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    umm easy im guy 1 year ago  
    same 1 year ago  
    yes 1 year ago  
    parashute 1 year ago  
    oh no i forgot thomas the tank engine 1 year ago  
    skip 1 year ago  
    just pretend dead 1 year ago  
    (o_o) 1 year ago  
    just today one guy threw tennis ball at my face so soccer ball isn't bad 1 year ago  
    i do that already 1 year ago  
    ffs 1 year ago  
    my 814th guestion answered 1 year ago  
    17 1 year ago  
    DONT MESS WITH HISTORY 1 year ago  
    Prison Break is actually good 1 year ago  
    ez 1 year ago  
    i picked that but would not do it 1 year ago  
    oooooooo this is hard 1 year ago  
    my best is 6-7 days 1 year ago  
    you know in finland the prisons are awesome 1 year ago  
    i can speak 4 but its not so awesome 1 year ago  
    suit #payday2 1 year ago  
    there is snow soo insta click 1 year ago  
    why 'K-Citymarket' is not option 1 year ago  
    ummm daaaaaa pokemons 1 year ago  
    35% :( 1 year ago  
    forest=spooky 1 year ago  
    Why da fuq only 33% cmon guys skiing 1 year ago  
    snowboarding sucks skiing rules 1 year ago  
    Basketball is just crap 1 year ago  
    wow... apple still has 44% 1 year ago  
    this is first that i have to skip 1 year ago  
    done that many times (nyan cat 10h) 1 year ago  
    WTF ANDROID IS DEM BEST 1 year ago  
    both suck 1 year ago  
    idc 1 year ago  
    o helll no not the bridge 1 year ago  
    yes 1 year ago  
    :( 1 year ago  
    cs 1 year ago  
    me no like india 1 year ago  
    easier 1 year ago  
    cool 1 year ago  
    ummmm yea 1 year ago  
    i always eat meat 1 year ago  
    Gates keep you safe 1 year ago  
    maybe 12-13yr old 1 year ago  
    freestyle skiing 1 year ago  
    anyone watch 'arrow' ? 1 year ago  
    lets make it 3 1 year ago  
    you didn't say what acid 1 year ago  
    :( 1 year ago  
    well you can kick that guys ass 1 year ago  
    payday 2 stealth :) 1 year ago  
    well then there would be something new 1 year ago  
    FK THOSE 54% YOU PEOPLE SUCK 1 year ago  
    I have eye sight problems sooooooooooooooo 1 year ago  
    both same just different year 1 year ago  
    I dont like sea 1 year ago  
    Food 1 year ago  
    really 50% controller 1 year ago  
    i hate ICEHOCKEY! 1 year ago  
    that isnt so bad 1 year ago  
    terrorist attacks? 1 year ago  
    i don't have that many keys 1 year ago  
    :I 1 year ago  
    well it is not so bad to be 12-13 yr old 1 year ago  
    gotta game 1 year ago  
    people are saying that lions don't live in a jungle but you can bring a lion to jungle 1 year ago  
    Fortnite sucks 1 year ago  
    well you could still have a life 1 year ago  
    100$ is not much 1 year ago  
    well im the smartest in our school so it would be nice for a change 1 year ago  
    hello darkness my old friend 1 year ago  
    I love snow 1 year ago  
    WTF 1 year ago  
    if you are in prison you are homeless and you can have money while being homeless 1 year ago  
    i have so bad luck at csgo case sites so left 1 year ago  
    depends how much 1 year ago  
    netflix is cheaper than all steam games 1 year ago  
    pressed the wrong :P 1 year ago  
    Just put Super Smash Mobs there 1 year ago  
    Umm ez 1 year ago  
    you can eat, kill, or use them on work 1 year ago  
    In finland we have both 1 year ago  
    remember to bring towels 1 year ago  
    IT would be nice to remember dreams 1 year ago  
    whats bad about sleeping? 1 year ago  
    What if its like those ground ski lifts 1 year ago  
    wait, there is skip button?!?!? welp too late 1 year ago  
    but you live in new york 1 year ago  
    ナルト right? 1 year ago  
    Lets save lives :D 1 year ago  
    both? 1 year ago  
    Star Trek sucks 1 year ago  
    .... 1 year ago +1
    I dont want to be Thanos 1 year ago  
    well i could eat a mac 1 year ago  
    oh hell no if someone would get 100 billion the money economy would go crazy 1 year ago  
    but can ride bike to sunset with mermaid 1 year ago  
    See i always get with lying (jk jk lied again) 1 year ago  
    Ninja would be lot cooler LOT 1 year ago  
    The Holocaust was way older and look at the consequences and its possible that there could have been more events like that (who else watches legends of tomorrow) 1 year ago  
    cows are beatiful 1 year ago  
    in finland we dont have starbucks 1 year ago  
    Dis was so easy 1 year ago  
    FK i pressed the wrong :( 1 year ago  
    mee too 1 year ago  
    Those poor bois cant get so much money (i can) 1 year ago  
    I can become jedi and save everyone :D 1 year ago  
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