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    guess what? Antarctica is a desert, just in case the other comments below didn't make it clear enough.  
    it actually is just a name… its not like you have to worship him or something… plus i love chocolate  
    i want to adopt an African child… js  
    i don't even have a cellphone that works so I'm good  
    you might get kidnapped by human traffickers in Europe  
    i read it wrong lol +1
    im bangin a jedi  
    um that just mean batman is badass and superman has life handed to him… if you have to have powers to be a superhero you should kill yourself because batman proves you can be a badass superhero without powers….  
    why is this even up for debate?  
    to all the young people that try to act like they wouldn't drink or never have…. F*** you you lying ass pussies… Nuff said  
    Brain overload  
    wow such harsh words over a gaming console… lets just be f*** buddies you guys?  
    i love Sonic though  
    id say the complete opposed because CN had way better tv shows when i was younger  
    He is standing on a penis  
    I feel like Megan might eat me alive  
    to not have to listen to the crap these idiots say these days would be nice lol and i play video games so i need my eyes  
    he is mine as well…  
    why would one feel the need to compare such awesomeness to something that cannot compare  
    i guess you and all the people that liked this comment are gay.. I'm sorry but they both are hot and Britney isn't even that messed up anymore from what I've heard… but I'm pretty sure this question isn't about sex so i suppose you perceived it wrong  
    horny children…smh  
    spiderman wears the equivalent to that but its just a whole body suit  
    MIcheal Jackson touched you in your sleep  
    well work for me is at home doing art so i win  
    um remove the clothes… duh  
    nope i randomly chose the fat one because i liked his hair and stash...  
    at least i would know  
    well crap i just realized i could change what i had for breakfast and it most likely wouldn't matter…. lol  
    Ive made mistakes but if i changed anything i might not have what i have now  
    im not selfish and i love my boyfriend to death and i wouldn't want him and his family to suffer like that… f*****g sucks either way…. its like basically saying he is gonna die or your gonna wish he is dead...  
    wtf would i date someone who is sleazy.. but then again the other person has no sense of humor  
    they are really making me choose?  
    only after i beat it… or get bored with it….  
    Why can't you legally drink when you turn into an adult? Your an adult at eighteen so its basically taking an adults rights away… and i do realize that there are really stupid immature people but those people most of the time never grow up so whats the point….  
    its funny i went to a school the wore uniforms but the children still made fun of eachother  
    143 people now  
    my spelling? i was just pointing out the way the maker spelled lobster  
    The Fault in Our Stars….  
    I'm sorry but i kinda would like to learn something  
    definitely wouldn't want a male gynecologist… lol  
    f**k this question  
    501… hehe  
    good point  
    i could do whatever i wanted… >:3  
    its not about being disabled or able for me i just think being that smart is a curse  
    i think every part of the world is filled with pollution and more than half of americans are obese  
    im not for it but I'm not against it either...  
    murder them...  
    or the scariest nightmare ever  
    i already can't I'm a vampire  
    id want marijuana legal  
    tastes the same to me...  
    I've been to one so your point is invalid  
    i beat my meat.. until its nice and tender :3  
    how is this not about religion?  
    i bet MJ molested JB  
    well think about what now would be like if you killed him and the holocaust never happened…..  
    big dogs are way smarter  
    amen brother  
    everyone has 100% chance of dying you morons  
    if i was younger and imagining myself right now id be one f****d up kid lol  
    Yoda I Talk Like  
    this is a trick question…. bc you wouldn't have a play button or a fast forward button…. mind f****ed  
    love your spelling eegit  
    being smart is a f******* curse  
    I can do whatever I'm white….  
    batman would f*** superman up  
    suck the penis that i don't have… and btw i see you >:D  
    well we should go back and kill the person who denied him  
    what if I'm a geeky nerd  
    um i would never remember anything  
    wow what an asshole comment  
    im 4'11" lol so short people rule!  
    um being on a vegan diet means less animal deaths which means the co2 would not be reduced  
    Eric would probably do some freaky sh*t to you and defiantly try to have sex with you too  
    shaving doesn't help people with that disease  
    i plan on adopting a hefty amount of children but id like to have one of my own too…  
    no America is doomed bc of people like you and i mean religious people too… if people stopped judging and fighting over religion and sh*t then maybe things would get better so don't go blaming one religion just because of the assholes in it bc atheists have asshole too…. and I'm assuming by your comment your one of them  
    what does that have to do with celebrating halloween the wrong way? Halloween was not meant to be celebrated with candy and dress up parties…. it was meant for satanic worship and other things as such so therefore it doesn't matter that your a Christian if your not being asked to do satanic worship… your the type of christian i cannot stand… the kind that automatically find stuff wrong without knowledge…. and I'm christian too btw….  
    already am an i picked the wrong one  
    I've got six of them but i still like to be in charge  
    i already am  
    i used to watch south park but omg i just can't anymore its way too raunchy and messed up….  
