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    So what? It doesn't say live there it says visit like a holiday 1 year ago  
    You're also conceited as hell, so you likely have a bad personality. 1 year ago  
    Maybe you should learn to not be an idiot and realise that people in different parts of the world spell words differently. 1 year ago  
    Hahaha i love these triggered top comments brings a tear to my eye (a happy one) :,) 1 year ago +2
    The 2 top comments for the funeral answer are seriously disrespectful, even if you hated the person it's just a horrible thing to do especially in front of their loved ones. 1 year ago  
    Yeah, more like conceited 1 year ago  
    Forget watching a good anime then rewatch it like it's the first time so you don't know what's gonna happen next 1 year ago  
    I aint gonna be a pedophile 1 year ago  
    It's called S O C C E R 1 year ago  
    I'm not a female and i chose the first one, mainly because i don't bother checking people out i don't really see the point in it 1 year ago  
    Yes it did read the authors note you dim wit 1 year ago  
    Jesus Christ i just said "Yeah i'd lose a leg, get a prosthetic arm" 1 year ago  
    Australias a'ight 1 year ago  
    learn to READ it doesnt say disease, it says sick which i slike the common cold 1 year ago  
    I don't think preferring to watch a movie over a book is dumb. I myself do like reading books but I like watching movies a bit more (if the movie is good) 1 year ago  
    If you look at the picture that isn't the wilderness it looks like a backyard. If it said camp in some mountains or some s**t with ur mates i would've chosen that 1 year ago  
    get rid of repealing net neutrality if that counts as a law 1 year ago  
    I mean i'm agnostic so i dont believe nor disbelieve in the idea of him but it would be nice to go to heaven if ti does exist. Sorry for preaching my religion at the start. 1 year ago  
    And don't forget about breaking your legs on the way down since the lift is fairly high up. 1 year ago  
    Have you ever heard of incognito mode? It's a blessing, now all they can see is school work, youtube, games and anime i download :/ 1 year ago  
    Have you seen the 12 year olds on Xbox live? they are basically equivalent to the annoyance of a rat and squeak exactly like one. 1 year ago  
    I would've changed my answer if it had never have to wait in lines at amusement/theme parks. 1 year ago  
    Well, i can still grow smarter and i'm 17 so I can still look old enough to do stuff like have sex, buy alcohol (the legal age to buy it in Australia is 18) 1 year ago  
    Yeah, it's kind of sad and honestly i find win compilations so much cooler then fail compilations. 1 year ago  
    Is it sad im choosing this option so i can learn Japanese to understand anime's that don't have dubs? xD 1 year ago  
    That is completely untrue, people can have kids without being married, we're not all Christians and not all Christians abide by the rules of having sex only after marriage. 1 year ago  
    Evolved? are you kidding me today's music is mainly about sex, drugs, committing crimes and doing bad stuff. To quote Witt Lowrys song numb "they're teaching drugs over love now we're numb to it all" 1 year ago  
    hehehe, but a mermaid can ride you, if you know what i mean ;) 1 year ago  
    try 6million buddy 1 year ago  
    Did you even read the description. The creator said specifically "YOU CANT BE BOTH wizards are not omnipotent they cant cast a spell to turn themselves into ninjas" 1 year ago  
    You get a revolver which usually has 6 chambers put a bullet in one chamber close it spin the barrel. Then between you and your other opponents you put the gun up to your head or anyone that will kill you and pull the trigger pass around the circle until someone dies. Fun game :) 1 year ago  
    I got an ear piercing and i can take it out whenever. Tattoos are permanent from what I've heard, i think there might be a way to get rid of them but it's extremely painful, where as for piercings you can take them off in a second with no pain. 1 year ago  
    That's exactly what im saying. and if i were the richest person in the world i give a large portion of it to charities. 1 year ago  
    Last time i checked you need food and water to survive as well. 1 year ago  
    i know this is old but it says KNOW THE CAUSE not be able to prevent it, no matter what it is even if you avoid the thing that causes ur death it'll still kill you 1 year ago  

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