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Battle of the rrrather birds //Round 1// 2/16 BlueEagle or PurplePenguin 3 years ago 84 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Battle of the birds (round 1) RedEagle or BlueFalcon 3 years ago 138 votes 9 comments 0 likes

BlueEagle has posted the following comments: 3 years ago  
I like to throw popcorn at people sitting below me :3 3 years ago +3 3 years ago  
Lava is awesome 3 years ago +1
Maybe 2002 tho because that was when I was born 3 years ago  
Same 3 years ago  
I don't feel like it, maybe later :3 3 years ago  
it is 3 years ago  
All the award shows are starting to suck now. I watch the MTV movie awards and the KCA, they were awful. I'm not taking any chances wasting 2 hours of my life for stupid crap. 3 years ago  
dam it, wrong one :( 3 years ago  
I don't want to comment :) 3 years ago  
Thank you ^-^ 3 years ago  
Can you kill me please? 3 years ago  
I just realized, that if you are A, you get more money 3 years ago  
Ew 3 years ago  
Lol, those must be some weird ass songs then xD 3 years ago  
Both sound lame af 3 years ago  
It can make you stressed 3 years ago  
It's all true's all true @[email protected] 3 years ago  
I already have A, and yes, they are scary. They try to rape a kill you. 3 years ago +2
Lol, it's fine xD 3 years ago  
How did that war turn out btw? I've been off for a few days 3 years ago  
I'm Ordinary_person xD 3 years ago  
No, you know me...Right? 3 years ago  
I always have 3 years ago  
I'll be in the world of awesome 3 years ago  
Yea, the only song I like by them 3 years ago  
I don't watch either show, so how am I supposed to know? 3 years ago +1
I agree 3 years ago +2
Nah, I'm a democrat and I didn't choose B 3 years ago +3
A is too uncomfortable and cold 3 years ago +1
As long as he won't look like that while I'm doing it 3 years ago +1
It's about time 3 years ago  
I already have B 3 years ago +2
Ass 3 years ago  
Sometimes 3 years ago  
RedEagle, and KindaPsycho 4 years ago  
No 4 years ago  
A Testicle 4 years ago  
I've watched people play it 4 years ago  
My favorite song by them 4 years ago  
I like both, but my favorite one is Losing my religion 4 years ago  
They are the anonymous DavidSingle 4 years ago  
Googled blue eagle 4 years ago +1
Ok ;) Nice name btw :p 4 years ago  
The sexiest user 4 years ago +2
Hi bro, I had no idea 4 years ago  
Ordianry_Person 4 years ago  
No 4 years ago 4 years ago  
I do kind of miss RedEagle being the only bird though 4 years ago  
You're PurplePenguin 4 years ago  
I'm a bird, and me a RedEagle are friends, he would never kill me 4 years ago  
10 DAYZ 4 years ago  
Lol 4 years ago  
ALL HAIL DA BIRDS!!! give me 10 days 4 years ago  
IK 4 years ago  
Ew Pink Flamingo, that's gross, eagles are wayyyyyyyy better. I shoul've done purple, a mix of red and blue :0 4 years ago  
Why? 4 years ago  
This is my other pro account 4 years ago  
I'm also Yellow Hawk, GreenAppleEagle, and Ordinary_Person 4 years ago  
I'm BlueEagle 4 years ago +2
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