    who tattoos a camel on their big toe? +1
    i hate getting massages bc i don't like people touching me  
    maybe not all the attention in the world… but defiantly with my loved ones  
    because money can buy a wave runner ~Daniel Tosh  
    your not gonna get caught therefore no one misses the money so no one cared in the first place  
    From what I've been told by French people is they hate americans and always screw with their food and make fun of them all the time and the american tourists never know… what assholes… I'm not saying all french people are like that either  
    we are studying china right now and oh their country is so beautiful once you get away from the heavily populated areas!  
    thats not what this question is about...  
    wait no! i don't wanna live forever  
    well I'm not a lesbian and I'm not married so boom i will and no I'm not a homophobe but id rather have a straight son if at all possible but if i end up having a gay son id accept him for him  
    I'm irish too… and American girls just act retarded and just ugh when the drink and it doesn't take a lot for them to stop acting up….  
    i dont wanna be able to hear my parents getting it on in there room at night…..  
    forgot about that lol good point  
    i really don't think either place has value… none of McDonalds food had value… its all gross and bad for you… i don't really trust subway either  
    only if i was the one kicking ;D +1
    have you ever heard of all the plane crashes that have happened too? plus the titanic was doomed bc it was to large to move out of the way of the ice berg… so if it wasn't as big then it probably wouldn't have sunk… and not to mention if it had enough life boats less people would have died  
    i chose the buffet, I'm american, but i don't eat alot… I just hate waiting ten hours to get my food… id much rather fix my own perfect plate then wait on something i basically had to go with  
    not every part of earth… what about the deepest parts of the ocean and all the caves and taverns that have not been explored or discovered  
    well i already have book smarts so i suppose i could learn so street smarts  
    mmm breast milk cheese  
    77 now  
    even if kids wear uniforms its not gonna change bullying… kids are still gonna make fun of each other…. i would know I've been to a uniform school… but dress code should be enforced strictly… so that girls don't come to school looking like sluts… +2
    now that i think about… drinking age doesn't change anything…. if someone wants to drink they are gonna do it no matter what the law says +3
    i like your thinking  
    point taken  
    load a revoler with one bullet and spin it so you dont know which hole the bullet is in and then aim the gun and shoot and you have a chance of dying so yeeaa  
    i change my vote bc people would only feel obligated to go  
    this question contradicts itself big time  
    wow haha i didnt even see your comment when i did mine XD  
    Jensen Ackles  
    i had to reread the question to make sure i was reading it right.  
    my boyfriend whom i barely ever get to see  
    what does religion have to do with this question anyways??  
    you body rots in the ground but your soul leaves the earth vessle and lives on... but dont freak out or get mad at me or anything  
    no one said it did.... true love is better than any amount of money anyways  
    no no its call trying new things and expirementing until its better  
    actually id love to meet my irish ancestors and then id travel to italy and join the assassins brother hood and freerun on the  
    i wonder if when the people that played these characters in had sex, that they said these slogans  
    wtf good lord why should anyone wanna drink their moms period blood??  
    actually i change my vote  
    been there done that… old people suck  
    um look at Bill Gates and Steve Jobs…. smartest and richest  
    he made computers possible… and its funny because without Microsoft apple would not have been able to come up with their ideas…. they where based off of computers btw…  
    um… so like 25 vs 5?  
    your parents were in jail because sit was illegal….. its much safer than alcohol and cigarets or anyother drug for that matter  
    either way your gonna get probed +1
    i just don't wanna live near the French people bc most despise Americans and most think they are better than everyone else… i have spoken with many French people and the one i spoke to were assholes  
    they are actually slowly getting rights over there but id rather be a black man in the souther us in the 1800 now because at least there aren't terrorists that blow sh*t up all the time  
    what if when it grows back… that is grows back bushy  
    hrm i believe evolution is real but not that we came from monkeys...  
    this question is just wrong  
    i would only be 2 and a half feet tall  
    the funny thing is.. someone said there is no concrete evidence that God exists but guess what the same is for the Big Bang THEORY…. if i could underline theory then id be happy…. its theory people both should be considered without concrete evidence… its funny because there is actually more evidence for God than the Big Bang Theory…. infact in the Bible it basically says the Big Bang Theory happened…. that could be how God formed the earth get your facts straight…. don't hate I'm just stating the truth  
    im not sure why i voted for rebecca black.. i think i dodnt read the question XD  
    i was gonna say can't be with a mermaid in a sexual way but then i realized that the other option was a unicorn and was like well I'm not gonna screw a unicorn… plus i can't XD imma girl  
    what made the stars and the universe? What made it possible for the big bang to happen? I believe the BigBang happened but only because of God… thats how he created the earth…. but i have one more question….. who created God????  
    i can't get a girl prego bc i don't have a penis  
    well my best friend is my boyfriend and his crush is me o_o so do i have to look in a mirror or something?  
    i would rather not have the love of my life die  
    well i chose this bc guys are wusses now days and are afraid to ask  
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