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Meow, my name is Binxy2. But you can call me Binx. I love cats and I would be happy if you would check out my questions or maybe even tell me to look at yours, either way we're both happy. Binxy Meowout.

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    If you prefer slicing fruit over tons of campaigns and hilarious pigs, your weird.  
    I love gatorade  
    My mom's a jerk  
    What is wrong with skinny?  
    People would adore me if i was funniest  
    One word: Sharks.  
    food (:  
    You basically have the force, YOU CONTROL AIR. Not to mention you get a plus of three other powers.  
    So basically this dumb who made this split the sentence: get a speeding ticket in a fender bender, into two parts? Wow, -_-  
    We need aliens. Humanity is already falling apart if the aliens kill us all, it's for the greater good of the Earth. If not I hope they can bring peace.  
    You die no matter what, so I gotta call bull  
    Sorry I cannot ruin a baby's life  
    Ginny can't do crap! All she does is flirt with Harry.  
    Pink is strawberry dumb dumbs  
    Freedom must remain, or we all die. I mean we are already screwed after the USA president was assigned. We have no good president therefore if badness can come from the PRESIDENT, we are done for. We'll all be dead before another Big Bang or anything that will destroy the universe, we are already gonna run out of materials like Coal, Gold, Diamonds, all that. So yeah. Not to mention everyday 210 people die. I just hope man kind can hold together until I die.  
    I got Autism, I would be better off dressing up  
    Those are same, watch Americas got talent.  
    Peace, Love, and Economy, Peace is quietness, Love is parents not blaming everything on you, Economy, is the stuff you get from your mom and dad. So, HAH.  
    Oh my gosh, I am christian but you guys are overreacting jeez.  
    I am sorry, but my thirst is through the roof all the time.  
    Nobody can touch me in a nice house.  
    Fun is what I like  
    Do not know these people  
    I am the guy who don't give a crap about what people think +1
    What's wrong with butter? It's made for candy  
    You could achieve your dreams by having a ton of money  
    I want to stay young  
    Although people make teletubbies scary they are not that bad when they are not made into creeps by man kind.  
    At least when somebody comes up to me and says: My daughter was killed. I wouldn't be like: Good to know *walks away* +1
    I don't use cheat codes, but if I'm allowed to cheat after I beat the game I totally will  
    I've only heard this version  
    Lazy and rich... what I'm talking about.  
    At least I get to play  
    ... +1
    Very emotional and no sense of humor? So I would get a crybaby who makes everybody cry on the inside because she is the only one who is like. What? At a great joke. +1
    I would know how to read by reading the minds of people reading the same thing as me.  
    Five minutes vs two hours take a wild guess.  
    How does silent even hurt you? It's peaceful! And you could do anything you want.  
    Who are and what is these?  
    Hitler's death would cause our time to alter greatly, not to mention overpopulation would be at it's peak right now.  
    I am a sharpshooter in vid games and prob could do it in real life but, seriously, getting meat will make you fat!  
    Names aren't very noticeable in stadiums  
    This is challenging  
    I may agree that one life is better than lots but one person on one person, I would rather not go through the pain  
    Is this really all that hard?  
    I'd prefer not to be hated  
    One life is not worth a ton of lives.  
    Cocky means lesser chance of divorce.  
    I will be better than Einstein!  
    I really no care.  
    Celebrity 2.0 option A is.  
    I suck at climbing  
    One soul or 6 million souls, do I even have to say anything else?  
    Is that cheese in their arms? BLEGH! Screw cannabals!  
    My last words would be: You got the wrong soul bro.  
    At least only one person dies.  
    Sorry, I don't care what people say. Chances of a ghost killing you aren't very high. Just means you have to take out the trash more often.  
    I just want to live my life, bruh. All this means is I get at least 90  
    Helping america is what is need most right now. an nobody can deny that!  
    Family watches this, and besides the song at the beginning nothing is really good about Two and a half Men  
    What did the person making this think? Probably to see what dummy would pick a Blackberry. Sure enough: 11%  
    Beer and smoking are one of the reasons this world is all hell.  
    You can make a awesome haunted house with that kind of pumpkin in the picture.  
    Sorry they are both cool but, I COULD BE MASTER CHIEF!  
    I'd rather not see Trump's election again thank you very much.  
    I could do basically anything. there is no limit to controlling people. At least nearly no limit.  
    No intelligence means no knowledge if your intelligent at least you'll know how to move and do everyday things.  
    Well Option A said i could have any power I thought of, that includes knowing everything. So... Yeah...  
    Never age aye? What if a 5 year old hit never age. I'm laughing at how sad that person's life would be. Man that's messed up.  
    How could you predict the future? You would have to know that then quicksave to do that.  
    You should of put, noclip or godmode, that would be hard.  
    Protein all the way!  
    Well you can do Option B with Option A I was like: "No way the person who put this is that dumb" *Scrolls to see authors comment and sees no authors comment* "That is sad"  
    I am more a youtube person.  
    Let them do all the work, simple, all you have to do is say things every once in a while, not to mention I suck in school so i am bound to get a low low role.  
    I don't watch these, they are too sick. But I do get caught up in watching a clip of them whenever I watch try not to laugh challenges. Go check out BlastPhamousHD he is awesome youtuber, he has both gaming and reaction, what could be better?  
    Darn, I picked to quick  
    Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and what TV got? CHANNELS! An nobody cares about channels nowadays.  
    Hearing aids  
    I'm sorry but as a teen I haven't gotten around to these people yet.  
    Sorry, but spider man has been my favorite since I was a little kid.  
    Neither only reason I chose is because i don't want to leave a question unanswered.  
    President has a lot of work, but queen is like king, do whatever.  
    Wow Obama, lol.  
    I really don't know, I just picked what my brain thought.  
    I've got serious autism, I can't SWIM! And I'm a teen! Sorry, but I really couldn't do my life alone );  
    I wouldn't cause remorse nor be balling my butt out on the inside. He said Dying very painfully, I do not want that.  
    Sorry, but guaranteeing it is just to good of an offer, that's 1,000$ for free right there man. +1
    I'm sorry I choose the ability to fly to safety then run to safety. Not to mention owls eat like kings.  
    I don't want to be punched in the face.  
    I will miss you Obama! Well everybody, prepare for the rain of terror on the USA sponsored by Trump. I'm not saying I hate anyone for liking Trump. Either way was gonna be bad.  
    That grandma be coming straight from a horror movie!!! And it didn't say the person I hate hated me (;  
    If they argue this would be how it would work out. Me:Shut up. Them: But- Me: Shut up. Them: Don- Me:Shut up. Them: st- Me: Shut up. Them: GRRR *Walks away.  
    But if you lived long enough wouldn't you just get ruder? I mean living approximately three hundred years would be well worth MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, I mean everybody in the world is gonna support someone who is able to live three hundred years. I would take lottery because I could share it with poor and family.  
    You know what they say: Time is money, lol.  
    Lol, your pretty stupid, if you are gonna do that, it would say you were gonna die today, and you might say: "Well, I can just wait tell tomorrow." Then you would probably die in a different way, so get out of here with that bullcrap.  
    I wish I could wish for money, GENIUS!  
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