  
Me too! 4 years ago  
Murder him, take the money, buy your way out of jail and use the rest with your true love. 4 years ago  
Then I can fix that 4 years ago  
I'd do it a million times! 4 years ago  
I'm up for it. 4 years ago  
YES, I know what a blue waffle is. YES, I want to. 4 years ago  
I'm lesbian, so why not? 4 years ago  
Nobody who answers the generous side of these questions actually mean it -_- 4 years ago +1
I drive it, but as a movie theatre. 4 years ago  
ayy lmao 4 years ago  
Extrasausagepizza. 4 years ago  
I'm Gish!~ 4 years ago  
I'm picky with foods, so now I'm not picky and can eat healthy. Thanks. 4 years ago  
Weed does this to you. 4 years ago +2
Mmmh, tastes like blueberry... 4 years ago  
Fire Ants are pretty. 4 years ago  
Both! Both! Booooth! 4 years ago +1
It's clear this is the best!~ 4 years ago  
Chickenforker! 4 years ago  
Proud of her~ 4 years ago  
Heil Hitler! 4 years ago  
Doesn't matter had sex 4 years ago  
I'm down for sanity loss and getting banged by ghosts. 4 years ago  
But... they could be Batman, though... 4 years ago  
I look just like the girl in Panel 2, but older and bluer eyes. 4 years ago  
Tornadoes are fun. 4 years ago  
I'm a pretty lucky person. 4 years ago  
Heil Hitler! 4 years ago  
"Hey, wanna do a 3-way?" 4 years ago  
Doesn't matter had sex 4 years ago  
Drive it away from the crowd THEN eject! 4 years ago  
Think for a second: If the Holocaust was prevented, what would happen? Also, why wouldn't you bring back Robin Williams? 4 years ago  
People who chose Panel A wouldn't actually do that. 4 years ago  
Atheists 1 - Christains 0 4 years ago +2
For all who say God exists: Proof? 4 years ago  
Butter is DELICIOUS. 4 years ago  
Because she wouldn't be afraid to bang me. 4 years ago  
This is by a kid. 4 years ago  
I'm a slut, I need my makeup! 4 years ago +2
Antarctica allows me to freeze to death. 4 years ago  
Purple could be sexy... green couldn't. 4 years ago  
O-O-oh master, keep filling me with that juice~ 4 years ago  
Less things to kill me. 4 years ago  
My best friend would eventually be my spouse. 4 years ago  
I love losing my sanity. 4 years ago  
Teleport into someone's pants! 4 years ago  
71% of XBOX voters are under 20 years old. Together we can help stop this. Call 1800 STOP MLG to donate. Any donation of any size will cause one little COD kid to spontaneously combust. 4 years ago  
Dogs have more meat. 4 years ago +1
Especially if we're hot, then I would be comfortable in her bed when we're both naked... 4 years ago +1
mmmhph~ baby, keep filling me up with that white stuff~ 4 years ago  
It lasted for 2 whole minutes, I am proud of my homosexual relationship. 4 years ago  
I love how many angry Christians say God isn't fictional when they actually have no evidence for it. 4 years ago  
TOUCAAAAAN 4 years ago  
I love freezing to death. 4 years ago  
I'd prefer to slowly go insane instead of instantly. 4 years ago  
The more lipstick the better. 4 years ago  
I AM FABULOUS. 4 years ago  
They should become lesbians. 4 years ago  
*moans inside the front person's butt* Oh, baby... 4 years ago  
Oh SEMPAI~~~~ 4 years ago  
I'm a lucky person. 4 years ago  
I'm a lucky person. 4 years ago  
I'm pretty lucky. 4 years ago  
Pedophilia! 4 years ago  
If its the opposite gender, then we could massage each other's *@&#. If it's the same gender... I'm bi, so why would I care? 4 years ago  
50 50 eh? Half of humanity wants to be a prostitute. 4 years ago  
ahuehuehue 4 years ago  
pc master race 4 years ago  
I'm secretly Hitler, the greatest leader. 4 years ago  
43 to 57? PC MASTER RACE 4 years ago  
I am a lesbian. 4 years ago  
Dumped in front of my friends, they would try to comfort me and maybe I could get one of them as my bf/gf. 4 years ago  
I'd flirt with the terrorists. 4 years ago  
If I said everything that was on my mind, everyone would know I'm gay. 4 years ago  
why would you stop such an amazing event such as 9/11? 4 years ago  
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