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Would you rather be The Avatar or Naruto 2 years ago 52 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be the most lovable person in the world or The most inspiring person in the world 2 years ago 109 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather always be drunk or always be sober 3 years ago 101 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather always where suits or always where sweatpants 3 years ago 87 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather own Taco Bell and eat there for free or own Burger King and eat there for free 3 years ago 94 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be richer than Batman or Be smarter than Stephen Hawking 3 years ago 103 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be ugly, but loved by all or Be handsome, but loved by one and hated by all 3 years ago 76 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Look like the Beast from Beauty and the Beast or Look like the Hunchback from hunchback of Notredam 3 years ago 85 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Befriend Olaf from Frozen or Pastel From Tangled 3 years ago 67 votes 3 comments 0 likes

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Your history teacher says that he popularized it, Dionysius created it, and even though he decided to split the years it couldn't have happened without Jesus being born. You saying, "Which part of me asking for records of him when he was alive do you not understand?" Is like me saying, "Which part of you aren't an angel, you are a human do you not understand?" It was confusing at first but when you reworded it, it made sense. How is it obvious that Jesus didn't look like the Shroud of Turin. I understand that him being alive doesn't prove Christianity, but it does prove that the most holy person to ever walk the earth was alive. Honestly there is no definitive proof that Christianity is real, but miracles of making the deaf hear and blind see don't appear out of nowhere. I never said God supported Hierarchy we just refer to him as the King because he created us and is the leader. How does supporting Hierarchy transfer to not loving someone? I'm pretty sure the Queen of England cares about her people. 2 years ago  
Which website did you look the AD BC stuff on? I don't understand the Prove there were records of him as he was alive. Are you trying to prove records of Jesus being alive or his looks? How does my first point prove god isn't omnibenevolent? 2 years ago  
Your not Barney Stinson 2 years ago  
Your parents failed 2 years ago  
I feel bad for the other 18% 2 years ago  
Your first question kind of, but not 100% maybe 40. Secondly angels fight the demons, and you just fight the fact that you believe God doesn't exist. Soooooooo there's kind of a difference. How do you know what Jesus looked like, and try putting a cloak over yourself and leave an imprint. I'm guessing it's pretty flipping hard. Crown of Thorns was used on Jesus, but you do kind of have a point on the fact that they could have been used for multiple people, not that it's an art. How do you know that most of the records of him were taken after his death? And where did you get this crap that BC and AD were separated by Bede? BC stands for Before Christ and AD means Anno Domini meaning Year of Our Lord referring to the year Jesus Christ was born. 2 years ago  
to answer your first question, that's because God didn't create you as an angel He created you as a Human. To answer your second question: Shroud of Turin, Crown of Thorns, and the fact that some atheist scientists say that whether you like it or not Jesus Christ did exist. Plus your post just proved God's existence or at least Jesus's. The BCs were separated from the ADs because of Jesus Christ's birth. 2 years ago  
God gave everyone power. It's not explicitly said in my previous argument, but it's free will. God gave humans the power of free will, to choose the path of light or darkness. He gave Lucifer this power to, and Lucifer chose the path of darkness. Remember, as I said before God also gave us this power. 2 years ago  
"Simple: God created a being that was capable of resisting Him, because God wants His creatures to love Him out of choice. He doesn't want to create beings that love and worship Him because he decided it should be so, that would be so contrived" 2 years ago  
First of all it's "the". Secondly, nice assumption no. Not all slavery is black. There are white slaves to. Just because you watch Hollywood movies showing all slaves being black doesn't mean they are. They might be in America but you have to look at the bigger picture. 2 years ago  
