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Would you rather Stay up all night at Mcdonalds with friends or Sleep 5 years ago 121 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Have you seen Doctor Horrible? Yes or No 5 years ago 105 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Did Breaking Bad's conclusion satisfy? Yes or No 5 years ago 91 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Jim or Yahtzee 5 years ago 60 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch Classic Game Room or Ashens 5 years ago 60 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be S... or M... 5 years ago 83 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be An Hero or Kill Yourself 5 years ago 743 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Should I get Ps4 or WiiU 5 years ago 106 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Am I the only one who doesn't like celebrity women? Yes or No 5 years ago 153 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch Full Metal Alchemist or Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 5 years ago 122 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play Dead Rising 2 or Dead Rising 2: Off the Record 5 years ago 114 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Who is cooler? Nerds or Hipsters 6 years ago 139 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Do you know what Red Dwarf is? Yes. or No... Smeg off... 6 years ago 106 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather read Game Informer or IGN 6 years ago 220 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Bethesda or Bioware 6 years ago 120 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather id or Valve 6 years ago 112 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Earth Defense Force 2017 or Insect Armageddon 6 years ago 93 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Black Mesa or Aperture 6 years ago 103 votes 6 comments 0 likes
If you found out that you will never marry, would you still hold true to abstinence? Yes. or No. 6 years ago 176 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you sacrifice civil liberty for marginally safer schools? Absolutely. or Never. 6 years ago 143 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Do you remember Chex Quest? Yes. or No. 6 years ago 170 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Commit sins and enjoy life. or Live relatively dully, but be viewed as a righteous individual. 6 years ago 174 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Is suicide selfish? (Justify in comments.) Yes. or No. 6 years ago 238 votes 37 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a 3ds or Vita 6 years ago 177 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play The Last of Us or Call of Duty 6 years ago 180 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather buy Mass Effect Collection or Xcom 6 years ago 119 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... (For Men) Be a Gay Man or Straight Woman 6 years ago 300 votes 4 comments 0 likes

Bind0fGod has posted the following comments:

Except you'd smell and be stupid. 5 years ago  
Pink Floyd lol 5 years ago  
Whovians unite! 5 years ago +2
All the way full; Half full of water and half full of air. 5 years ago +3
You never specified on which question. 5 years ago  
The results here are funny. Because the wisest column is only a fraction, with majority being ignorant. People are basically calling themselves dumb. 5 years ago  
A looks so cool, I'd own that sh*t. 5 years ago  
Where's Kirino when you need her... 5 years ago  
The lack of Bioshock imagery here disturbs me. 5 years ago  
Fairy Tail is funny. 5 years ago  
Regardless Batman isn't as much of a hero. He is a billionaire business man. Most people loathe guys like that. 5 years ago  
I don't adhere to that belief, but if it were true, the Devil advocates everything fun about this world. 5 years ago  
He seems to have more in common with me. 5 years ago  
Many gets you sex. There's no denying that. 5 years ago  
Is there a difference? 5 years ago  
16. To be fair my birthday was in a month. So almost 17. 5 years ago  
It's called the photic sneeze reflex. 5 years ago  
It's a mental disorder that has to do with neurotransmitters in the brain. Only about 1/3rd of the population has it. This statistic checks out xD 5 years ago  
No joke... It was With David Tennant pictures as well. 5 years ago  
Neither... 5 years ago  
It's harder to go back than forward. So as far back as you're willing. 5 years ago  
