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being a straight man attracted to gay men would mean im gay... lol 5 years ago  
someone here has issues.... 5 years ago  
I don't need girls lol 5 years ago  
already do :P 5 years ago +2
being gay I kinda cant 'have kids' without adoption already... lol 5 years ago +4
im emotionally frozen already.... 5 years ago  
easy... just need to live my childhood over and over until someone comes along >. 5 years ago  
those love-hate relationships are the best xD 5 years ago  
missing some verbs here x) 5 years ago  
I hope you didn't see a troll image xD 5 years ago  
A truth about life is people in your life come and go. I would rather have been in love than wonder what could have been. no regrets. 5 years ago  
yeah i know.. o.O 6 years ago  
hey I got it! .. from a straight perspective.. it doesn't make a difference! hahaha :P 6 years ago  
being gay is waay cuter anyways.. :) and that picture for option A is so adorable :D 6 years ago  
that's what I thought about exactly... 6 years ago  
yes! lol 6 years ago +1
im gay 6 years ago  
if gay is nasty... sex for straight couples is too, think of where you put your 'thing'.... 6 years ago +2
I have one, but I have 78 friends HAHA 6 years ago  
I grew up without both 6 years ago +4
I know the movie for option B haha! 6 years ago +1
Hell yeah! Option A.. ;) because I'm gay 6 years ago +3
aww nooo!! its worded tough... 6 years ago  
Those strangers can be people we are killing in Middle East anyways... 6 years ago  
i like conflict ;D 6 years ago  
save lives with Heroic Suicide! thats good enough for heaven :P 6 years ago  
Sad as it sounds.. but I met my BF on an MMO lol xD 6 years ago  
murder... cheat lol 6 years ago  
id help them up :) 6 years ago  
where is mah Febreze lol 6 years ago  
ikr? xD 6 years ago  
i do control my dreams 6 years ago  
but its still a national catastrophic event lol 6 years ago  
popular is fine by me o.O 6 years ago  
indeed it is... 6 years ago  
no divorce if there is no marriage ;D lol win-win in my eyes 6 years ago  
I am :P 6 years ago  
we can fight it out lol 6 years ago  
even in friend zone.. i would make my advances, change his mind ;D 6 years ago  
but when I think of sex with a girl.. i go ewwww xD 6 years ago  
im already called B 6 years ago  
cant believe 25% of people would kill themselves 6 years ago +8
clearly B :o 6 years ago +1
I think i know the answer lol 6 years ago  
I am Gay ;D 6 years ago +1
now let me just rearrange my list ;D 6 years ago  
I know many people I would give my life to save.. 6 years ago  
that is quite a message.. 6 years ago  
i know what you mean lol xD some people annoy me with obsessions, but mluke isn't one of them 6 years ago  
wow mluke xD lol 6 years ago  
im a guym and I think it's hot.... you cant say that's what she thinks just because she is a girl 6 years ago  
still no idea how to answer from a straight perspective because.. well I cant.. 6 years ago  
You're judging Nightshade .. should look into it before you make assumptions 6 years ago  
most people would choose Louis, so no.. hes not a choice in this question xD 6 years ago  
your loss lol 6 years ago  
Frying pan! xD 6 years ago  
time will fly by when having fun :) 6 years ago  
Id record it and put it on youtube xD 6 years ago +1
damn they need to raise it more than 21 xD 6 years ago +3
same!! same!! same!! same!! xD so much hotter!! 6 years ago  
I am gay lol 6 years ago  
wow... people think homosexuality is that bad... i thought this would be 50-50 6 years ago +2
I am not a football person... easy answer xD 6 years ago  
true.. >.> 6 years ago  
Dont know which is which but I'd be gay. I trusted the words more than the pictures lol 6 years ago  
Step Up was the best dance movie series I have seen. :o 6 years ago +1
my gay friends are amazingly funny and fun to be around xD .. and I am gay too.. soo :) 6 years ago  
being gay is hot. :) 6 years ago +1
mluke's questions are awesome.. 6 years ago  
whats wrong with Chick Fil-A? i feel slightly offended >.> 6 years ago +1
oh god.... neither :O 6 years ago  
I know right? but i chose baby because babies are cute :) 6 years ago  
I'm fully gay... >.> how do i answer this? lol 6 years ago +1
mluke, most of your questions and comments crack me up xD 6 years ago +3