God doesn't come down every single time someone decides to put something in the bible. Think of the bible as a collection of journals. This was this guys views on the world. And I don't think understand the virus is always in us. Just because science says you don't have it doesn't mean it's not there. He doesn't punish you, Satan drags you to hell. God doesn't send you their like a prison, Satan brings you there. 2 years ago  
He is a He yes, but he still doesn't say I am superior because I am a man. If you actually paid attention to Timothy 1 and 2 you'd realize that that was Timothy. God never said that. He knows you're going to change yourself, and he approves of you changing yourself are two different things. Once again disease isn't an animal. It will always be in your body, it just won't activate. Would you consider someone fighting off bad guys so you could get away suicide. I personally consider it sacrifice which is different if you didn't know. And I would rather believe in something that gives me hope of eternal life, rather than something that just shows the improvements humanity have made upon itself 2 years ago  
No, not religion... Power. It was because of the native Africans desire of power over their neighboring villages that they started to enslave them 2 years ago  
how's this? 2 years ago  
You do realize that even though you say it will probably lead to less racism there is still going to be racism 2 years ago  
Why were there slaves in the first place? Because in Africa Blacks imprisoned other Blacks. That is what I don't get about you small minded idiots. You say, "Whites are racist towards blacks!" or "F*cking slave owners!" Whites weren't the first to imprison blacks, and black cops shoot other blacks. And one more thing, the white slave owners mentioned in the Bible also had white slaves (you should probably look these things up before embarrassing yourself). 2 years ago  
You do realize that when you believed in Santa Clause you basically believed in the same stalker stats? How is he sexist? He won't send you to hell, Satan will drag you there because of your sins. He made you the way he saw you, of course he'd take offense if you changed who you were because you weren't satisfied with what he had done to you. Wouldn't you be mad if you bought someone something then they threw it away because they didn't like it? We were only given the knowledge because God gave it to us. You can't kill a disease. He does love us, and that's why he died on the cross for us. 2 years ago  
How did human beings become real? How did the Big-Bang start? Atheist scientists state that no matter what you want to believe, Jesus Christ lived. 2 years ago  
It's pronounced 21st 2 years ago  
I don't 2 years ago  
Well just because u find it doesn't necessarily mean it's yours 2 years ago  
That would be if u knew a magician and if u go out and spend $10,000,000 that was imaginary than u would be screwed 2 years ago  
you would be a normal person in a place u didn't know magic existed!!! What's the point!? 2 years ago  
In the 1800s I pretty sure Trump wasn't alive and its better then Hillary winning 2 years ago  
there the same things with different names 2 years ago  
my parents created me but it all can be traced back to god 2 years ago +1
i believe in god but not that america was the chosen nation 2 years ago +1
would you rather be a pink shrimp eating bird or giant fire breathing carnivorous dragon 2 years ago  
scan a human and find out everything great for info missions or becoming a computer geek or winning a game of chess etc. 2 years ago  
yes he is 2 years ago  
there is evidence 2 years ago +3
godzilla is an alien 2 years ago  
he could be kidding 2 years ago  
he killed ares, poseidon, zeus, helios, hades, hephastus, gaiga, and i think thats it 2 years ago  
u only have to listen to him not do what he tells you 2 years ago  
gods not fictional therefore the question in itself becomes which fictional thing would you rather be real Pokemon or Pokemon 2 years ago +1
I'm guessing u watched gods not dead 2 years ago  
god and satan working together to stop u from dethroning them is impossible whereas in the world of olympus i can make myself invincible in the river styx 2 years ago  
same 2 years ago +1
neither it was god all the way 2 years ago  
1. somethings wrong with u 2.those r just pictures 3. right now satan's damned to hell and can't escape 4. hell is where God put all his rage so he didn't carry the burden of hate 5.God's the one who had the ability to kick satan out of heaven when satan couldn't do anything about it 6. God has all the angels on his side 2 years ago  