Yes, except valve can't count to 3 :b 5 years ago  
Bow Ties are cool. 5 years ago  
I know, but you picked the worst entrees in the series... 5 years ago  
Why Left 4 dead 2 and Bioshock 2? Why use those for the photos? 5 years ago  
I liked for the bunny. 5 years ago +2
You would be able to see the ribcage below, but not the soft tissue. Actually you would be able to use thermal vision to determine sexual arousal of a female, making it the more opt choice. 5 years ago +9
Yuno and I will be bff's 5 years ago  
All about the Porn.... 5 years ago +1
I don't. 5 years ago  
It's The Doctor. 5 years ago  
It'll be helpful when they take over. 5 years ago  
Worked for Earl... 5 years ago  
"Nothing" minds think alike... 5 years ago +1
Are you like... Slow? Do you have a mental fallback? If you want to avoid similar responses, don't ask stupid questions. No one would choose an option where you die, that's just ignorant. 5 years ago +1
This was the hardest decision of my life. 5 years ago +1
You'd die without water for a week... 5 years ago +3
Blockland. 5 years ago  
Apparently 83% of people never saw this movie. 5 years ago  
I just won't mess with his little sister.... Unless it's Sally... (Burial At Sea reference.) 5 years ago +3
Luckily what I'm supposed to do, is NEVER what I believe is right. 5 years ago  
Converse everyday all day. 5 years ago  
Yeeee the Floyd 5 years ago  
With the Killstar and garrison resets.... it lasts forever. 5 years ago  
Yes. It was actually a superior product to far cry 3. 5 years ago  
I woke up and my, and my friend sat down next to me and played it. 5 years ago  
It's the Todd Squad! 5 years ago  
Hitler fixed the economy AND killed less people. Stalin is just a dick. 5 years ago +1
Great Gatsby is a great book? What world is this? 5 years ago  
Wyatt was a scaredy waredy 5 years ago  
Not really a change there. 5 years ago  
Asuna! :3 5 years ago +1
I don't like beer, but I'm down for some weed, soda, and junk food. 5 years ago  
Doom! 5 years ago  
I feel special and skishy inside now... I hope it isn't cancer. 5 years ago  
Doesn't matter; had sex. 5 years ago  
Miranda is kinda a dick. 5 years ago +2
I would tattoo myself a girlfriend 5 years ago +1
Shit I read 100 dollars. Oh well. 5 years ago +1
I don't watch the TV news, and I would never subscribe to a youtuber that would use them... Ever.. Never ever... 5 years ago  
Well if you don't listen to the radio... or look them up... you don't hear them? Because why would I want to? 5 years ago  
I don't know these things o.o 5 years ago  
I remember the page number. 5 years ago  
Nothing against being gay, but I personally go for the ladies. 5 years ago  
What I want is infinite life. So we good. 5 years ago +1
These results unsettle me. Totally not shiny. 5 years ago +1
White hair? Fine... Freckles...? Ehhh... 5 years ago  
Answering Rrather questions, then off to start my day. 5 years ago  
Dark brown hair. 6' and 150lbs.... Blue eyes? I dunno 5 years ago  
Future Diary, Attack on Titan, Elfen Lied, Girls Bravo, Freezing, Reborn, Full Metal Alchemist, The Please! series', Death Note. I've seen alot more as well, but there names surpass me. 5 years ago  
Not at all. 5 years ago  
Plopped in two of my poems and it guessed right away... 5 years ago +1
Lost planet is pretty long and has decent graphics for its time. 5 years ago  
Hitler 5 years ago  
If I had to yes. 5 years ago  
Gone this far without a host of close friends... 5 years ago +1
The christians openly fought for their religion, they could have easily kept their mouth shut. But their hubris was their downfall. 5 years ago  
HIPSTER BIND! 5 years ago  
I have, but once again, hate French. 5 years ago  
I had to say nope because you used French. I hate France. 5 years ago  
If I met them, I would feel obliged to wait for them and not have a little side fun. 5 years ago  
I think Penny is less of a batch file than the Bernadette, and Amy is gross. 5 years ago  
The things I could learn as a time traveler are rivaled only by the purely evil things I would do as a teleporter... I think my answer speaks for itself. 5 years ago +1
Easy to say that when you aren't rich. 5 years ago  
It'll always be the girl in the friend boat. 5 years ago  
Windwaker.... 5 years ago +1
Washington! Weed and Gays! :D 5 years ago +2
I think the light teal can go with more things and not clash. 5 years ago  
I have not the Saliva for B. 5 years ago  
Tricksie asker.... 5 years ago  
Go now! 5 years ago  
The Cylons are smarter.... And as robot armies go, more advanced. 5 years ago  
