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Where would you rather go on a first date? the classic dinner and a movie or hiking 7 years ago 3,589 votes 35 comments 0 likes
On the FIRST date, would you rather, Break the chair at a resturant or make obscene bodily functions. 7 years ago 507 votes 8 comments 0 likes
What would you rather watch for the REST of your life? A Time To Kill or Law Abiding Citizen 7 years ago 739 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather stand in the same spot for 4 hours or or sit down doing nothing for 7 hours 7 years ago 434 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be without Music or Television 7 years ago 678 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be in the Wizard of oz or Dora the explorer 7 years ago 869 votes 17 comments 1 like
If someone stole your food would you let them eat it or scream and stab them with your fork 7 years ago 447 votes 10 comments 1 like
Would you rather be Blind or Deaf 7 years ago 895 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to Go back in time or Go foward in time 7 years ago 458 votes 16 comments 1 like
Would you rather Be a vegitarian or smite innocent animals for food 7 years ago 1,400 votes 47 comments 0 likes
If you had to choose would you rather be a Kangaroo or Dolphin 7 years ago 929 votes 10 comments 0 likes

BMLVMC has posted the following comments:

in case i need to write notes, INSTANT desk 7 years ago  
bringing sexy baackk ;D 7 years ago +2
I'd rather tell someone about it, and get it out in the open and be hospitalized, then sitting in the quiet wishing someone could hear me 7 years ago +2
Sadly, I've done both. 7 years ago  
support the people, not the companies! 7 years ago +3
I dont want all my facebook friends to know the sites im on 24/7 7 years ago +10
at least you're clean ;D 7 years ago +8
Censorship has already taken away our right of Freedom of Speech on Television and what we write in the papers, why should they take it away here? 7 years ago +2
Wouldn't that title eventually cause people to realize your immortality? 7 years ago +3
no. 7 years ago +3
i hate the cold 7 years ago +2
you wouldnt find it if it was off or on vibrate 7 years ago  
would'nt you die from the pressure before you even got to the bottom of the ocean? 7 years ago +1
i dont think i could watch people i love die painfully so i dont want them to watch me 7 years ago +2
there both depressing 7 years ago  
you can get a wig 7 years ago +1
poor kittens :( 7 years ago +1
wow the person who created this must really hate there grandma 7 years ago +7
that way it's not awkward when your the only one opening presents 7 years ago +4
learn from them then kill them and no one would ever know 7 years ago +3
NINJA'S ARE AWSOME 7 years ago +1
red* 7 years ago  
it's the same thing ;D 7 years ago  
jump. jump. jump/ 7 years ago +2
meat. meat. meat. 7 years ago +1
dude. Robots as pets? :P wait...dont we have those... O.o f*ck im behind! ;D 7 years ago  
TV is dramatized. Music is real. 7 years ago +7
Dora is a failure at exploring. Seriously. The mountain is RIGHT behind you. 7 years ago +13
i have two small dogs and there adorable 7 years ago  
you can get away with almost anything 7 years ago  
can i have both?? 7 years ago +3
hard choice there both adorable 7 years ago  
ftw animals are cute 7 years ago  
actually it wouldnt be that bad being in an elevator with JB fans because there's only 2 soo.. 7 years ago +1
doesnt matter i would leave them either way 7 years ago  
do we get to choose the person? 7 years ago  
I hate sports 7 years ago  
Hawai because i've never heard of Croatia 7 years ago +1
COKE!! 7 years ago +1
Piranhas are cute 7 years ago  
no one likes bella 7 years ago  
well hopefully your dressed better if your going skiing 7 years ago +1
its a nice view 7 years ago +2
slow internet costs less 7 years ago +3
if your stitting down people might not see you if your standing up everyone will see you 7 years ago +1
a lot 7 years ago +2
how? you could get shot in the woods.. 7 years ago  
...well it might be a shark soo.. 7 years ago  
i find four leaf clovers more often than i see bald eagles but it doesnt matter because you'll die soon if you have to do that every time you want to eat 7 years ago  
isn't it the same thing? 7 years ago +7
at least you'll still have your luggagae 7 years ago  
i wonder who got the camel tattoo 7 years ago 7 years ago  
theres no mess to clean up 7 years ago  
what ever you were going to wish for you can just buy 7 years ago  
i know right? 7 years ago  
$$ 7 years ago  
$20 an hour why not just watch tv and let them set there house on fire 7 years ago +4
about 6688 people are fudging idiots 7 years ago +3
if i was the first segment i wouldnt have to eat sh*t 7 years ago +1
pickles 7 years ago +4
can** 7 years ago  
if you can fly then you cant get away 7 years ago  
what if its a murder/ suicide?? 7 years ago  
its all the same 7 years ago +1
for every 10,000 there are 20,000 more soo.. 7 years ago +2
The only way you can play a game on a Mac is if you use it as a mousepad...but then again both have their upsides. It depends on what you need/want. I need a mac for my TV Production Job. :P 7 years ago +1
south park sucks 7 years ago +5
they'll get over it 7 years ago  
i would prefer to be the naughty nurse 7 years ago  
well, I'm a female, and I would perfer you men not touching up on my ass, and staring at my titties :) WTF 7 years ago +1
Although, the man in the picture doesn't look like a Jose...he looks like a Mark...or Collin...O.o 7 years ago  
get them together and kill two failures with one stone 7 years ago +1
fat or like... DAMN!!? 7 years ago  
well, terrorists because at least you have a better chance on them NOT probing your anus... :) 7 years ago +2
I think the German government must have posted this for ideas on what to do during the world resession...? 7 years ago +1
at least if you fell you would die right away drowning sucks 7 years ago +2
why arent there ever pictures of guys 7 years ago +1
would you like condoms with your whopper ;D 7 years ago  
Ding sex is done ;D 7 years ago  
might as well go out in a bang, dont you think? 7 years ago +1
at least you dont have to do it a hundred times 7 years ago +4
hey thats my picture 7 years ago +3
obviously the mansion 7 years ago  
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