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Would you rather YOLO or YOLT 5 years ago 114 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Never have been born or have the worst torture anyone could possibly endure right before you die 5 years ago 175 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Wear this or wear this 5 years ago 205 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather eat Reeses or Snickers 5 years ago 467 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a Ferret as a pet or have a rat as a pet 5 years ago 215 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen Gorillaz not live or Live 5 years ago 185 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Never be able to stop talking or Never be able to stop moving (walking, running, etc.) 5 years ago 377 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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well i don't like Oprah 4 years ago  
dafuq kind of question is this? and why are there people who would rather eat their mothers liver???? 4 years ago  
i lika da coins 4 years ago  
but only a REAL winter… not sh*tty Texas winter 4 years ago +1
because… freedom 4 years ago +2
guess what? Antarctica is a desert, just in case the other comments below didn't make it clear enough. 4 years ago  
it actually is just a name… its not like you have to worship him or something… plus i love chocolate 4 years ago  
i want to adopt an African child… js 4 years ago  
i don't even have a cellphone that works so I'm good 4 years ago  
you might get kidnapped by human traffickers in Europe 4 years ago  
and good people die because of stupid drivers 4 years ago +1
Omfg i realize that damn!! Just stop commenting! 4 years ago  
i read it wrong lol 5 years ago +1
its not the persons fault… they asked this 3 years ago people lol 5 years ago +3
im bangin a jedi 5 years ago  
um that just mean batman is badass and superman has life handed to him… if you have to have powers to be a superhero you should kill yourself because batman proves you can be a badass superhero without powers…. 5 years ago  
why is this even up for debate? 5 years ago  
to all the young people that try to act like they wouldn't drink or never have…. F*** you you lying ass pussies… Nuff said 5 years ago  
i love both but i love Futurama more.. probably bc its on Netflix… lol 5 years ago  
as my boyfriend always says… she can still have a tummy and still look yummy… I've yet to decide if he is calling me chubby... 5 years ago  
Lady in the street but a freak in the bed! 5 years ago  
Brain overload 5 years ago  
wow such harsh words over a gaming console… lets just be f*** buddies you guys? 5 years ago  
i love runescape lol 5 years ago  
i love Sonic though 5 years ago  
id say the complete opposed because CN had way better tv shows when i was younger 5 years ago  
nope he is in suicide bomber heaven with 72 nerds 5 years ago  
He is standing on a penis 5 years ago  
I feel like Megan might eat me alive 5 years ago  
to not have to listen to the crap these idiots say these days would be nice lol and i play video games so i need my eyes 5 years ago  
he is mine as well… 5 years ago  
why would one feel the need to compare such awesomeness to something that cannot compare 5 years ago  
i guess you and all the people that liked this comment are gay.. I'm sorry but they both are hot and Britney isn't even that messed up anymore from what I've heard… but I'm pretty sure this question isn't about sex so i suppose you perceived it wrong 5 years ago  
horny children…smh 5 years ago  
spiderman wears the equivalent to that but its just a whole body suit 5 years ago  
MIcheal Jackson touched you in your sleep 5 years ago  
actually not me i have never played Battlefield but id be willing to because CoD is getting kinda old…. 5 years ago  
people actually liked that comment??? XD omg 5 years ago  
well actually they are probably smarter than you 5 years ago +2
in all honestly probably your mother. 5 years ago  
well work for me is at home doing art so i win 5 years ago  
um remove the clothes… duh 5 years ago  
nope i randomly chose the fat one because i liked his hair and stash... 5 years ago  
im a girl sooooo…. 5 years ago  
towels 5 years ago  
at least i would know 5 years ago  
well crap i just realized i could change what i had for breakfast and it most likely wouldn't matter…. lol 5 years ago  
Ive made mistakes but if i changed anything i might not have what i have now 5 years ago  
im not selfish and i love my boyfriend to death and i wouldn't want him and his family to suffer like that… f*****g sucks either way…. its like basically saying he is gonna die or your gonna wish he is dead... 5 years ago  
I think id choose the most sexual way someone could die… 5 years ago  
White girl crack…. 5 years ago  
wtf would i date someone who is sleazy.. but then again the other person has no sense of humor 5 years ago  
they are really making me choose? 5 years ago  
only after i beat it… or get bored with it…. 5 years ago  
Why can't you legally drink when you turn into an adult? Your an adult at eighteen so its basically taking an adults rights away… and i do realize that there are really stupid immature people but those people most of the time never grow up so whats the point…. 5 years ago  
its funny i went to a school the wore uniforms but the children still made fun of eachother 5 years ago  
143 people now 5 years ago  
my spelling? i was just pointing out the way the maker spelled lobster 5 years ago  
