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Not giving up. Unless you are. I just see that this conversation could go on literally forever. Good discussion though. 3 years ago  
I've seen all that evidence before, and I found a more reasonable counter to all of it. We will never agree so let's leave with cool heads. 3 years ago  
To be gullible implies that you have been tricked into believing something. To have faith is to believe something of your own accord. I have no clue weather my faith is correct or not. I believe it because it makes the most sense. I went through several religions and evolution and searched for evidence for each. In the end I concluded that evolution provided far too few answers and other faiths lined up with history far too loosly. You continue to mention evidence for evolution, please point it out to me. I'm open-minded. 3 years ago  
You need to step back and look at this from an outsider view. Yes most religions probably are just a way to explain the world, but what does that make evolution. Evolution is just as based upon faith as anything else. It's just that instead of using God as an excuse they put in "science." Evolution and science are not one and the same. We all have an instinctual need to explain the world around us. Isn't it better to believe in something that loves and cares for you and to believe in a better place after death than to simply believe in nothing? Most people also don't believe that we are the sole creation of God. The universe is infininite, and to believe that we are the only ones here makes us seem far too significant. 3 years ago  
I hate it when someone says "magic creation." It's not like creationists believe in some kind of wizard in the sky. We believe in an all powerful being who has always, and always will, exist. To say "magic" puts down God as a who he is. It's hard to understand if you have never been in the church. You say that the evidence can't be observed because of time gaps, but we can see the beginning (dinosaurs) to the end (birds), but where's the in between? The DNA is similar because we are similar species, that doesn't mean we came from them. The evidence may be there, but it's loosly supported.I'm not saying that God doesn't need evidence, he is just impossible to prove by principle. One who creates the laws of nature cannot be proved though them because he is not bound by them. 3 years ago  
No it's not. Give me more than three examples. I'll give you a free one, Arkeoptrix. It's seen in small, scattered, vague examples. The scientific method is based upon reliable repeatability. 3 years ago  
Actually if you want to talk facts, no evolution beyond macroevolution has ever been observed. The idea of spontaneous creation through primordial soup has been proven wrong. An artificial primordial soup was made and tested for years even giving it a little help by adding amino acids, yet no proteine chains were ever formed. If anything evolution has been proven wrong time and time again. 3 years ago  
I wouldn't call myself an "evolution," nor would I call myself an evolutionist. I had forgotten that I put agnosticism on that side and assumed you were an evolutionist. 3 years ago  
I guess that means 84% of the world has a mental condition. What exactly do you call yourself? Evolution, though it's not stated as a religion, is technically a form of religion. 3 years ago  
This is very true. I also heard this from a evolutionist biology professor, " if two deer were to be left on a deserted island they would mate and their offspring would mate and theirs ect. Eventually after a few hundred years they would die of mutation caused by a limited gene pool." Also from this same professor,"life came from a single ancestor which evolved and diversified through mutation." If mutation would cause a species to die out due to a limited gene pool then how could we all come from a common ancestor? 4 years ago  
You don't know that there is no God. So there is no reason to get pissed when you show your ignorant piety. 4 years ago +2
This is a wonderful question. I don't know. Nobody does. That is why you must have faith to believe in what you believe in. I do know that evolution has been proven wrong multiple times despite the fact that it is still the leading theory of life. For all I know aliens made us, but that again falls back on evolution creating aliens so in the end God is the most reasonable choice. 4 years ago  
To say how do you know your religion is right can fall back on you. How do you know atheism is right? Everyone is entitled to their belief, but don't be high and mighty because you think your right. 4 years ago  
You aren't stupid or smart because you believe in God. That is determined by your common sense and knowledge of the world around you. 4 years ago +4
God doesn't have a grudge with Satan. Satan has a grudge with God. It's like somebody just standing there taking punches from somebody who is pissed with him. Evil exists because of Satan not because of Gos's "grudge" with Satan. God will end the evil and suffering when he comes back by getting rid of Satan once and for all. Weather you enjoy the everlasting peace afterward or die with Satan is up to you and your willingness to have faith in God. 4 years ago +6
Weather we are a religious country or not our co trey was founded on religious freedom and to remove the words would be to forget history. 4 years ago  
No view of the universe is "Stupid" and everyone is entitled to their opinion. In the same respect the stereotype of God as an invisible magic guy in the sky is presenting a one sided point of view. God dwellers in heaven which is in Orion's Belt. It could very well could be a planet. God created the universe and can therefor manipulate it as he pleases meaning that he could be everywhere at once. It is not magic. It is divine power. 4 years ago +2
It is not wrong to teach evolution, rather to teach evolution as fact and not present any other views of life. 4 years ago  
I understand evolution completely and that is why I like to stick to my guns and observe what exists. That common ancestor doesn't exist anywhere in the fossil record. Nor has any evolution been observed or artificially created in the entire recorded history of human kind (10,000 years). 4 years ago  
Accidental message. 4 years ago  
/ / /\ ---- I /\ I\ I I\ 4 years ago  

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