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    get friends  
    dont say this sentence  
    51% Big Bang f%ck yeah  
    only in the 2nd playtrough and offline  
    i prefer vodka  
    i lived in russia for 3 years  
    dont saw both of em  
    royce rolls like a boss  
    doesnt matter  
    Im loving my job  
    Im living in germany (born in Canda) and there is nothing bad about it +1
    america sucks  
    eminem 2pac biggie...  
    microscopic things are really small and macroscopic things are very big  
    basicly what slips feel like  
    im aint wearing makeup  
    im laready doing this :D  
    throw it away  
    hitler died like 1945... (he shot himself) xD  
    im alrady living in germany sooooo  
    cute cat  
    Yasmin Bonfirraro isnt that bad  
    my handy costs 100 euro and my PC 1200 euros  
    so i dont have to cook by myselfe  
    my servers arent getting hot  
    i think perfume is more poisonlike  
    i am from Canad/Russia so CANADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  
    would be akward  
    Im half canadian half russian :D VODKA !!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    as long as its not McDonalds  
    im female sooooooooo  
    im a girl sooooooooooo  
    solution soup  
    Im from Canda and swimming at night pretty sucks  
    ill have one brocken eye and one complety fine eye  
    If youre hot that doesnt matter  
    Doesnt matter but im not even existing :D  
    I dont know both of em  
    NYC sucks horrible city  
    So my parent might kick my sibling in the ass  
    Im 21 :C  
    im already  
    would be funny  
    40% only WTF should be 100%  
    Hermione... rly n1gga  
    im female  
    im 21 (not pedo xD)  
    Imfemale im able to cook myselfe  
    Wll im looking kood  
    coca cola is worth more money SELL IT  
    fail klicked the wrong one  
    superman is gay ( im not homophobic )  
    South Park is waaaaaaaaay funnier  
    nope im female  
    i hate pain...  
    60 FPS + Keyboard Steam ...  
    France sucks  
    I wont care if my not existing son would be gay and im a woman so my wife would be a lesbian anyway  
    im lazy  
    I like to drive by myselfe  
    Die deutschen M├Ądels vertragen wenigstens etwas.  
    PC is more aqurate  
    it doesnt  
    USA sucks  
    USa sucks  
    USA sucks  
    War causes world hunger  
    Sharks dont eat humans  
    If im intelligent im at least able to help other people and meke them happy  
    But wouldnt i know how to rule everything  
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