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Hey everyone! I'm Brooke. Remember, love your enemies. The LORD died for you on the cross. Accept him

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Would you rather Have a little brother or Be a little brother/sister 2 years ago 66 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Only eat catfood or only eat dog food 2 years ago 73 votes 4 comments 0 likes

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I have a loud whisper 2 years ago  
i dont ahve a voice 2 years ago  
If its crap I can trash it 2 years ago  
What are these things? 2 years ago  
Forgive forget! 2 years ago +2
idk these peeps 2 years ago  
Walgreens is to expensyve 2 years ago  
Dicepline 2 years ago  
Take em off! 2 years ago  
Then learn more 2 years ago  
Dont have kids lol 2 years ago  
wish for gift cards lol 2 years ago  
politarian 2 years ago  
dot have one 2 years ago  
only want ot marry one person, i can devorce 2 years ago  
thats meh 2 years ago  
word can start a fire in our hearts, or put it out 2 years ago  
i am 2 years ago  
the only sane answer 2 years ago  
didnt say how long hed live before death 2 years ago  
i know were im going look at my prof pic 2 years ago  
my mom would never kill me 2 years ago  
im used to it 2 years ago  
how fat? 2 years ago  
My best friend is girl too so 2 years ago  
good breath 2 years ago  
get used to it 2 years ago  
cold or hot! 2 years ago  
picnic on the beach 2 years ago  
its to sweet 2 years ago  
i dont care if my coffe's pretty 2 years ago  
thin ones 2 years ago  
granny smith, i love u 2 years ago  
celebrate their death! 2 years ago  
thanks 2 years ago  
it didnit say how fat 2 years ago  
aaaaaaaaaaaaaah tan 2 years ago  
euthanize= kill 2 years ago  
The LORD is rewarding 2 years ago  
travel 2 years ago  
i dont go to work 2 years ago  
i am one 2 years ago  
baby sit it multiple times 2 years ago  
im a girl.................. 2 years ago  
i dont have a favorite pair 2 years ago +1
Im eleven, i dont drive 2 years ago  
i already own a 360 2 years ago  
Everyone eccept the uk guy, yall are ignorant liars 2 years ago  
whats a celebrety? 2 years ago  
Nerds arent insults 2 years ago  
im a loud wisperer 2 years ago  
whith their mouth taped shut 2 years ago  
why woul i marry a woman!> 2 years ago  
if you do it right, it shouldent be easy 2 years ago  
I dont have toes 2 years ago  
whats avatar 2 years ago  
i have alredy 2 years ago +1
im my ideal job my friends work with meh! 2 years ago  
im already vegetarian 2 years ago +1
gimme mony 2 years ago  
Being in love with the person of my dreams is one of my dreams lol 2 years ago  
i dont have either 2 years ago  
i dont die in the new moovie 2 years ago  
When trump wins, wich is best? 2 years ago  
Pursuit of my dreams 2 years ago  
My grandpa rocks! 2 years ago  
health 2 years ago  
if i had it all, I'd have knoledge! 2 years ago  
nutelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 2 years ago  
just my toes 2 years ago  
It would be obvious, Im Female 2 years ago  
What are those things 2 years ago  
if im famouse id probly be wealthy 2 years ago  
ooooooooooh Jump out and land on the cruise! 2 years ago  
sink or crash? 2 years ago  
Im 11! dont have either! 2 years ago  
no cars 2 years ago  
Morst wars are over food 2 years ago  
Im teathered to a boat 2 years ago  
Then they are there to comfort me 2 years ago  
Then i should know how to be popular 2 years ago  
Ice cream smoothies 2 years ago  
Then i could see the whole earth 2 years ago  
atleast i did not commint a crime 2 years ago  
Always am anyway 2 years ago  
Talks cool, yoda does! 2 years ago  
I dont have apple 2 years ago  
I have a better chance of winning the lottery 2 years ago  
Because then theres not paparazzi everywhere 2 years ago  
Im already dead 2 years ago +1
dont got a cell 2 years ago  
I hurled on a dog food JB. 2 years ago  
So cool, he talks! 2 years ago  
I don't use apple 2 years ago  
i just like that song 2 years ago  
none 2 years ago  
none 2 years ago  
Lawyer, the only true doctor is the LORD 2 years ago  
Live the life the LORD has prepared for you. 2 years ago  
neither 2 years ago  
Then I know how to respond/aproch someone 2 years ago  
I don't care 'bout money 2 years ago  
Neither 2 years ago  
Niether 2 years ago  
Even if I did rule, I would pass on the athority to the LORD. 2 years ago  
I'm not even alive, why do I care? 2 years ago  
Neather, I don't want either 2 years ago  
Save the kid! Poor thing. If you chose lightsaber, you are a selfish little brat! 2 years ago  

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