no it would probably lead to more racism 2 years ago +1
u could just walk up to people and kill them with a knife easy peasy 2 years ago  
i don't think atheists r dumb it's just there belief and I'm a catholic. plus i wouldn't want too go to hell as a believer because that means God has damned me. I would rather be an atheist in heaven because that means in the last moment of life i had i chose to take god as my lord and savior. 2 years ago +1
always have to pick the original 2 years ago +1
"Atheism doesn't take away the pain. It just takes away the hope." 2 years ago  
I don't know how many times i have to say this but......... GOD DID NOT INVENT THE BIG BANG HE MADE THE WORLD HIMSELF!!! 2 years ago  
his dicpiles 2 years ago  
...Ermmmm....Well...You're not to smart either... sooo... yee.... 2 years ago  
Following your OWN logic who created the big bang 2 years ago  
XD 2 years ago  
why not 2 years ago  
How has it been proven by science 2 years ago  
I don't know how many times i have to say this but......... GOD DID NOT INVENT THE BIG BANG HE MADE THE WORLD HIMSELF!!! 2 years ago  
what about science 2 years ago  
the big bang was never here i just reversed it 2 years ago  
is a what world 2 years ago  
the big bang was never real i just reversed it 2 years ago  
just because something is winning doesn't make it right bullies usually win the fight that doesn't mean beating up people smaller than them is right 2 years ago  
not entirely true... it's not their fault they weren't raised to be christian plus they can except God as there one and only savior at their dying breath or in the next 5 seconds 2 years ago  
true and your point is????? 2 years ago +1
yes the one calling us stupid is using the word "fake st" and asking us if "are yu guys smart or are yu guys dumb?" and is telling us to "SMARTEN UP" and is cutting off his first sentence making it a fragment because we are the stupid ones 2 years ago +1
yes because god created man so man can create god what good philosophy 2 years ago  
I agree with you except on the big bang part 2 years ago  
i don't get it are you stating god as the monster or just stating you believe in that 2 years ago +1
and you know this how 2 years ago  
How can non believers rage that much?! 2 years ago  
I don't know how many times i have to say this but......... GOD DID NOT INVENT THE BIG BANG HE MADE THE WORLD HIMSELF!!! 2 years ago  
How come we have no trace of the big bang theory? may i ask you that? 2 years ago  
WHY 2 years ago  
I don't know how many times i have to say this but......... GOD DID NOT INVENT THE BIG BANG HE MADE THE WORLD HIMSELF!!! 2 years ago +1
if you believe in god are that means you are christian so why don't you believe the almighty created the universe 2 years ago  
why are we stupid 2 years ago  
Yes lets call something you don't even know about awesome makes perfect sense 2 years ago  
No there not because if their theory was even true it would all boil down to god making the universe so they should change their answer, secondly if they were christian they would know that God made the world in 7 days not one with the Big Bang 2 years ago  
Actually have you ever heard of a primary source? What that means is THE PERSON WAS ACTUALLY THERE!!!! 2 years ago  
You realize that this so called "child molester" is the pope right the most holy icon in the christian community he is basically a saint and saints don't comment sin, and two it is not the pope who said it's true it's actually the disciples of god 2 years ago  
I think what they meant was how are we made if there is no God 2 years ago  
We have the bible and the followers and God himself, all you have is a theory no proof at all 2 years ago +1
I agree that god created the universe, but that is a very stupid theory 2 years ago +1
Well tell that to the pope, every single catholic church spread across the world, and the president because in the Pledge of Allegiance in the words it says " ... into the republic for which it stands, one nation UNDER GOD" 2 years ago  
Well I don't want to be rude but the big bang never happened if u believe in god because it says in the bible he made the earth himself in 7 days 2 years ago +1
Well you're the stupid one because before each passage it tells you who wrote that verse idiot 2 years ago  
Actually we call dogs dogs because they are not people 2 years ago  
Well actually the Bible is the most historically accurate book in the entire world. It is basically the biggest journal entry ever plus god created jesus which had a crap load of believers following him. Let's not also forget this question, "How the hell did a THEORY create life organisms, but a proven God didn't. Hmmmmm?" 2 years ago  