The Fault in Our Stars…. 5 years ago  
Porn? 5 years ago  
America sucks 5 years ago  
I'm sorry but i kinda would like to learn something 5 years ago  
definitely wouldn't want a male gynecologist… lol 5 years ago  
f**k this question 5 years ago  
501… hehe 5 years ago  
good point 5 years ago  
i could do whatever i wanted… >:3 5 years ago  
its not about being disabled or able for me i just think being that smart is a curse 5 years ago  
i think every part of the world is filled with pollution and more than half of americans are obese 5 years ago  
im not for it but I'm not against it either... 5 years ago  
murder them... 5 years ago  
or the scariest nightmare ever 5 years ago  
i already can't I'm a vampire 5 years ago  
id want marijuana legal 5 years ago  
tastes the same to me... 5 years ago  
I've been to one so your point is invalid 5 years ago  
i beat my meat.. until its nice and tender :3 5 years ago  
daymares 5 years ago  
how is this not about religion? 5 years ago  
YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! 5 years ago  
i bet MJ molested JB 5 years ago  
well think about what now would be like if you killed him and the holocaust never happened….. 5 years ago  
big dogs are way smarter 5 years ago  
amen brother 5 years ago  
everyone has 100% chance of dying you morons 5 years ago  
if i was younger and imagining myself right now id be one f****d up kid lol 5 years ago  
neither 5 years ago  
Yoda I Talk Like 5 years ago  
you know what it would take way to long to kill that many puppies… i change to killing the baby 5 years ago  
this is a trick question…. bc you wouldn't have a play button or a fast forward button…. mind f****ed 5 years ago  
love your spelling eegit 5 years ago  
being smart is a f******* curse 5 years ago  
I can do whatever I'm white…. 5 years ago  
i hate Chris…. the title is totally right lol 5 years ago  
i don't use either so i win 5 years ago  
after watching Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay… Heck No! 5 years ago  
Breaking Bad…. lol 5 years ago +1
my family i live with and my boyfriend 5 years ago  
i was gonna pick 'B' until i saw it said "No way gross"… thats messed up i don't find it gross but i am straight... 5 years ago  
play on my phone until I'm done… problem solved 5 years ago  
can't wear hats in school so no point in always having one if you can wear it 5 years ago  
XD 5 years ago +1
batman would f*** superman up 5 years ago  
Durp 5 years ago  
lol 5 years ago  
never played 'A' 5 years ago  
Ireland 5 years ago  
how you gonna battle with the cat in the hat? Little kids get scared when i step on the mat… you think your ruffled ass neck gonna rap to that? i got a best selling book about me coming back! 5 years ago  
yum just what we need 'work' heels… still couldnt do any work in them tho 5 years ago  
cool thats awesome 5 years ago  
Pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms, and green bell peppers... 5 years ago  
Ireland please 5 years ago  
Well I'm pretty sure that my profile says it but in todays society 15 is the new 25 and I don't get insulted I just thought it would be funny to say that because most mothers don't cuss out their kids.... Chill bro 5 years ago  
IM DIRTY DAN!! 5 years ago  
it's= it is it's a contraction… 5 years ago  
what if its too late 5 years ago +1
Three Days Grace 5 years ago  
How dare you do this to me…. I love both of these bands! 5 years ago  
what is The Last of Us? 5 years ago  
Trust me…. I'm the Doctor…. 5 years ago +3
Altair? why are you doing the leap of faith into a ball pit? 5 years ago  
i like BVB but love Skillet alot more 5 years ago  
how did Nirvana beat Metallica?? i like Nirvana but I'm smart enough to know Metallica is better…. 5 years ago  
i like to shower 5 years ago  
you get to take a log ride :D 5 years ago +2
i knew exactly what song it was because i can actually rap that song lol… 5 years ago  
'B' reminds me of Miley 5 years ago  
Runescape is fun and yes i still play it… like like asking if anyone still plays the original mario anymore…. 5 years ago  
both please 5 years ago +1
that would be kinda fun 5 years ago +3
i like asians but i like a guy with facial hair more 5 years ago  
mmmm… yummeh but id miss my Jack 5 years ago  
my friend Camzer is like really close lol 5 years ago +1
case that bish!! 5 years ago +2
there is no way that there are people that never have... 5 years ago +1
if its real gold i will sell it 5 years ago  
-5 years old?? well.. they haven't even been conceived yet… so imma go with 35... 5 years ago  
if no one died then the world would be way over populated… so death is good not bad 5 years ago  
my friend told a joke and it was really funny and i rolled over and had my legs in the air and i queefed….wow i cannot believe I'm about to press the comment button and tell everyone this…. 5 years ago +4
its not your decision because everything happens for a reason…. 5 years ago +3
well maybe because clothes are constricting…. hehe 5 years ago  
i was just stating how long I've had mine sorry that you buy piece of sh*t earbuds all the time btw I'm not old enough to be anyones mother so f*** off… now do i sound like your mother? 5 years ago  
I am Chuck Freaking Norris… I spread more blood and gore than 40 score of your puny civil wars bich ill split the union with a round house kick i wear a black belt on the beard that i grow on my penis... 5 years ago  
it kinda does… that means more lives were saved and only one person would have to die… 5 years ago  
