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    Superdick 2 years ago  
    Sex 2 years ago  
    Sex 2 years ago  
    Dildo 2 years ago  
    You dont need a soul for the meat pipe 2 years ago  
    I saw the word sex and got excited 2 years ago  
    France is for homos 2 years ago  
    Sex 2 years ago  
    Republicans for the win 2 years ago  
    Im a guy 2 years ago  
    People usually complain and moan during a good movie 2 years ago  
    Mushroom stamps are more visible 2 years ago  
    I can send strange porn to those who ignore me 2 years ago  
    I dont want my ears to bleed from his sh*t 2 years ago  
    No work 2 years ago  
    Ignorance is sexy just look at blondes 2 years ago  
    I'd like to keep my soul please 2 years ago  
    Cunt punt 2 years ago  
    Sex and food 2 years ago  
    1 sex sacrifice per week to me 2 years ago  
    Didnt say which one i had to save 2 years ago  
    Sex 2 years ago  
    These are getting dumber my word 2 years ago  
    Minecraft sucks 2 years ago  
    Be my own PMC 2 years ago  
    The Holocaust was our greatest advancement in tech while 9/11 was just gay 2 years ago  
    The Holocaust was the cause of our greatest advancements in tech while 9/11 was just gay 2 years ago  
    The Holocaust was major with our advancements in technology while 9/11 just sucked 2 years ago  

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