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    I rape my chicken everyday  
    Oh man my iphone just fell 1 metre oh man i better pay 600 dollars to get it replaced  
    Who created God then? Did he just come out of nowhere? You're contradicting yourself +3
    Maybe if we don't have to worry about war anymore, then dipsh** countries like the US or pretty much every major country will stop wasting so much time making weapons that will only create more problems and focus on farming and science to end hunger and other problems. +2
    One of them is 51? MUST. BRING. BALANCE. TO. THE FORCE. +1
    Both are horrible +6
    Both are ugly as hell +4
    The hottest place on earth is the earth's core, which is thousands of degrees, which would melt you in 10 seconds flat. +1
    I'm bald and I'm the sexiest beast I've ever seen  
    At least 10 million people died, 6 millions were jewish people +1
    Being immortal means that billions of years later when Earth is no longer habitable, you'll just be wandering around, waiting for the sun to destroy whatever is left of earth. And even after that you'll just be floating in space for eternity. It's sad to see how many people don't think ahead  
    Imagine how awkward it would be if you were watching a movie or something with your father and you got a text message... from your father +11
    I don't hate anyone  
    My grandmother isn't annoying. yeah  
    Snow! Then I could drive around town playing "Winter wrap up" as loud as I can +1
    I already have lucid dreams regularly +4
    I'd go to the airport and get on the first plane that goes to wherever the hell bald eagles are found  
    Rebecca already knows that she's not a good singer and that she should stop +1
    We'd become best friends +1
    People who chose cannibalism are horrible, and they should feel horrible +1
    Here come the test results: "You are a horrible person" That's what it says. We weren't even testing for that...  
    I don't even know what the hell that is  
    You have to spend more than $200 if you want a decent PC, just letting you know... +1
    No such thing as cute glasses +2
    Haha, both jobs are horrible +2
    I can't stand consoles' limitations, I can't let my save file get too big, I can't navigate through the menus too quickly, I have to wait a couple of minutes for the level to load so I can play it lag-free. Also, there is no place for indie developers on consoles, in other words, the only genere available is crappy ass shooters like battlefield, cod. Also, PIRATING... there is no reason to pay for games unless it's a online game.  
    Actually it's because there are more console gamers who have boring lives so they come here  
    Stealing is bad and people who voted for it should feel bad  
    I would fu**ing love to be fat  
    It's illegal in my country to date children  
    I'd like to ask a question... Who the FU** still pays for music? +5
    What the ****, man, what the ****?  
    100 puppies is too much work +1
    I don't wear jeans  
    What the hell is the empire state building? +3
    For the price of a mac, I could buy a pc 10 times better, try harder  
    Bacon, because bacom  
    I don't really give a flying fu** about people I date  
    I'd use my money to become happy  
    I grew up playing mario kart +1
    I'll probably end up as a muggle anyway! +1
    Disappear, wait for them to get supplies n sh*t. Wait for them to go to sleep and kill them, I probably won't survive at the end but at least I get to kill them +1
    So I can kill him  
    Being smart gets you b*tches +2
    Kind of both, I'll get a small group of people, educate them (but make sure I stay the most powerful,) conquer the world, kill that group of people since they're useless to me now. It's basically the 2nd option but faster  
    Kadafi is a moron so we can easily kill him +1
    Snowing gets you b*tches +1
    Money, because money +2
    If I was hermoine, I would go back a few hours in time and have sex with myself +3
    I'm good  
    It's funny cause everyone who chose book has never gotten laid  
    Google cause you get money n sh**  
    I know this is fake because you can see the Ninja on the left +8
    What kind of moron would choose sibling, really +1
    Both are retarded "sports" but at least I don't have to grope black guys in american "football"  
    After so I can live longer  
    That's like asking "Would I rather buy an average computer for a few thousand or for the same price buy an amazing computer that will last for years can and can run anything with no problems" +2
    Borrow billions of dollars, buy an army of robots, then conquer the world. (The people you borrowed money from can't get you, you have an army of robots!) +2
    If you knew the truth, you'd probably be killed the minute you try to do something about it. If you can let stuff stay secret, you could somehow rule the world.  
    That's gotta be the biggest kitchen I've ever seen +1
    The flying spaghetti monster +8
    I could have both if I was immortal. +3
    I could have both if I was immortal  
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