sadly thats how most of everything goes 5 years ago  
i wasn't a big fan of Brave 5 years ago +1
damn i should have realized that lol 5 years ago  
stop it from happening 5 years ago +1
i answered even though I've never heard of them…. but i think i will listen to them just because 5 years ago  
hey dog can you please bring me the remote? Im too lazy to get it... 5 years ago  
I've had my ear buds for over a year now and they are in perfect condition and i use them 24/7 5 years ago  
why does not being a virgin make them a slut… what about married people 5 years ago  
why does it matter 5 years ago +3
i have those dreams sometimes but they give me an adrenaline rush so i kinda like having them 5 years ago  
i love avenged sevenfold 5 years ago  
Bad! you made a terrible saying worse 5 years ago  
yurp same here 5 years ago +4
you could try to stop either one right? but idk much about all of it so stop it if it was bad 5 years ago +1
i want that yolo shirt tho lol 5 years ago +1
Westboro Church and any church like it is worse than vein gay… Christians should stop bagging on things they think are wrong…. God forgives any sin except Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit….every sin is equal in God eyes so what they are doing is the equivalent to murder or lying sadly the same for being gay but I'm only speaking truth…. but God loves all his children 5 years ago +1
thats what it means… because thats how courts take it…. 5 years ago  
most preps are b*tches… no thanks 5 years ago +1
never have to get gas again…. 5 years ago  
they have a heartbeat they are alive inside of you…. 5 years ago  
almost every popular girl in my high school uses a tanning bed almost every week …. not very smart seeing how using one can up the risks of melanoma… its retarded why do people NEED to be tanner??? 5 years ago +2
omg yes haha just yes 5 years ago  
so many veggies or only one veggie…. i mean you can't real survive off of broccoli but at least with the salad there are vegetable substitutes for things we need to survive 5 years ago  
Im the Batman 5 years ago +1
old people have already had their go at life…. 5 years ago  
then what would be the point 5 years ago  
it deosnt matter either way there would be death bc if there was 14billion people we would not have enough resources to survive... 5 years ago  
GORILLAZ!! :3 love that band! 5 years ago +2
i don't like lip gloss bc it makes my lips feel numb… don't ask me why i have no clue 5 years ago  
well to be honest Hitler would have been a damn good leader if it wasn't for all the murdering he did... 5 years ago +1
IRELAND!!! :3 I'm Irish… I've always wanted to visit Ireland... 5 years ago  
they are both snobby rich kid brands… 5 years ago +1
the funny thing is everyone wears Holister too... 5 years ago  
i wouldn't say fun… id probably sh*t myself 5 years ago +2
crap i thought about commenting that then i saw your comment…. well played well played 5 years ago  
i lose on this one because my boyfriend is my best friend too 5 years ago  
i almost picked B because that steak looks yummy 5 years ago +1
um i don't want any really but i know i will end up having at least one…. 5 years ago  
suck the penis that i don't have… and btw i see you >:D 5 years ago  
well we should go back and kill the person who denied him 5 years ago  
what if I'm a geeky nerd 5 years ago  
um i would never remember anything 5 years ago  
wow what an asshole comment 5 years ago  
im 4'11" lol so short people rule! 5 years ago  
um being on a vegan diet means less animal deaths which means the co2 would not be reduced 5 years ago  
Eric would probably do some freaky sh*t to you and defiantly try to have sex with you too 5 years ago  
shaving doesn't help people with that disease 5 years ago  
i plan on adopting a hefty amount of children but id like to have one of my own too… 5 years ago  
no America is doomed bc of people like you and i mean religious people too… if people stopped judging and fighting over religion and sh*t then maybe things would get better so don't go blaming one religion just because of the assholes in it bc atheists have asshole too…. and I'm assuming by your comment your one of them 5 years ago  
what does that have to do with celebrating halloween the wrong way? Halloween was not meant to be celebrated with candy and dress up parties…. it was meant for satanic worship and other things as such so therefore it doesn't matter that your a Christian if your not being asked to do satanic worship… your the type of christian i cannot stand… the kind that automatically find stuff wrong without knowledge…. and I'm christian too btw…. 5 years ago  
already am an i picked the wrong one 5 years ago  
I've got six of them but i still like to be in charge 5 years ago  
i already am 5 years ago  
i used to watch south park but omg i just can't anymore its way too raunchy and messed up…. 5 years ago  
your comment confuses me… it says heaven… please explain 5 years ago  
who tattoos a camel on their big toe? 5 years ago +1
i hate getting massages bc i don't like people touching me 5 years ago  
maybe not all the attention in the world… but defiantly with my loved ones 5 years ago  
because money can buy a wave runner ~Daniel Tosh 5 years ago  
your not gonna get caught therefore no one misses the money so no one cared in the first place 5 years ago  
From what I've been told by French people is they hate americans and always screw with their food and make fun of them all the time and the american tourists never know… what assholes… I'm not saying all french people are like that either 5 years ago  
