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    True... True... 7 years ago  
    Fu*k Condoms. Real Men Pay Child Support (<---- Not my words, the words of Courage Wolf) 7 years ago +10
    The way you put it.... I can tell you're a vegetarian. Unless the flesh is of another human. 7 years ago  
    Water=Living. But if you choose internet, then have a good time before you die. 7 years ago +5
    Forget myself. I like a mystery challenge ;) 7 years ago +8
    Some people just like to make things up. But the question said a painful death. At the last second, when you ask for a quick death, they screw up and you die painfully. 7 years ago  
    Spain, at least I speak the language. 7 years ago +4
    Germans are naturally just very good with mechanics. Germans were testing SRBM's in WW2. They're just very skilled with those types of things. 7 years ago +1
    I have a lot of things I regret saying. Taking them all back would be nice =D 7 years ago +6
    It all depends on the gas, some gasses are absolutely painless. While others are painful nerve agents. 7 years ago  
    I basically am in clothes 24/7. Except for baths =/ 7 years ago +3
    Never bothered to watch either.... 7 years ago  
    Skyrim is by far better than MW3 (it was basically just a freakin DLC) and Halo hasn't been on the works. 7 years ago  
    I agree. Unless there is none... Dun dun duuun! 7 years ago  
    Well, I have both. The only difference is that XBOX has a better experience, but PS3 has much less little kids and is free. 7 years ago  
    Anorexic skinny? Or normal skinny? 7 years ago +5
    At the least I can try to outsmart the Lion. But I'm blind in the sea. 7 years ago  
    Naturally, I'm shy and can't stand screaming. 7 years ago +4
    Who was actually to blame? If it was me I'd take full blame If it was my friends, I'd maybe have some doubts. 7 years ago +1
    Either way one side remains heart broken 7 years ago  
    if you find a job Euthanizing puppies, you would be putting them out of their pain. Picking a human over a puppy if not something sick, it's just wanting to help out others amidst all the sh*t going on. 7 years ago  

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