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    Bros before hoes +1931
    I like all the thumbs ups for this xD +1
    Not when you only know English...  
    Well, you're like 9 so... +5
    That could be fun?  
    I'd give some away but if I had to pick one I'd go for the first. B*tch I'm broke.  
    Greased up deaf guy, Three Blind Mice. DUH +3
    They have everything. O.O +1
    Ha! They both are.  
    That's obviously what they meant...  
    So the only reason you don't do any of those things is because you're afraid you'll go to Hell? DUFAQ?  
    Owls have feathers not fur. I win, I promise.  
    Hate both +2
    I like clowns +1
    Drums are so fun O:  
    The only way it would be unwanted for me is if I couldn't take care of it or if rape/incest was involved. I'd probably just give it for adoption in those cases.  
    Picked the wrong one. I wouldn't be able to understand anyone in Rome.  
    You damn hipsters +4
    WHAT!?!? +2
    Aw ew icky icky nast ew grody gross icky poops nasty  
    Cat food isn't that bad I've tried it. ;D +1
    Sports are boring unless you're playing them. +1
    I use public restrooms all the time. What's the problem? They have seat covers or ya know, just squat. :D  
    Don't have a phone/tablet  
    Just one normal sized piranha? +3
    I hate celebrities.  
    A bathtub filled with fire ants not water and fire ants... +1
    I've done it before. :D  
    I really couldn't say which is better. Or if one IS even better than another. B*TCH I DON'T KNOW. +1
    Alcohol is disgusting +5
    I'm happy being a woman...  
    Get one of those robotic things? xD That doesn't workout as well with arms though. +1
    I don't really care about cars. +4
    It's a joke, learn to take them.  
    Don't wanna get pregnant. +8
    Damn, you got me.  
    NO! Clicking the walrus was a reflex from it's cuteness.  
    I don't even want to live anymore +1
    Either would be good with me  
    Umm, so would you rather die or die? +762
    Adam Sandler, what? +3
    Sleeping is SOOO nice.  
    Hot dogs are gross +2
    I heard drowning is peaceful after awhile...yay...  
    Can keep up with shows online. +3
    I have no AC and Live in Florida. YOU CAN'T sleep in a hot room. xD +5
    They both suck. tbbt is so overrated and corny. +4
    Always eating meat and nothing else would f*ck you up. +1
    My dad wouldn't be harsh on me at all  
    No one said Southern USA.  
    Oh Lord... +4
    Touch screen would be annoying  
    I'm already like that  
    From dirt poor to middle class? If I lived in that nice of a neighborhood I'd be freaking out. +2
    I have already done that before  
    Has more room and I wouldn't be afraid of it getting messed up all the time.  
    Wigs, eye brow pencil, false eyelashes. I'm good.  
    That guys hot  
    I love rain but snow in Florida would be sweet  
    No one said I couldn't cheat on the skull +4
    bros before hoes +3
    I'm not a fan of rape  
    That goat guy is hot +2
    Owls can fly beach! I bet you're all just furries.  
    Minecraft is alright but outside is pretty and smells nice and makes me feel super happy!  
    Why not both? +4
    Damn hoe +2
    That's where Lilo and Stitch live son GIVE DEM HOES A VISIT +1
    I'm terrified of heights and oh the fun I would have being invisible... +3
    I'd jump off like a dumbass.  
    Are you serious? Living forever? Did no one think before answering this? xD +3
    They are allll over my yard +1
    Not a huge Harry Potter fan but Twilight is just corny bullsh*t +3
    Pedophile +1
    Family Guy doesn't make me laugh as much.  
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