we are studying china right now and oh their country is so beautiful once you get away from the heavily populated areas! 5 years ago  
thats not what this question is about... 5 years ago  
XD 5 years ago  
wait no! i don't wanna live forever 5 years ago  
well I'm not a lesbian and I'm not married so boom i will and no I'm not a homophobe but id rather have a straight son if at all possible but if i end up having a gay son id accept him for him 5 years ago  
I'm irish too… and American girls just act retarded and just ugh when the drink and it doesn't take a lot for them to stop acting up…. 5 years ago  
i dont wanna be able to hear my parents getting it on in there room at night….. 5 years ago  
forgot about that lol good point 5 years ago  
math 5 years ago  
i really don't think either place has value… none of McDonalds food had value… its all gross and bad for you… i don't really trust subway either 5 years ago  
only if i was the one kicking ;D 5 years ago +1
have you ever heard of all the plane crashes that have happened too? plus the titanic was doomed bc it was to large to move out of the way of the ice berg… so if it wasn't as big then it probably wouldn't have sunk… and not to mention if it had enough life boats less people would have died 5 years ago  
i chose the buffet, I'm american, but i don't eat alot… I just hate waiting ten hours to get my food… id much rather fix my own perfect plate then wait on something i basically had to go with 5 years ago  
not every part of earth… what about the deepest parts of the ocean and all the caves and taverns that have not been explored or discovered 5 years ago  
well i already have book smarts so i suppose i could learn so street smarts 5 years ago  
mmm breast milk cheese 5 years ago  
77 now 5 years ago  
even if kids wear uniforms its not gonna change bullying… kids are still gonna make fun of each other…. i would know I've been to a uniform school… but dress code should be enforced strictly… so that girls don't come to school looking like sluts… 5 years ago +2
now that i think about… drinking age doesn't change anything…. if someone wants to drink they are gonna do it no matter what the law says 5 years ago +3
i dont need sports or Texas to make me happy 5 years ago  
Ha! Don't bring up wives man! What are you doing? You got hitched to the female version of Patrick Ewing! 5 years ago  
seeing how you use the internet... yes you should be but if you aren't i shall tell you what wikipedia is..... its basically like an online encyclopedia... it has information on just about everyone famous and infamous and has information on everything else 5 years ago  
skip 5 years ago +1
atleast id be a somebody to my family 5 years ago  
i only spell colour like that when i feel like it 5 years ago  
are you being serious? 5 years ago +1
i know this sounds creepy to some people but House… nuff said… i find brains sexy even if he is an asshole he has a good reason 5 years ago  
i tear up… i cried when i watched a walk to remember 5 years ago  
both… i mean around friends I'm 2 but around people I'm more 1 but then like i end up not caring and I'm 2 again 5 years ago  
i wish i could my hair grows so slow and my nails grow so fast 5 years ago +2
miley is just…. ew 5 years ago +1
me 5 years ago  
he looks like a gay guy 5 years ago  
omg ow….2 is terrible 5 years ago  
Browning BL22 .22 rifle, and a .38 caliber revolver brunoc, boster930, scarf a wood cabin 5 years ago  
well me and my best friend (we were really young… like 10) and we decided to go skinny dipping in the pool and our parents came out side and literally chased us around the house with cameras…. 5 years ago  
damn i read the question wrong…. Celts would defiantly win 5 years ago  
Love it very good anime 5 years ago  
thats messed up 5 years ago +1
hopefully bad 5 years ago  
gross bro 5 years ago  
never seen it so imma watch it sometime 5 years ago  
I'm already good at both I've been told but if i could be even better at something it would be writing 5 years ago  
actually courage the cowardly dog kinda used to scare me and it scares my little sister now lol 5 years ago +2
you'd have a better chance at life if you public school it bc you would expect dicktards if you where homeschool and alot of homeschooled kids that go to public school get bullied alot 5 years ago +1
XD it would be hilarious to watch him yell at my siblings 5 years ago  
everyone already says i do 5 years ago  
why not just take the 300+ video games and sell them and (hopeful you end up getting enough to buy the jet and enough money left over to be able to take about 1000 flights…. (assuming that when it said + that you get have that many video games….) more difficult? yes i agree but better outcome to those who want the jet bc a jet without fuel is useless 5 years ago  
BOOM! 5 years ago  
because thats not how hitler said it in EBR 5 years ago  
you need to wash up dog, here step in my shower ~Hitler A little Carbonite bath for your goose stepping A$$ ~Darth Vader 5 years ago +1
Whatever that 40% thing got you real mad? What did it remind you how many decent parents you had? 5 years ago  
imma have to rematch this one to accurately vote lol so funny 5 years ago  
not like…. love 5 years ago  
if you haven't seen them then skip them…. you act like this website is your life… build yourself a bridge and get over it 5 years ago  
