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Hi, I am a person. I do things.

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    what's a movie  
    lods of emone!  
    doesn't mean it's open  
    what son  
    bad driving = punishable by removing car and license +1
    dont hurt me cia  
    skrillex is electronics having seizures  
    deleted before  
    wish how to make lods of emoney  
    a quiet baby  
    i would then correct the word rather in the title  
    if you know what i mean +7
    twilight is emo  
    bella is some emo person  
    i already can do the ipod thing  
    be caught by someone i dont know  
    starbucks is brown pus  
    zombies are vulnerable to heat, cold, will decay fast, and biting is a horrible way to spread disease  
    donate with the money  
    get all the money and people cant do anything about it  
    extend life with money  
    all the annoying people can go explode with money  
    depth perception pal, look into it  
    if god was real we would all be caucasion incest people born from adam and eve  
    fap in private  
    beat the clown s- out of him  
    Carlos Slim Helú, steal his $79.6 billion  
    forget flying a broom stick  
    make history  
    doesn't say how many servings or size +1
    name change  
    i'd wish for a wish that would get me money  
    did jew?  
    more food  
    i can make minecraft with lego  
    add a mohawk  
    some fun is gonna occur  
    melt a car into acid then undisolve it with the cup  
    pink lemon aids aren't good  
    neither they're both ugly  
    techno's my jam  
    sell the food  
    get a gun  
    honk that donka donk  
    she looks chronically depressed  
    "u guys r so dumb.. ur hair" sure we are...  
    oh so sucking on utters has to do with eating flesh? seems legit  
    H̢̺͔̬̠̞̼̦E͖Y̼̜͈̮͔̘ ͈͕̩K̻̗͕͖͍̲̝I̟͍͖̼̳̻ͅD̷̯͈̠͉͍͖ ̷̤̣̯Y҉͉̞̙̤̮̙OU̦̜̘͜ ͕̤̯̩͙̥̕L҉̳O̯͔̟̱͞V͏͙̲̭͔̘I҉̹̜Ǹ'̰͍̫ ͍͉̖̝̙ͅI̳͚̟̫͈͡ͅT͎̯̟̰̮̰́?̬̺̩̥̯̙͙  
    donkeys are better  
    Make an icecream cake.  
    i'd troll  
    wii spor-  
    Do you mean by pudding is shltting and jello by...  
    use it on enemies duh  
    god is fake  
    the big "bang" theory  
    i don't want to fall out of that window  
    nooo wrong one  
    they didn't type that the bottle had anything in it  
    eat the can  
    plastic surgery  
    who's ur?  
    cut it make it a wig and sell it  
    in the future i will get brain and get thing and go back and look history gg :)  
    ill get the gun  
    i can have a jet on the yacht  
    my mouse missed im so unprecise  
    i dont want my booty to hurt:(  
    the guy has a pole thats cheating  
    lambo makes you feel like a shrimp  
    standing up is time consuming  
    sell it $$$  
    already saw frozen, no thanks  
    Despicable to those picking 2  
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