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Hey everyone! I'm Brooke. Remember, love your enemies. The LORD died for you on the cross. Accept him

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    I have a loud whisper  
    i dont ahve a voice  
    If its crap I can trash it  
    What are these things?  
    Forgive forget! +2
    idk these peeps  
    Walgreens is to expensyve  
    Take em off!  
    Then learn more  
    wish for gift cards lol  
    dot have one  
    only want ot marry one person, i can devorce  
    word can start a fire in our hearts, or put it out  
    i am  
    im used to it  
    My best friend is girl too so  
    good breath  
    get used to it  
    cold or hot!  
    picnic on the beach  
    its to sweet  
    i dont care if my coffe's pretty  
    thin ones  
    granny smith, i love u  
    celebrate their death!  
    it didnit say how fat  
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaah tan  
    The LORD is rewarding  
    i am one  
    baby sit it multiple times  
    im a girl..................  
    i dont have a favorite pair +1
    Im eleven, i dont drive  
    i already own a 360  
    Everyone eccept the uk guy, yall are ignorant liars  
    whats a celebrety?  
    Nerds arent insults  
    im a loud wisperer  
    whith their mouth taped shut  
    why woul i marry a woman!>  
    I dont have toes  
    whats avatar  
    i have alredy +1
    im my ideal job my friends work with meh!  
    im already vegetarian +1
    gimme mony  
    Being in love with the person of my dreams is one of my dreams lol  
    i dont have either  
    i dont die in the new moovie  
    When trump wins, wich is best?  
    Pursuit of my dreams  
    My grandpa rocks!  
    if i had it all, I'd have knoledge!  
    It would be obvious, Im Female  
    What are those things  
    if im famouse id probly be wealthy  
    ooooooooooh Jump out and land on the cruise!  
    sink or crash?  
    Im 11! dont have either!  
    no cars  
    Morst wars are over food  
    Im teathered to a boat  
    Then they are there to comfort me  
    Then i should know how to be popular  
    Ice cream smoothies  
    Then i could see the whole earth  
    atleast i did not commint a crime  
    Always am anyway  
    Talks cool, yoda does!  
    I dont have apple  
    I have a better chance of winning the lottery  
    Because then theres not paparazzi everywhere  
    Im already dead +1
    dont got a cell  
    So cool, he talks!  
    I don't use apple  
    i just like that song  
    Lawyer, the only true doctor is the LORD  
    Live the life the LORD has prepared for you.  
    Then I know how to respond/aproch someone  
    I don't care 'bout money  
    Even if I did rule, I would pass on the athority to the LORD.  
    I'm not even alive, why do I care?  
    Neather, I don't want either  
    Save the kid! Poor thing. If you chose lightsaber, you are a selfish little brat!  
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