Cause I’m mint, I’m money! I’m an educated gentleman so join or die Bill cause it’s all about the Benjamin 5 years ago  
they just don't understand the "EBR" 5 years ago  
Easter Bunny was hilarious 5 years ago  
not really if your an Epic Rap Battles of history fan on Youtube 5 years ago  
there are 10 million million million million million million million million million million million particles in the universe that we can observe. Your momma took the ugly ones and put them into one nerd. ~Stephen Hawking 5 years ago +1
never heard of them 5 years ago  
i suck at cooking but I'm pretty decent at baking 5 years ago  
knowing a lot and having a high IQ sucks… i mean its useful but it kinda sucks too and no I'm not saying I'm a super smart person like Stephen Hawking but I've been told I'm very intelligent to an extent 5 years ago  
I'm already the oldest of 7 kids I'm good 5 years ago  
he allows evil for a reason… because you'd never see good if there was no evil… he is all powerful but a big rule on earth is freewill basically so you do whatever and he doesn't control what you do so thats why there are so many different religions and types of people and evil people and very good people 5 years ago +1
hehe didnt say no flute players… (Dane Cook reference) 5 years ago  
looks cool 5 years ago +1
well I would have to say both are true neither is more true than the other because both are very important without one then the other wouldn't survive and the whole human race would be gone so, fellas and ladies think before you comment 5 years ago +1
actually I don't even like Texas at all and I don't like sports anyways 5 years ago  
yea they can lie eegit... im not stupid and if they are psychopaths im pretty sure any idiot could tell and we wouldn't have to use a polygraph.... and yes I agree people should be able to protect themselves but taking away guns is a bad idea (only because of a home country invasion) 5 years ago  
no one cares 5 years ago +1
that was the point of what i was saying and yea its called asking them questions about why they are wanting a gun and then if they lie about how they are gonna use it then they dont get the gun.... 5 years ago  
well thats how society is going and its kinda hard to detect a joke over the internet when it is disguised 5 years ago  
well see you have to take a gun safety class before you get a license to carry one…. so option A is pointless i think their should be a really difficult test or maybe a lie detecting test done on a person before they can get a license….. and anyone caught having a gun without a license needs to have the law fully enforced on them…. but taking guns out of the equation is dumb and will put many normal people at an even higher risk…. 5 years ago  
how about shove it… if someone breaks into your house then you have more of a chance of killing them even if they have a gun too… but if their are no guns there are always other methods of murder so then you really would be sh*t out of luck…. 5 years ago  
third person anything anymore except Assassins Creed, Saints Row and GTA, get on my nerves 5 years ago  
man if i wasn't a woman i would want to be an army ranger but i cannot and that pisses me off 5 years ago  
who chose the other one?? omg why? 5 years ago  
no because the question only says have everything cost half but i do see where you are coming from 5 years ago  
we don't have any sadly all we have is starbucks… and i wanna own my own coffee shop :3 5 years ago  
as long as i don't look like yoda i will be fine 5 years ago  
i wish i could get peace and quite sometimes but no everyone wants to be loud assholes 5 years ago  
oh boy another Supernatural fan :D your amazing! lol 5 years ago +1
Nirvana 5 years ago  
oh well if it was like that then i totally agree with you… 5 years ago  
I've always though this…. bow and arrows are my thing! 5 years ago +1
im not a homophobe…. i have gay friends that i hang out with all the time i just find Queen a little annoying but i never said that they were not a good band… so thanks for being such a judgmental person just because i stated my opinion... 5 years ago  
thats what is said 5 years ago  
its not like most people even celebrate christmas of r what it really it (Jesus' Birthday) either way there should be alcohol at both parties 5 years ago  
reminds me of Family Guy's version of Jaws 5 years ago +1
it kinda pisses me off though 5 years ago +3
it would be a funny death… "Hey how did she die?" "Um she got the sh*t kicked out of her by a ton of midgets…" 5 years ago +1
i like your thinking 5 years ago  
XD i love swings 5 years ago +1
but i liked The Black Cauldron… 5 years ago  
I'm ashamed of the voting on the question… all of you people suck big time 5 years ago +1
actually id rather be superwoman 5 years ago +4
who cares 5 years ago  
flar gun: only if you have to kill a wendigo (Supernatural reference) 5 years ago  
i dont do this but a the though of this came into my mind… hand jobs would be funny XD 5 years ago  
actually if i was rich id use my money for good instead of being a selfish prick 5 years ago +2
XD its is if you take one and then look at it…. like whores who take multiple selfies a day 5 years ago  
wtf? 5 years ago +1
the water is so pretty 5 years ago +1
i dont wanna be part of either bc they are both judgmental haters…. 5 years ago  
actually kkk hated gays too 5 years ago  
half and half 5 years ago  
mine was "Shit." 5 years ago  
i already take hot showers 5 years ago  
fudge i forgot green 5 years ago +1
