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    My jeans are black  
    Hate only hurts people. +1
    I'd rather not have floods, thanks.  
    Usually am, lol  
    Yeah, less powerful, but I feel cool.  
    I only have to when I feel like eating meat. I could choose never to eat meat, but I am leaving this option open.  
    *listens to someone talk about Zelda then get's transported to Hyrule*  
    The other one is just creepy. Besides, the people I talk to live no where near me, option one would be pointless. +1
    I am ALWAYS HOME  
    I don't know what AMD is  
    Might just scratch the surface, not cut any vital organs  
    :D :D :D  
    I don't want to deal with people at my wedding,garsh, people suck.  
    Duh. And if you wanted to meet the president, you could just claim that he was your favorite.  
    I can have moneys and not worry about Sh**.  
    Ew, fame.  
    I don't lie very much. And my lies are always small and short term. Like, "How are you doing?" I might say I'm okay on a bad day.  
    Looks won't last. Intelligence is forever. Unless you eff up your brain somehow. Or get some disorder/disease that comes with age.  
    Get all the moneys and none the paparazi or stress B)  
    Oops, they don't exist. May as well steal some tech and become rich in the past...  
    9-11 is not as bad as Americans make each other believe it was. It was a tragic religious bombing. It's tragic, but it happens. The holocaust was a lot worse. People were tortured and murdered in mass numbers, not only just once, but for years. They experienced racial intolerance, were treated unfairly, and constantly lived in fear. In the camps, they were starved, abused, and forced into harsh manual labor. 9-11 happened once, and the only reason why anyone still cares is because the government is milking our fears of it for power, constantly talking about how tragic it was.  
    Why does it matter?  
    And go through childhood again? Hell no.  
    Stores don't carry the costumes I like.  
    I'll just use it on amazon anyway.  
    The majority of what Nintendo produces is all the same stuff, and I am sick of it. I don't know much about SEGA, but I do know I want to see something other than Smash, Zelda, Mario, and Mario spin-offs. Sure, Nintendo makes other stuff, but this is the vast majority of what they do. At least they have splattoon now, though...  
    Ugh, dance movies.  
    Oh, this is a what would I rather eat? Damn. I just clicked on the cute one without reading.  
    Both sound fantastic. But underground is more weather-proof.  
    I would pause it at night, then live the equivalence of months(but not actual months because the earth wouldn't move) just paused. So peaceful.  
    Teleport into air, do it again and again before hitting the ground, eventually teleport to the ground.  
    Wizard > Sensitive dramatic b****  
    Rebecca Black was simply having fun when she made Friday. She's not annoying or stupid at all. She was just unlucky enough to have her song that she had made for fun become popular.  
    Interactive stories. I'm part of them. I experience them.  
    Both suck. I want to keep learning, but I don't want to rule.  
    My dream vacation would include that one person. Wouldn't be my dream vacation without it.  
    No gtfo :P  
    I like the social position of a male more than that of a female. It's too bad I am both mentally and physically female.  
    I choose the girl in option B.  
    I like animals more than people. +1
    Ew, soda.  
    I never knew my sister.  
    How am I supposed to learn without obstacles?  
    Marriage is a business transaction anyway. Why should it be exclusive to having it with the opposite gender? Let's be real here...marriage is only for convenience, yes? We don't NEED the government declaring our love for us to believe it's real. It's stupid anyway.  
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