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I'm Dutch. I've been on a plane four times. I have two brothers. My favorite song is Beauty Queen by Ben's Brother. At the moment I'm going to a Pretty Little Liars-phase. I play piano and guitar. I can more or less speak five languages and read four alphabets. I love snowboarding, new dresses, France, ouzo, neoclassicism, freshly washed sheets, the Roman Empire and unicorns. I hate mushrooms, milk, 20th century Dutch literature, cigarettes, the poet William Blake, math, ancient Greek verbs, pretentious modern art, Dwemer ruins in Skyrim and fire. I need a bottle of water next to my bed, otherwise I cannot sleep. That's about it.

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    Fine. Have it your way. Hereby I am taking a break from Rrrather and I won't be returning anytime soon. Say goodbye to the respectable users of Rrrather for me. +4
    (PART II) Oh, and about the things witty believes: 1. I have rarely seen him state these things and in this case, as long as I don't see it, it doesn't bother me (ignorance is bliss, simply because this is a stupid game site and not a real-life person I have to deal with). 2. Conversation between witty and me usually does not extend beyond one or two comments about a movie or our favorite food, so I'm not personally offended. 3. I pick the people I like or dislike based on their behavior. I have friends who have very different political and religious beliefs and I have people I extremely dislike who have beliefs that are similar to mine. It's the way that we interact with each other, not the things we believe in. My interaction with witty usually is just fine. 4. He can believe whatever the hell he wants, just like the idiots of ISIS can believe whatever the hell they want, just like the idiots of Westboro Baptist Church can believe whatever the hell they want. You may not agree with what they all say, but they can still believe it because they are free to do so. He is just as free to preach his beliefs as you are to preach yours. Thank you for the attention *takes a deep breath and a sip of water, awaiting the essay of DP on why I'm completely wrong in all aspects* +6
    Let's often do not respect my personal beliefs and are not open to other "evidence" than yours because you are very convinced of your own right. I'm almost afraid to comment something about my faith because I know you will most likely ridicule it or try to start a discussion about it when you can just let it be. When I give you reasonable arguments or obvious truth (like on the wikia with the wars, I definately won't forget that one) you ignore it and pretend to always know better. It's always the tiny little things, the small sneers, the "jokey" remarks every time I think "He's not so bad", the fact that this whole stupid discussion or rivalry between you and witty, whether you recognize it or not, did not exist at all some time ago, when everything on this site seemed better and friendlier. What are you aiming for? Turning this whole site into your personal kingdom where everyone dislikes the users you dislike? I know everyone is in some ways guilty of radical beliefs or radical, unfair criticism, and you should not deny being guilty of that too by saying it's all jokes. There's a reason why it's 58-42, you know. +6
    I did because I may not agree with all of his views, but at least he's not rude to me, while DP has been very rude on several occasions. It's all about personal interaction. +3
    Our prisons are luxury hotels  
    That's strange because we have many similar interests +1
    I love your user name  
    Sterkte, ik ken het!  
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