i know i wouldn't be able to hurt the rapist bc I'm weak when it comes to fighting but i still change my vote bc i think he'd get sick of sex after the first day but idk I'm not a rapist so idk how they think 5 years ago  
but what if i miss 5 years ago  
i think any board game is shorter than monoply 5 years ago  
fail 5 years ago  
sorry but its true and america isn't retarded even though it might seem like it… i really hate all the nuclear bombing though 5 years ago  
idk i change my vote to video games lol 5 years ago  
um some guys would rather have a chick with brains too… you must be a dumb blonde with huge fake tits…. 5 years ago  
o_o 5 years ago  
point taken 5 years ago  
load a revoler with one bullet and spin it so you dont know which hole the bullet is in and then aim the gun and shoot and you have a chance of dying so yeeaa 5 years ago  
i change my vote bc people would only feel obligated to go 5 years ago  
this question contradicts itself big time 5 years ago  
wow haha i didnt even see your comment when i did mine XD 5 years ago  
Jensen Ackles 5 years ago  
i had to reread the question to make sure i was reading it right. 5 years ago  
my boyfriend whom i barely ever get to see 5 years ago  
well alot of sluts dont have real friends anyways 5 years ago +1
what does religion have to do with this question anyways?? 5 years ago  
you body rots in the ground but your soul leaves the earth vessle and lives on... but dont freak out or get mad at me or anything 5 years ago  
both 5 years ago  
no one said it did.... true love is better than any amount of money anyways 5 years ago  
no no its call trying new things and expirementing until its better 5 years ago  
actually id love to meet my irish ancestors and then id travel to italy and join the assassins brother hood and freerun on the 5 years ago  
both 5 years ago  
i wouldnt say fun... 5 years ago  
Dr.Philgud XD 5 years ago +2
not a big queen fan 5 years ago  
COD winner 24/7 even though i almost am....haha 5 years ago  
i just hope i wouldnt know that they didnt love me ' 5 years ago +1
no brainer! Han is my favorite starwars character 5 years ago  
closer 5 years ago  
well cheese could kill me so easy option 5 years ago +2
skip 5 years ago  
im a girl so id rather not see my dads dick... but i really dont wanna see my moms vagina either.... 5 years ago  
yea you totally win this one 5 years ago  
um well if you wanna get technically if you go back in time it is another dimension bc its not the one you where in before 5 years ago  
B sounds kinda evil and definaly not honorable or right 5 years ago +3
i need a both button bc i actually like both of these songs 5 years ago  
i already have lactose intolerance.... it sucks but if you take meds its not bad 5 years ago +1
like Peter Griffins dad 5 years ago  
the snow would be usless basically 5 years ago  
you could always find a cactus or dig for moister like the animals that live in the deserts do... you have more of a chance of dying in the tundra bc of how cold it gets... and when you are standed in a cold area like that you dont eat snow because it lowers your body temprature and can kill you so the logical chocie here is the desert 5 years ago  
i love subs.... and wendies kinda sucks except the shakes and fries 5 years ago  
the other one just looks like lasagna.... 5 years ago +1
im sorry i feel like Yoda wins everytime 5 years ago +2
i love avocado! 5 years ago  
i feel like my life has been used for good and that ive impacted people lives so it would be really messed up to rather have never been born... what if your existance made someone decided not to kill themselves because you where there for them.... 5 years ago  
my favorite movie he was in was the Demolition Man 5 years ago  
i would say no nicely though kinda like this, " No sweetie why dont you keep it :)." 5 years ago +6
he was probably being a jerk 5 years ago  
well mine does have all of these: Funny, can always make me happy, romantic, gamer (yea thats a personality type thing), very caring... and more but thats top 5 5 years ago  
im not Japanese and i know how its pronounced.... come one people 5 years ago +1
idk 5 years ago  
whats the point of stabbing it then? 5 years ago  
no like walking or running or anying like those examples... 5 years ago  
good point but it still will never be liquor lol 5 years ago  
i dont mean it has too but why shouldnt it? i believe it has a sorce whether is godly or scientific... its just that no one knows about it and i believe no one will... humans cannot know everthing its impossible.... 5 years ago  
i wonder if when the people that played these characters in had sex, that they said these slogans 5 years ago  
well if he didn't so drugs to do it…. 5 years ago +1
when i read it for some reason thats what i called it 5 years ago +1
i agree not too far off… i wish that i could have chose the other one 5 years ago  
im not saying that he always tells the truth but he has a thing for getting into things that he just needs to back out of… 5 years ago  
i see nothing wrong with south korea… but i won't jump to conclusions 5 years ago  
True North Korea is Do WHAT I SAY OR DIE….. thats the only reason why it seems more peaceful or did you get paid to say that? 5 years ago  
They put on a show when people from out of country visit…. its dull boring and you get told what to do or you die no thanks North Korea 5 years ago  
i wanna live in Ireland 5 years ago +1
but the first one sounds so sarcastic and rude 5 years ago  
