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If you had one of these superpowers (and knew how to use it) which one would you choose Flying or Invisibility 5 years ago 151 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have as a pet dinosaur Pterodactyl or Spinosaurus 5 years ago 189 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Save the endangered animals or Eat Chocolate 5 years ago 153 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have as a pet Rattlesnake or Eel 6 years ago 140 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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Nobody really cares. this question was asked as a joke the reality isn't important 5 years ago  
in other words you're a preachy stubborn asshole 5 years ago  
im a guy i can't get pregnant but i don't want aids 5 years ago +1
some people try to get pregnant but i agree that nobody should or would ever use abortion as birth control 5 years ago +3
forcing people isn't okay, but giving them the option is great 5 years ago +4
everybody lies get over it 5 years ago  
koalas are fluffy 5 years ago +1
you never said that killing the president would stop the war 5 years ago +2
let people make their own choices. if you don't want one too bad, stop messing with the rest of us 5 years ago  
I actually say yes, but since were alive, id rather play with animals while I'm at it 5 years ago  
our very existence creates CO2, do you want us to all die to save the planet? 5 years ago  
if something happens, I'm not directly responsible 5 years ago +1
Hes also still the president so why are we using past tense 5 years ago  
sorry about that 5 years ago  
16% liars 5 years ago  
The text is switched so if someone could tell me how to edit these that would be great. for now look by picture and it doesnt bother me if u say that u accidentally chose the wrong one because of it 5 years ago  
with that comment, i would have thought youd make the other choice 5 years ago  
i do 5 years ago +2
die 5 years ago +3
i meant like automatically save them with a snap of your fingers or something along those lines 5 years ago +4
option a really makes you think about how many people are jerks 5 years ago +8
who cares? 5 years ago  
i do it anyway 5 years ago  
what about it 5 years ago  
prehistoric creature then 5 years ago  
they do anyway 5 years ago  
ive been there for both and i really didnt care 5 years ago  
why bother, just drink it 5 years ago +10
conceding doesnt always stop debate. there are always jerks who just be jerks about it 5 years ago +3
minecraft is awesome but this is about real life 5 years ago  
im using one now 5 years ago  
im about that tall 5 years ago  
metric much? 5 years ago  
chicks dont dig snowboarders 5 years ago  
cant i just be alive? 5 years ago  
standing is too much work 5 years ago  
none of the above 5 years ago +2
DEATH TO PEPSI 5 years ago +3
if the holocaust was stopped, a lot of peoples parents/ grandparents would'nt have met 5 years ago +2
i totally agree 5 years ago  
only if i could change back too 5 years ago  
the picture is from arrow, nice 6 years ago  
why ask? 6 years ago +1
why even make questions like this, they just waste space on the site that good ones could be on 6 years ago +3
because animals are better 6 years ago +2
then GTFO 6 years ago +6
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