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Ah sorry I thought you were saying you chose him because of Freaks and Geeks my mistake. 5 years ago  
They both were on it though. 5 years ago +1
I have a very unhealthy obsession of this already but no one can stop me. HAHAHAHA... sorry too much Batman. 5 years ago +1
Is it made of Led? Yeah that was bad but it had to be done. 5 years ago  
In my view part of the reason to be successful is to help your family, even if they do stupid stuff with it. 5 years ago +2
Because the case where psychologist first noticed it was after a hostage crisis in Sweden. 5 years ago  
I would not really respect them anymore depending on what they are saying about my friend. 5 years ago  
Mila does not like Star Wars very disappointing 5 years ago  
I admit I expected it to be more even. I need to think of harder questions. 5 years ago  
Have you seen Game of Thrones? I am basically asking would you rather be an ambitious person out for yourself or rather staying where you are in life. 5 years ago  
Robert E. Lee won battles when he had fewer men while Napoleon honestly seems like he doesn't care how many of his men die. If they had equal arms and men Europe would be singing Dixie 5 years ago  
America fought Germany twice now we are allied with them. But people still hate each other based on skin. 5 years ago  
Not trying to do a loophole here but if you are willing to go to Hell for someone it seems like you would go to Heaven for your sacrifice. 5 years ago +6
What Tyranid do you think would compare? Thank you for the comment btw 5 years ago  
My child would usurp the throne somehow. I would be so proud. 5 years ago +1
there is no such thing as innocence only degrees of guilt. :) 5 years ago +2

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