damn damn damn damn i mis read the picture quotes…. it should be illegal bc its wrong and the animals don't deserve that sh*t 5 years ago  
mine already does i guess bc my mom is always like, "Are you okay?" "Whats wrong?" "Are you sure your okay?" its so annoying 5 years ago  
O_O im glad i don't know you lol 5 years ago  
all the way… probably my favorite character 5 years ago  
misclicked 5 years ago  
luke was just stupid… and i laughed at him the whole time but i do enjoy star wars…. i also felt bad that he had made out with his sister XD 5 years ago  
Beer is not liquor 5 years ago  
I like my Whiskey… 5 years ago  
um anyone is better than Bieber but just no to both 5 years ago  
cats are not lazy if you get an athletic breed 5 years ago  
i am the batman… well um the bat girl…. 5 years ago +1
obsession much…. 5 years ago  
Avengers FTW 5 years ago +1
it would suck but its less deaths and i feel like who ever i killed would understand 5 years ago  
if they are strangers then you have never heard of them and you know nothing about them so you lose 5 years ago  
R. Kelly is crazy XD 5 years ago  
thats basically how it already is lol 5 years ago  
i laughed when i saw obamas face 5 years ago  
poopcorn 5 years ago +1
doesn't matter had sex... 5 years ago +3
okay now this might be the hardest question on here 5 years ago  
well the oldest sibling i have is 8 so id only be okay with answering this if he was at least 19 or 20 XD (they are all younger than me) 5 years ago  
looks so beautiful 5 years ago  
thats my background so imma go with it 5 years ago  
i love shrek but Rasputin was the better villain 5 years ago  
i can't remember the last time i actually saw that movie XD 5 years ago  
well at least I'm not a pedofile…. 5 years ago  
Ahhh Game Cube… ya bring back memories 5 years ago +1
sounds like a male strip joint XD 5 years ago +1
seems more edible to me… the name blood sausage just doesn't sound good... 5 years ago +1
only for a loyal friend 5 years ago  
by far hardest question… i only chose white bc its technically no colors at all… bc it reflects all colors 5 years ago +2
his teeth scare me... 5 years ago  
reminds me of Besvis and Butthead 5 years ago +1
almost everything you eat has salt in it 5 years ago +1
that reply was dumb… where the hell did everthing come from? oh right you have know clue… dont say my comment means nothing bc it means quite a lot… so you basically saying that space was just there with everything in it bc there was just matter there… it was just there… i mean just there to be there.. no cause…. at all… 5 years ago  
Secret Society Girl: An Ivy League novel ( sounds girly but its really not) 5 years ago  
7 people 5 years ago  
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare…. too bad i don't have an Xbox One 5 years ago  
assuming you have not read the bible… it says when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt to the promise land…. God helped him part the Red Sea and when the egyptians went across he released the water on them… people have discovered the golden coverings of the chariot wheels at the bottom of the red sea… explain to me how this could not be any proof at all…. not even a small sliver… its not a lot but thats whats been found 5 years ago 5 years ago  
well if you wanna get specific then, where did the matter come from in the first place? Riddle me that batman….. and on most things the bible is a pretty credible source but i don't go around saying sh*t like that and no i don't expect anyone to agree with me at all 5 years ago  
voice type too…. 5 years ago  
wow… people are legit assholes 5 years ago +1
i have never played it before 5 years ago  
no offense but i totally love your spelling….. 5 years ago +1
i did that not that long ago XD 5 years ago  
doesn't that kinda go hand in hand? 5 years ago  
wtf good lord why should anyone wanna drink their moms period blood?? 5 years ago  
actually i change my vote 5 years ago  
never said you had to have sex with them 5 years ago  
been there done that… old people suck 5 years ago  
um look at Bill Gates and Steve Jobs…. smartest and richest 5 years ago  
Gosh no…. more young boys would get raped you sicko 5 years ago  
he made computers possible… and its funny because without Microsoft apple would not have been able to come up with their ideas…. they where based off of computers btw… 5 years ago  
i guess you must be blonde too bc you misspelled person…. 5 years ago  
i am a straight girl and i chose the boobs 5 years ago  
um… so like 25 vs 5? 5 years ago  
leprechaun!!!! 5 years ago  
but its says you get aids… not he has aids 5 years ago  
you'd die either way 5 years ago +1
neither 5 years ago +1
your parents were in jail because sit was illegal….. its much safer than alcohol and cigarets or anyother drug for that matter 5 years ago  
either way your gonna get probed 5 years ago +1
i just don't wanna live near the French people bc most despise Americans and most think they are better than everyone else… i have spoken with many French people and the one i spoke to were assholes 5 years ago  
they are actually slowly getting rights over there but id rather be a black man in the souther us in the 1800 now because at least there aren't terrorists that blow sh*t up all the time 5 years ago  
Im a Christian and i chose Gay Marriage to be Legal… because I'm not God and its not my place to judge…. I believe people should be free to do what they want to be happy 5 years ago  
what if when it grows back… that is grows back bushy 5 years ago  