True chaos is a far cry from the insanity that is Christianity. 5 years ago +1
Nope. 5 years ago  
Ugh... 5 years ago  
I thought this one would be closer.... 5 years ago +3
Sadist or masochist. Sadism is sexually enjoying giving out pain, dominating. Masochism is sexually enjoying being harmed, dominated. 5 years ago  
I swam a mile once, I'm a decent swimmer, and it took around 35 minutes, and was one of the most exhausting things I've ever done. 5 years ago +2
I love the "No religious arguments bit", when the only choices you give for non believers is that they doubt their Own resolve. There is no god. There is no chance there is god. I will not align myself under any group that even recognizes that there is an alternative. 5 years ago +2
Got my paycheck.... Played Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. 5 years ago  
Ivy :o 5 years ago +1
One :o She has dwarfism.... She's small and smooshed up in weird parts. She is happy though. 5 years ago +1
Cats are the best pet. 5 years ago +1
Him, we can only hope. 5 years ago  
Well you can't, sadist. 5 years ago  
Neither? 5 years ago +2
Oh... Wait... I just noticed that was your name... I was rather confused to begin with... 5 years ago  
Yes. 5 years ago  
What does the picture suggest? 5 years ago  
Sure... 5 years ago  
Unless you knew what An Hero meant xD 5 years ago +3
Funny guy. 5 years ago +2
10. Him and his older sister are also siblings in real life, and it shows. Great story and acting. 5 years ago +1
8.8 Surprisingly good sci fi 5 years ago  
Both great. But... Jurassic Park. 5 years ago +2
6.8. Entertaining. Keeps you amused. Bit long. Tom Hanks is a bit weird for the roll. 5 years ago  
10. Obvious masterpiece. 5 years ago +1
9. It was cheezy and oldschool. But it balanced British and Japanese nerd culture so well, and was awesome and I loved it. 5 years ago +4
It's kinda alot more niche then the amount of jokes pertaining to it would imply. 5 years ago +3
Kidney Stones are the worst sh*t. I had one. 5 years ago +2
Evil? Biased much? 5 years ago  
I think GTA V captured the paradoxical comedy of the earlier games quite well. 5 years ago  
The Hobbit Part 2 5 years ago +2
Wooooh! 5 years ago  
Wha? one test? NO test is that important. NONE. You guys.... 5 years ago  
The irony of the ones who voted "No" gives me cancer. 5 years ago +1
Peter always comes through in the end, Randy is just an idiot. 5 years ago +2
Finally politics make sense... 5 years ago +2
Gawd... I love Humans.... 5 years ago  
It's a joke.... The Meh option has the word hater in it.... Can you not read? 5 years ago  
It's pretty much an RPG'ers dream. Only a few hit nirvana. 5 years ago  
Hater. 5 years ago +1
Just because a woman calls something sexist, doesn't mean it is. 5 years ago  
Unlikely. 5 years ago  
If you know these people, please get off my internet. 5 years ago +2
No one will rape you (Hopefully), but it all is really fun. Though you are a girl, good luck with the boys hun.... 5 years ago  
I don't know how celebrity's deal with it. 5 years ago  
Just because of the awesome sex and drugs that will happen to you... And arguing with teachers. The school parts suck... 5 years ago +1
Though, usually, I just don't do it. 5 years ago  
Beat me to it. 5 years ago  
They wouldn't believe you. 5 years ago +2
We also shove our Elderly into homes to die in a stale broken environment, extol low class sex symbols in the media, and have a culture where book stores are no longer relevant over "Youtube poop" 5 years ago  
Up until a few hundred years ago, you only clapped if you didn't enjoy the presentation, and wanted to insult the presenter. 5 years ago  
>Someone sings heart-wrenching song they wrote; Audience claps. That's dafuqq. 5 years ago  
I [personally think applause is offensive against the art I have just witnessed. It's loud, and rude. 5 years ago +1
More artistic. 5 years ago  
without assholes, the world would stop being hindered and scientific research would lurch forward, and cure aids. 5 years ago +4
Endor.... 5 years ago  
All the way full, half full of water, half full of air. 5 years ago  
Fun fact, all of the votes for JB came for the US voters. 5 years ago +1
Romances in TV have more time to play out, and as a result feel more satisfying... 5 years ago  
Walking Dead isn't Good" I still watch it... But good? Ehhh 5 years ago  
Just to see the ladies *sunglasses* 5 years ago  
Brian is kind of an ass... 5 years ago  
It's honestly Fantastic. 5 years ago  
Well Balrog's are Gods... so... 5 years ago  
Too generic. 5 years ago  
