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Would you rather Be the best player on a team that never wins or Always sit on the bench for a team that always wins 4 days ago 79 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be really rich with no friends or close family for the rest of your life. or Have many good friends and family but all of you are very poor for the rest of your lives. 4 days ago 62 votes 7 comments 0 likes
You discover that your life, (not this one, a made up one) limited by many rules but completely problem-free, is just a huge dream. If you take this pill, you will wake up into the real world, were there is freedom but also problems. Do you take the pill? Yes, take the pill. or No. I want to continue living the limited and carefree life. 2 weeks ago 70 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Keep the same device forever without replacing or getting a new one (this includes all computers, phones, iPads, etc. or Have this haircut forever 2 weeks ago 75 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be famous when you are alive and forgotten when you die or Be unknown when you are alive but famous after you die? 2 weeks ago 77 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be able to control people with your mind or Be able to control nature with your mind 2 weeks ago 74 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have your own time machine or Have a machine that generates money (endless money) and it’s perfectly legal 2 weeks ago 78 votes 13 comments 0 likes

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It would ruin the purpose of this game so no 4 days ago  
Keywords: *but ugly face* 4 days ago  
BOTH!!! My profile is just my cat! 4 days ago  
Because they are smarter than that. 4 days ago  
Bums have a reason to die while a dog does not have any logical reason. 4 days ago  
Said I was a WEAK male... 4 days ago  
Yes but not Clinton please 4 days ago  
Female! 4 days ago  
I understand how you think I meant women are smarter. When I said that I meant there has not really been anything to suggest men are smarter, nor a definite way to measure intelligence. Thus you cannot say one is smarter than the other. 4 days ago  
Yep! Good to know it’s not just me. 5 days ago  
Is it just me, or are all the girls in any pic related to sports half naked? So sexist.. 5 days ago  
Anything that isn’t checkers 5 days ago  
Here we call it soccer but I like it over American football 5 days ago  
Its true men are stronger (though that doesn’t go for all of them), but smarter definitely not. Intelligence is much more important. I don’t know who decided men are smarter then women. If you belive that, be ashamed. 5 days ago  
Cool, and also it’s Mountain Dew. 5 days ago  
Yet I don’t know how I would obtain that non-existent object 5 days ago  
Without reading the top for some reason I assumed this was asking which was worse... xD 5 days ago  
Just be yourself 5 days ago  
Cuter 5 days ago  
Are you also having the problem where it says an error occurred because that’s why I can’t make questions 5 days ago +1
I think it’s more important. 5 days ago +1
Look at the authors comment are they serious? 5 days ago  
Thanks :) 5 days ago  
Can someone please tell me how to fix the problem of making questions on this site, where it says an error occurred I cannot make anymore questions unfortunately. 5 days ago +2
But sleep at night 6 days ago  
I discover I am a superhuman with many powers, including the power to know everything. 6 days ago  
Happens WAY more often 6 days ago  
Each time I blink happens more often 6 days ago  
Definitely less shame 6 days ago  
At least with a I’m not guaranteed death. 6 days ago  
I would not feel as stupid, plus at least the essay is great. 6 days ago  
The woman needs much food, while she would also slow me down. The baby in her might have a chance of not surviving birth or the woman herself so I’ll choose the child already born with a much better chance of survival. 6 days ago  
Can’t really do that as he’s dead 6 days ago  
Still human, so duh. 6 days ago  
A he could be dead, 6 days ago  
I actually was like ten when I found out what the shift key was for. Before then I did A 1 week ago  
I definitely belive that day exists. 1 week ago  
End cat racism! 1 week ago +1
We will all find out the truth in the end no use debating tirelessly if the other isn’t going to convert. 1 week ago  
The fact that that many people will never see God makes me sad. 1 week ago  
I have never seen snow. 1 week ago  
I’m a girl so it wouldn’t be that bad. 1 week ago  
I draw and erase a lot, usually real things so does that mean I could accidentally make someone dissapear for option b? 1 week ago  
I actually didn’t think about this when I clicked it. 1 week ago  
Actually I change my answer. Wiping out all the bad non-living things can mean that less animals die, bc pollution in the oceans, and global warming would not be a thing. It doesn’t matter as much if some people are killing others as it does that the earth is dying. 1 week ago  
I agree that you need money, but true love isn’t fake. That’s why it’s called true love. 1 week ago  
It’s called investing and saving. You don’t have to spend all your money at once. It could last you a long time, and then you can find true love, which money doesn’t prevent. Why call people idiots when they have an opinion that makes sense? 1 week ago  
But what are the chances you would find $10,000,000? There is a much greater chance of finding true love, since a great portion of the population is married. 1 week ago  
Now it is 1 week ago  
Yea I think i’ll Edit 1 week ago  
I might make a new question with modified rules. 1 week ago  
Nope. You have to keep the haircut. Maybe I should’ve put the same electronic to include iPads and stuff.. 1 week ago  
I love how everyone is saying they are both the same thing. If you guys had either you would know there is a difference. 1 week ago  
I would share it with the world but of course sell it while mass producing more fruit, and make sure the price is affordable for everyone. 1 week ago  
I would see how the world has evolved. 1 week ago  
unfortunately he is president as of right now 2 weeks ago  
Well in the end you are gonna die so you can’t really prevent your death from happening. Nobody lives forever. 2 weeks ago  
That would be a short life. You can get samonella by eating undercooked chicken and other foods. 2 weeks ago  
I play soccer so I’d want to be good at it. 3 weeks ago  
Cats are smart, (I’m not saying dogs aren’t) they are agile (climbing trees and fences), and most are faster, much more capable of hunting for themselves, and longer life spans usually. 3 weeks ago  
Who uses Facebook anymore 3 weeks ago  
I would do a honeycomb tablet just to see what it is 3 weeks ago  
I’m not a hater I have never heard of Linux 3 weeks ago  
I’m actually surprised this isn’t 100% 3 weeks ago  
I’m scared what you had to look up to get these pictures... 3 weeks ago  
It can be very tiny glass 3 weeks ago  
It’s a temple so decorate it :P Since when was putting art on something destroying it? 3 weeks ago  
It’s very possible to be both actually... 3 weeks ago  
You cannot simply ignore slow internet. 3 weeks ago  
I was an innocent child until exposed to the internet world. 3 weeks ago  
I’d rather die and get it over with than suffer for my entire life. 3 weeks ago +2
I’m only 13 I don’t work yet 3 weeks ago  
We would not have those good childhood memories, nor would we have time to learn before people started judging us. If you are a kid people will be less hard on you for making mistakes. 3 weeks ago +1
Apparently John Adams who was a president 3 weeks ago  
INTP 3 weeks ago  
What is this asking 3 weeks ago  
One is painful the other is just gross 3 weeks ago +2
Guest from Connecticut, United States, who people love is none of your business. 3 weeks ago  
I don’t listen to iTunes I would rather eat 3 weeks ago  
Our bodies rot in the ground but our souls go to heaven :D 3 weeks ago  
I would grind up the brick into powder and eat it that way 4 weeks ago  
Dogs and cats are equal. I’d gladly kill the creator of this question though. 4 weeks ago  

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