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    You can use computers,iPads,iPods and more  
    You display the lightsaber for money and then with that money save an African child.  
    You would be immortal if you could rewind your life because then you could rewind to when your a baby (this would happen when your about to die).  
    Nobody can talk animal so you'd be like little.Also you could learn all foreign languages,you can't just learn animal.  
    A mac lasts longer,it has a bigger screen,a cooler mouse and a cooler keyboard.  
    I live a sweet life so loving twice as long would be super cool.  
    Starbucks is super expensive so you would save about £10000.also,you could stock up on Starbucks coffee.  
    If you were immortal then you would eventually get that much money.  
    I wouldn't like to rule so I wouldn't want to.bonus because then I get a perfect world too!  
    It would be sad if nobody showed up at your funeral because it would mean that they don't care.also when you go on dates it's more romantic with nobody else is there so I would prefer if nobody showed up for my wedding  
    Somebody couldn't work out how the world started so they just made up a story +2
    Some people's jobs are to catch and kill animals so it's not that strange  
    You could keep the toucan as a pet unlike a humpback whale  
    In the day time you can see more of your friends.also it isnt ever sunny at night so you would have to like the cold a lot. He copied it from the movie night and day  
    It is nice to know what colour evrything is in rather then seeing black and white.  
    If you wanted to say something about someone I would rather whisper it then shout it so loud that they can hear it.  
    I know someone who looks at the emails I send him and when I'm at his house shows me that I missed an apostrophe and trust me,it is soooo annoying  
    It's not just you.Also $1,000,000 is a lot so I would want to get that rather than being greedy.  
    You could use mouthwash instead.also I don't wash my hair before I go out  
    It would be fun to be a bodyguard.Also you could get her signature and sell it for money  
    If you were a toothless cow then you wouldn't always have your mouth open  
    Perfume would make you smell nice for the rest of the day.  
    Don't look back at the mistakes that you made  
    If you could tell the future then you could tell when you would die so if you were gonna die in a car crash then you could stop tha from happening  
    If you keep playing a game that you keep losing at then you would get depressed and your wasting your life.cause you'd never win. +1
    Without a computer because you still have things like an iPhone and iPad. Or apple watch(which I'm not so keen on).  
    I have no idea what aids is so I just went for cancer.  
    Duct tape man looks really uncomfortable  
    Gum balls are waaaaaaaaay better.thats a fact.  
    Juicy fruit because it is more fruity.also I haven't tried juicy fruit so I want to be adventurouse  
    The ocean because then you can see lots of beautiful a train crash all you see is Injered people.however in a train crash you die faster.hmmmm.  
    Batman is is spider man but avengers is waaaaaaaaaaay better.  
    I regret voting BMW because a Mercedes-benz is waaaaaaaaay better  
    Reeses are the should also try reeses pieces.they are soooooo good  
    Yay,my vote has the most!32%-68%.thumbs up if you voted movie  
    Coca cola is my favourite fizzy drink.  
    I'm not so keen on people taking photos of me because it might look really wierd.celebrities get that all of the time so I would want fame  
    I always speak lots so I already say evrything that's on my mind.if you didn't speak then people wouldn't know why you aren't and they would get very cross.  
    Being a man would be different.i am not willing to change my gender.  
    Monkey.although its a tough choice  
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