And extremely polluted and covered in crime. It's like New York if it was a whole planet. Except there are zero trees. People don't even live on the ground anymore. 5 years ago +6
First person? Nausea incoming. 5 years ago +3
This is the dumbest question.... 5 years ago +3
Wanderer has a MIRV 5 years ago  
Elswyr.... 5 years ago +1
Guh... Zelda... 5 years ago  
Because Cole. 5 years ago  
He saying if you vote for that, you too, are an idiot. 5 years ago  
Maybe because he is an idiot? 5 years ago  
My 2nd grade calculator>Apple 5 years ago +5
Christopher Eccleston in... The Second Coming. 5 years ago +1
Extinction is an rts... 5 years ago  
Gearbox has been disappointing of late 5 years ago  
B is my wall paper :o 5 years ago  
Wait... Whaat? 5 years ago +2
Much cleaner wound. Easier to heal. 5 years ago +11
Nobodies THAT straight or THAT gay. 5 years ago  
Who wouldn't....? 5 years ago  
Just for the photo of Doom. 5 years ago  
Better Economy and More infrastructure for Mage's 5 years ago  
Yum! (Not trolling at all.) 5 years ago +2
These results show who is in depth in the gaming community and who is not :o 5 years ago  
Sept for a little thing called double jeopardy... 5 years ago  
Troll Dung. True Story 5 years ago  
Tootsie Rolls are gross.... 5 years ago  
Thomas Was alone proved this works. 5 years ago  
Backwards compatible though bro. 5 years ago  
No he has Parkinsons...... 5 years ago  
I feel like sex wouldn't be half as fun without the thrill of courting and the chase ;) 5 years ago  
Basically. But dat 3d maneuverability gear.... 5 years ago +2
:( 5 years ago  
*fart noise* 5 years ago  
I would... but I get why Ed wouldn't..... 5 years ago  
Probably more practical for filming. I mean they gotta be careful with shots he is in so that you don't see the rest of his leg. Gives them limited options. 5 years ago +1
I'd still have movies and video games damnit. 5 years ago  
And the ending.... 5 years ago  
How i met your mother? 5 years ago  
NPH voices cartoon characters as well :o 5 years ago  
I we didn't we would've had to invade by land, sacrificing untold millions of civilian causalities through sickness, hunger, war, and friendly fire. Not to mention the troops we would have lost and the longer duration of our own war effort and its strain on the US homefront. 6 years ago  
Thank you fellow dwarfer :D 6 years ago +1
Poetry. 6 years ago  
Neither.... 6 years ago +2
Why not both? 6 years ago  
10,000 6 years ago  
Cars 2... wait... wrong "Sad" 6 years ago +4
I hate Microsoft. The only good thing they ever did was Windows 7, and that's gone now. 6 years ago +1
Depends on how "Chinese" I'm feeling. 6 years ago  
French Fries? Mash Potatoes? Potato Chips? Hash Browns? Tater tots? 6 years ago  
By the results yes. 6 years ago  
Gotta know, so I can abort it. 6 years ago +4
Wha? 6 years ago  
Sex. 6 years ago +2
Love left 4 dead 6 years ago  
I'd really like the wedding ring :) 6 years ago +10
Dune is cool though... 6 years ago +1
Shadow of The Colossus, Half-Life, God of War? 6 years ago +2
Don't like the B name. 6 years ago +1
GTA will likely be an amazing game. But The Last of Us, breaks boundaries of story and character direction in video games, with fantastic graphics and gameplay to match it. Everything in the game is perfect. GTA V will just be another game. The Last of Us is more... 6 years ago +1
I am a game snob. 6 years ago +1
WHA These results make me weep for the world I live in.... 6 years ago  
Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid.... 6 years ago +1
God of War, Monster Hunter, Jak, Final Fantasy, 3rd Birthday, list goes on..... 6 years ago  
I did say in general. There is always exceptions. 6 years ago  
Put Anthrax in a letter addressed to him. Blamed it on her husband. 6 years ago  
Everyone always says it's about both, but it really never is, because in general women plan it, dream it, and make all the decisions. Young girls dream of their wedding, in general boys/men don't give it a second thought. Most men I know care more for the women they are marrying than the wedding itself. Weddings are all about women. Saying otherwise is idealistic nonsense. 6 years ago  
Stalin killed people for no reason. Hitler had a reason that is still acceptable by most religions today, whether or not people would like to admit it. 6 years ago +2
The results here are filled with alot of hogwash idealistic nonsense. 6 years ago  
Fun fact, that walker's actress tried to kill the president. 6 years ago +5
But it isn't star wars, it's stupid lame modern warfare. Color me bored. 6 years ago +2
