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    can i choose witch one?  
    Love is trust, and is you don't trust the one you love then you don't love them at all.  
    I have no heart tho  
    pause it for a week and sleep  
    Honestly the newer music is all about drugs/drinking/sex/girls and it's very annoying +1
    I will name him Momo (like if you know what I'm referencing)  
    Ruling everything is so much work tho  
    Rain= dark cloud, peacefully looking out side at the rain and so much more  
    EWW people  
    I don't have a soul and I'm short so I'd just be turning ginger :P  
    Where's me fellow nerds at :)  
    My friends would help with hiding the body ;)  
    beer sucks tho...  
    I would hope my wife is lesbian considering i'm bi  
    Live forever and make a lot of money!  
    I'd die laughing. Jennifer Lawrence in my opinion is funny. Plus I hate Trump +1
    I'm both  
    What if you are Satan tho?  
    OMG a private jet with Jennifer Lawrence. I think I would die laughing  
    this question is so bad for me, a bisexual girl  
    I'd give them nyquil  
    I don't like ether so  
    Volleyball because it'd be funny to watch a girl hit another will the ball X) and of course the girls  
    beer is so gross '~'  
    I'm already stupid so...  
    Rap sucks harder than Miley Cyrus  
    What social life tho  
    ATLA FOR LIFE! plus in my opinion Star Wars and Star Trek suck  
    I don't do my homework lol  
    OH GOD NO!  
    I'm a nerd and read books all the time so... yeah  
    I'm that already  
    that killer would be my wife. She and i would be the most deadly and wanted women in the world!  
    dose people that don't exist(in a cartoon/anime) count?  
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