hrm i believe evolution is real but not that we came from monkeys... 5 years ago  
this question is just wrong 5 years ago  
i would only be 2 and a half feet tall 5 years ago  
the funny thing is.. someone said there is no concrete evidence that God exists but guess what the same is for the Big Bang THEORY…. if i could underline theory then id be happy…. its theory people both should be considered without concrete evidence… its funny because there is actually more evidence for God than the Big Bang Theory…. infact in the Bible it basically says the Big Bang Theory happened…. that could be how God formed the earth get your facts straight…. don't hate I'm just stating the truth 5 years ago  
I am religious but I'm not miserable or not living my life to the fullest…. I'm very happy and blessed… i love my life and even if something goes wrong its fine because i believe that not only will God help me through my struggles but that everything happens for a reason… and I'm sure that this sounds like bull to most people but you don't know me or how i work so before you judge me and call me out because I'm stating my opinion just remember this i haven called out anybody else for what they believe or judge people because I'm Christian… i embraces the differences that people have… although i don't promote other things that are not of God i don't shove my religion down anyones throat or try to change them or persecute them because its "not of the Bible"…. just do your thing and be yourself… thats just how i feel…. 5 years ago +4
oh yea because i have no clue what I'm talking about….. i have no experience under my belt and no knowledge of what I'm talking about… none at all…. yea cool have a nice life… i suppose we will find out what really happens when the time comes… i mean its not like the Bible didn't already predict such a thing but when it all comes down to it i pray your right and I'm wrong bc it kinda scares me to think about stuff like that so have a nice fulfilling life… btw i like your would you rather questions…. 5 years ago  
im not sure why i voted for rebecca black.. i think i dodnt read the question XD 5 years ago  
then think about what you'd rather have? 5 years ago  
i was gonna say can't be with a mermaid in a sexual way but then i realized that the other option was a unicorn and was like well I'm not gonna screw a unicorn… plus i can't XD imma girl 5 years ago  
i could understand the kill yourself option if it said, "Play World of Warcraft for the rest of your life…" come on you could play it of half a second and not ever touch it again… it beats committing suicide over a game... 5 years ago  
did you ever think that some girls might like to see themselves have larger breasts? Its not all about guys you know... 5 years ago  
really? I had no clue…. why the heck would i say something about it if it was a good thing… your beginning to sound like a dumbs i wasn't gonna get rude but I'm not sure why u said that last comment… btw if you don't believe me research more about Martial Law… its a real thing…. so it can happen and its not a good thing either it basically submits all control to the president and turns into a dictatorship 5 years ago  
what made the stars and the universe? What made it possible for the big bang to happen? I believe the BigBang happened but only because of God… thats how he created the earth…. but i have one more question….. who created God???? 5 years ago  
not really because its actually possible for that to happen unlike Y2K… well more likely and there isn't even a date places… its way more possible for… especially the downfall of the American Economy... 5 years ago  
i can't get a girl prego bc i don't have a penis 5 years ago  
well my best friend is my boyfriend and his crush is me o_o so do i have to look in a mirror or something? 5 years ago  
i would rather not have the love of my life die 5 years ago  
well i chose this bc guys are wusses now days and are afraid to ask 5 years ago  
why would you chose jb tho 5 years ago 5 years ago  
actually they can't because half my family (not immediate) cannot and will not have health care because of the fact that it is extremely expensive. I realize that it takes more than two terms but its not getting better its getting worse i mean Obama passed a law that that is going to start regulating how we spend out money (which might sound good at first) but its gonna jumpstart the imitate downfall of the economy… imagine worse than the great depression….. after that Its is said that Martial Law might go into effect… yea thats sounds awesome to me why? 5 years ago  
nice play on words :3 lol 5 years ago  
i really dont give fuq.. and universal health care that no one can afford... hrmm not really... if it was free or atleas cheaper than 10,000 dollars as a down payment then sure it would be awesome but he is driving our economy down into the dirt... i realize that bush did start it but Obama said he was gonna fix it and he is only making it worse 5 years ago  
both… i would know bc I'm a female 5 years ago  
she is really digging in there aint she 5 years ago +3
already can 5 years ago  
hairspray was funny 5 years ago +1
there is no possible way my dad would drown 5 years ago  
the katana did it for me 5 years ago  
so cool i want it now 5 years ago  
tennis is kinda boring 5 years ago  
it would prove my point that aliens do in fact exist 5 years ago  
they have porn on there XD 5 years ago  
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