I like alot more Bethesda games, but Mass Effect just takes the cake. 6 years ago  
Maybe Half-Life and Left 4 Dead? 6 years ago  
Not bad though. 6 years ago  
... What? 6 years ago  
It's made by the Japanese. 6 years ago  
Sadly I always talk.... 6 years ago  
Are you actually boxxy? 6 years ago  
I'd be f╬╝cked without google. 6 years ago +4
It actually gives you an illness. 6 years ago +1
I play both, but I prefer 3rd person, 6 years ago  
It's why I play weird but fun games. Like Dead Rising:off the record sandbox mode, earth defense force and dead island and crap. 6 years ago  
I would pretend to be gollum. 6 years ago +3
I watched the first and second season. They were poop. 6 years ago  
It's more of a painkiller/sedative. 6 years ago +5
Xcom is so beast though :/ 6 years ago +1
They do at gamestop and 7/11 6 years ago  
Ben is facking retard. 6 years ago +1
Loved those. 6 years ago +1
They check. 6 years ago +6
That's a tough one... 6 years ago  
Not only that, but a few years ago, the original creators made a 3rd entry and released all 3 in one convenient package. 6 years ago  
Can still be done though. 6 years ago  
Actually Dogs and Cats are both relatively stupid on the animal intelligence scale. 6 years ago  
The ability to smell narcotics does not equate to intelligence. 6 years ago +1
Don't care, it is bad. 6 years ago  
I can already do B... anyone can! 6 years ago +1
I hate both of those movies. But I'd honestly Rather watch Twilight than the Godfather... It has hot women in it at least. 6 years ago +2
I thought everyone hated the American show? 6 years ago +4
Dogs are stupid. Literally. 6 years ago +2
I was the only high guy at a drinking party this 4th. It was funny how pissed they all were and I was just totally in control, and mellow. 6 years ago +9
Yeah, It was just the styles and body types that were found desirable. Not as many women pushed to stay thin because it was not a cultural ideal. 6 years ago +2
Your own creative idea would be better. 6 years ago  
Doom 3 Baby! 6 years ago +3
That's a stupid question. Who really remembers all 12-15 of their first days of school? 6 years ago +1
But if they really wanted to die that's their decision, and tough I'd miss them, it isn't selfish of them. 6 years ago  
If they care, then it is selfish of them to force you to live just for their benefit... 6 years ago  
Part of the gasmic murdering experience man 6 years ago  
you couldn't watch their eyes fade and their bodies squirm as they grasp for air... 6 years ago  
I think it would be cool to burn the inside of peoples lungs... More.... Gruesome than electricity... you would have to hold your victim down.... it would take time and malice... 6 years ago  
To create sampling Bias of course. Males would be less likely to pick it, because of its color. 6 years ago  
These are two very very different things.... 6 years ago +1
Neither.... 6 years ago  
He would forgive you. 6 years ago +2
If you're not a christian... You don't believe in a hell to go to... 6 years ago +4
Wow.... Punching a baby in the face would probably dislodge its brain and kill it. 6 years ago  
This question and its results are so ironic.... 6 years ago +3
Than* 6 years ago  
They don't work... 6 years ago +4
Stop. 6 years ago +2
But it happens all the time.... The only reason the statistics are so out of whack is because men are too ashamed to report it to the authorities. 6 years ago +1
Not even the guy from supersize me could last a month. I would rather be perma fried than dead. 6 years ago +1
Religion set history back almost 200 years and started basically every war before 1860. 6 years ago  
Yet he boosted the German Economy and united the people. If Obama pulled an economic reversal like him, he'd get elected for a 3rd term, despite how impossible that is. 6 years ago  
Hitler was a great leader. 6 years ago  
This is the closest thing to "Bender is great" that anyone but me has ever said... 6 years ago  
Sex isn't wrong. Has nothing to do with marital value 6 years ago  
Abortion isn't really a law, it's a supreme court decision. 6 years ago  
Reality is better than dreams 6 years ago  
America is pretty good. But I think other countries have it better. 6 years ago  
Heaven isn't real so..... 6 years ago  
Socialism is ideal. Not sure why it is next to anarchy though... 6 years ago  
Knowledge is wealth. 6 years ago  
Music is the universal language! 6 years ago  
Live in Harry Potter world. Muggle. 6 years ago  
Bronze age nonsense... and I suppose the earth is still flat? 6 years ago  
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