NAP TIME!!!!! 2 years ago  
swim up 2 years ago  
I'm catholic but seriously we get cake 2 years ago  
who wears a plain white shirt except to work 2 years ago  
and I can stare into the sun 2 years ago  
gives me an excuse not to do homework 2 years ago  
i'm 13 so I'm good 2 years ago  
you can tell if someone is lying or not 2 years ago +1
if you're near the top just jump off and ski back down.... by the time you get their it might be fixed 2 years ago  
Been their.... Not that bad 2 years ago  
I know I sound cruel but the world is to overpopulated 3 years ago +4
to quote Bernadette from Big bang theory, "Nobody likes a crybaby except of mommies and democrats." 3 years ago  
it does't because it actually helps the trees because they live off of CO2, plus studies show that people with pets live longer than a human without pets 3 years ago  
I ain't gay 3 years ago  
I'm not a satanist I am a christian but being a christian also makes satan real for you because satan was one of God's first angels 3 years ago  
name one way he's contributed to the country... don't forget he made the american debt grow even larger 3 years ago  
Mickey can go screw himself.... two can play at that game 3 years ago  
Agreed it's like me going up to you saying "Oh you mean that Mickey Mouse stuff? That's just for children grow up." 3 years ago  
your calling anime stupid... check your grammar 3 years ago +2
I have a little sister so I'd be rich 3 years ago  
This is my question so it's kind of unfair but suits....SEXY!! 3 years ago  
Bumble Bee 3 years ago +4
It's Charlie Sheen not Harper 3 years ago  
You can throw the lightsaber 3 years ago  
All those who chose cartoon..... RASENGAN!!!! 3 years ago  
Walk this way 3 years ago +1
Aang didn't have a temper, established his own city, started the bringing back of the air nation, Brought harmony to the world, and mastered all 4 elements when he was like 13.... Korra can metal bend and that's it 3 years ago  
The only exceptions are Batman, and Joker 3 years ago  
Make it painless 3 years ago  
Blue Eyes White Dragon, Red Eyes Black Dragon, The Three God Cards..... I Win 3 years ago  
You realize that Anakin got more sex as Anakin and not Darth Vader, Right? 3 years ago  
Go on youtube and look up Film theory and find out how batman will beat superman anyday 3 years ago  
Red Wine is healthier 3 years ago  
So am I 3 years ago  
If you have climbed Mt.Fuji you will understand why I chose this one 3 years ago  
It depends on which Star Wars 3 years ago  
Watch expendables 3 then be realistic 3 years ago +4
You wouldn't be imprisoned for stealing a candy bar 3 years ago  
wrong one green tea and jade tea are really good 3 years ago  
where protective gear 3 years ago  
A BABY BULL 3 years ago  
I'm a guy but I'm pretty sure I speak for a lot of girls..... JUSTIN BEIBER REALLY?!?!?!?!? 3 years ago  
I would just sit there like it was a hard decision and attack him when his back is turned 3 years ago  
THIS ISN'T GOTHAM CITY!!!!! 3 years ago  
Wrong one 3 years ago  
What if their dreams are to help other people 3 years ago  
I don't have either 3 years ago  
What if you're Sheldon Cooper 3 years ago  
I already traveled in thailand 3 years ago +1
not all blacks were slaves you know 3 years ago  
move to another room 3 years ago  
wrong one 3 years ago  
Iron man can buy kryptonite 3 years ago  
I'm a guy suckers 3 years ago  
What about Teen Titans... The Cyborg is black and he's a super hero 3 years ago  
Get a new car 3 years ago  
Watch Tv on your computer 3 years ago  
Hearing Aids are for if you have trouble hearing not if you're completely deaf 3 years ago  
Actually They Do 3 years ago  
Then how do u have a computer to answer this 3 years ago +1
Once you've had Japanese Peaches there's no going back 3 years ago +1
I picked on the wrong one 3 years ago  
I clicked on the wrong one 3 years ago +2
flash can vibrate his body really fast and teleport 3 years ago  
with a parachute 3 years ago  
Our country was messed up by all the presidents we chose with the exception of a few 3 years ago +1
WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!?!? 3 years ago +5
suicide=Hell 3 years ago  
Cause Super Smash /bros is better 3 years ago  
You do know they have legal Marijuana...Right? 3 years ago  
I'm not sure if your joking or not 3 years ago  
That's a MAN!!!! 3 years ago  
I'm 13 3 years ago  
Green apples are healthier 3 years ago  
WHO? 3 years ago  
nap time 3 years ago  
nap time\ 3 years ago  

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