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Would you rather die Mufasa's Death? or Ben's Death? 3 years ago 95 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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Louis can't sing. 3 years ago  
Celebi is city-destroying psychic blasts in its cutest form 3 years ago  
Iraq IS NOT beating ISIS, ISIS is getting larger, and Iraq never will beat them. The U.S has spent billions on the Iraqi army and they still suck 3 years ago  
Not fair. DBZ goes on for f***in ever. It's still going on now as another series. Death Note was one season but so epic. Gotta support the little guy 3 years ago  
Petplay is a basic of wanting control or completely giving it up, age play is weird, sooner or later you're following a child home type sht. 3 years ago +1
Take it slow....... 3 years ago  
Since it got compared to COD which it is definitely more realistic than 3 years ago  
I hear it's old timey porn 3 years ago  
Rayquaza is so dope it lives in space......... (-_O) 3 years ago  
Totodile is like the funny, cool guy of starter Pokemon 3 years ago  
I would do it and then unwish it. And then I still have unlimited wishes. 3 years ago  
They didn't state the duration of time you would have to do it over;) 3 years ago  
Tangled should have gotten the fame Frozen did. I even think their musical numbers were better. It's just they didn't have any superpowers..... 3 years ago  
Imagine how sacred I would seem to women. I would be able to see the lust in the air they have for me. Plus nonstop blowjobs and hand jobs 3 years ago  
Both illuminati XD 3 years ago  
Weedles are the scum of Pokemon. The most unsatisfying discovery you can have when on a quest for another Pokemon 3 years ago +1
He's well dressed, has no face and has recently become a very popular meme......... I'm gonna say no 3 years ago  
This question is invalid. Do not disrespect Dr.Manhattan by calling him a magician. Guy is a f***in entity. Heck, even Strange is a damn almighty sorcerer. 3 years ago  
The term "Beyond Genius" ring a bell? 3 years ago  
I only say Beast Boy because it depends on how good Ben is with the omnitrix. Plus if he isn't that good the sht will just run out and Beast boy will stomp on him 3 years ago  
On the PowerPuff speed alone, they can win 3 years ago +1
Mewtwo is my favorite Pokemon, but to be realistic Freiza will kill all Pokemon by destroying their planet in one blast 3 years ago +1
Superman is only about as strong as Super Saiyan Goku. It's downhill for him every transformation after 3 years ago +1
(-_-) you've taken the fun out of the question 3 years ago  
I'm not saying black people shouldn't be called black, I'm saying do they mean brown or black. And if you are 100% black and you live in America you are indeed African America. Because you descend from Africa from we're born in America. It says it on official docs 3 years ago  
Uhm..... Congrats? 3 years ago  
(-_-) 3 years ago  
That's how tons of peoples' mentalities function though 3 years ago  
And the pet, neighbor and bro.....? 3 years ago  
Get pussy > Dangerously risk life 3 years ago  
Can divorce the person once she's saved, and who said it couldn't be an ounce of cat pee then mixed in with 2 liters of your favorite drink? Done. 3 years ago  
Australian accent and move to NY, unlimited pussy.... 3 years ago  
California is cooler than Texas. Without Dallas and Austin, Texas is slipping fast. 3 years ago  
Who cares what people think? I know I'm straight, AND I GET PUSSY!!! 3 years ago  
Wrong one 3 years ago  
You would die once you reeled in your spouse because they would kill you. In fact, both of them would die. While you're reeling in your spouse and you see the most petrifying, bloodthirsty expression on their face, you wouldn't even bring them in. 3 years ago  
If your at home, that could be your dad. If you live alone, that could be your pet. If you don't have pets that could be your neighbor. If your next to your friends...... It could be your bro 3 years ago  
(- _ -) 3 years ago  
Looking like a game character could be looking like your favorite hero, villain, rapper, political leader or anyone that has ever been put into video game format 3 years ago  
Exploration. 3 years ago  
Sometimes you win, sometime you learn. Knowing when to give in doesn't show weakness but wisdom. It makes you more prepared to try your best next time. 3 years ago +1
No women..... I don't think so. Fxck porn. 3 years ago  
An even harder question would be which had the worst spinoff since both of their spinoffs were horrible 3 years ago +1
Nah, if I feel it crunch, just as peace of mind, I feel it's dead now. But if I feel it slither straight down I think it crawling around inside me 3 years ago  
People who think that a world without religion would be peaceful are insane. Religion doesn't kill people, extremist people kill people. If everyone knew there was no god or afterlife they would assume there is no consequence and would kill, rape and steal with no guilt. 3 years ago +1
Take my helmet off in outer space is an alright one. Because your head wouldn't actually explode, you would just suffocate after about two minutes and I would love to be gazing into the galaxy before I die 3 years ago  
People who play PC love to say that they play PC! "Hey look at me, I'm different! I'm playing on a keyboard, denying the masses' recommendations and jacking off while!" 3 years ago +1
People who voted Brazil don't know how dangerous it is 3 years ago  
Yeah! Who needs health care, jobs and and equal rights for women!? 3 years ago +1
Everyone knows our government isn't perfect but Hippies utilize US benefits without even realizing it. Whoever thinks the US is money poisoned should move or not use money at all 3 years ago  
Way less chance of getting caught 3 years ago  
Everyone should just respect everyone's ideals and beliefs whether they agree or not 3 years ago  
Stalin would make me a superpower 3 years ago  
Have kids or not be able to have kids anymore 3 years ago  
Did you read the author notes? Why even participate? 3 years ago  
I can be verbally abused by a small insignificant person in my life that I don't even know exists, and it won't affect me. 3 years ago  
Money > Unnecessary friends 3 years ago +1
Now do they mean "African American" or actually pitch black bcuz that guy is BLACK. 3 years ago +1
59% of people don't know the digital term "Catfish" 3 years ago +1
Just beat his ass after. Beat him or get beaten by him... 3 years ago  
"Lucky Charms. They're magically illegal!" 3 years ago +2
But B saves Earth's energy. Just buy Charmin, "Less is more". 3 years ago  
58 vs 42 on an obvious rrrather? Interesting. 3 years ago  
When your a kid you hate school, but once you get older, learn cooler subjects, get cooler friends, and get pussy, you tend to enjoy school 3 years ago  
Spectre's powers aren't pure chaos. I could gain them, then use them for good. 3 years ago  
That's almost like saying, "Would you rrrather be a star trooper or a Jedi?" 3 years ago  
People should be honest. If it weren't for the movie. The title itself would have not reached an entire other audience, specifically the audience that doesn't read, which is quite large. 3 years ago  
Cheetah is cute but the leopard looks cooler. It skips the cute stage once it hops out the womb 3 years ago +1
A looks good until you actually have to get inside of the car..... 3 years ago  
Uhm..... You can do A by utilizing B. 3 years ago  
Uh Spider-Man, HELLLOOOOO!!!! 3 years ago  
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