lol 6 years ago  
i think both honestly.. 6 years ago +4
definitely the hottest >.> 6 years ago +1
In my opinion Gay is cuter ;D 6 years ago +1
picture B is from DOA. :D great movie 6 years ago  
Liam is extremely popular from what I hear... even my sister prefers Liam haha 6 years ago  
Whoa whats the picture of One Direction for? lol... I would listen to their music and that's about as far as it goes xD 6 years ago  
LGBT? 6 years ago  
Bartenders just seem hotter to me... and models can be a jerk... :) 6 years ago  
I lover her questions ;D and I'm fully gay. 6 years ago +1
I prefer firemen.. had to thin over this question for about 3 min xD 6 years ago  
i knew it haha xD... by the way your questions are a-okay with this homo.... ^-^ 6 years ago  
Step up was amazing. 6 years ago  
maybe mluke18 is a girl? 6 years ago  
true 6 years ago  
A happed to me before... because some girl tripped me in Elementary school.... >. 6 years ago  
Need feel for.. special. needs >.> 6 years ago  
I do too :/ 6 years ago  
One Direction is pretty damn good. 6 years ago +2
No phone 6 years ago +1
I would be a new form of Decepticon.. therefore we could dethrone Megatron and actually WIN for once haha xD 6 years ago  
Even though being homosexual is not entirely a choice because we are born with it, i feel in my heart i would choose to be homo anyways. also keeps life interesting and amusing. 6 years ago +2
Homosexuals also keep life interesting. 6 years ago  
I havn't. 6 years ago  
in my opinion.. that's false -_- I'm fully gay and have no interests in woman at all... 6 years ago  
It hurts my feelings to see all the hatred but discrimination just gets less insulting as you move on... 6 years ago  
I know the feeling. 6 years ago  
their*... They're is they are >. 6 years ago  
Homos are not mentally ill and its not a choice. Its just like Men attracted to Women, for gays we have attractions to the same gender. 6 years ago  
Not necessarily.. 6 years ago  
yep lol 6 years ago  
that's kinda creepy... >.> 6 years ago +1
Return without consent! >:D 6 years ago  
WWI led up to WWII stop one and hopefully stop both :) 6 years ago +3
Book surprisingly because i don't have the Laptop or Cellphone xD 6 years ago  
Hatred has been pissing me off for the past week or so. 1/29/2013 6 years ago  
Nightshade :o 6 years ago  
Heart attack was pretty good. 6 years ago +1
of course not... 6 years ago +1
no emotional pain and you don't learn from relationships 6 years ago  
I really couldn't pick :O 6 years ago  
I'm surprised One Direction is not 90% of these 96 votes lol 6 years ago  
I really don't want to hear any more anti-gay bullsh*t.. its really starting to hurt 6 years ago +6
at least some people care lol 6 years ago +2
but... they are both corpses >.> 6 years ago  
Love is Chemistry :D 6 years ago  
for me, looks ARE a lot.. but not everything lol 6 years ago  
I love British accents :o 6 years ago +1
is that water supposed to mean something? 6 years ago +2
live on my own then... 6 years ago +1
A sounds fun actually... :D 6 years ago +1
my aunts are lesbian, and neither are fat or ugly... 6 years ago  
I am gay. 6 years ago  
let me have some too! xD 6 years ago  
I have not lived through a death in life.. yet :o 6 years ago +3
I basically feel this way anyways. 6 years ago  
hopefully its not so bad xD 6 years ago  
who knows... might be kinda fun ;D 6 years ago  
poor me.. i try to avoid drowning or burn alive >.> 6 years ago  
I can take the pain.... 6 years ago  
Learn to throw the arrows as if they were darts haha 6 years ago  
I could never choose to lose love D: 6 years ago  
I hate the haters' comments on the Heterosexual or Homosexual question.. Everyone hates something... 6 years ago +12
Looks like appearance is noticed more than i thought.. 6 years ago  
Yeah but im gay and my friend in UK got me listening to 1D >.> 6 years ago  
Id take my boyfriend with me xD 6 years ago  
haha xD 6 years ago +1
I am gay 6 years ago  
I will be the 'other Gender' not so normal anymore xD 6 years ago  
I always wanted to live in London :o 6 years ago  
Neither 6 years ago  
Nothing wrong with being gay.. 6 years ago  
Better than Internet!! xD 6 years ago  
Option A has cute glasses :) 6 years ago  
i would >.> 6 years ago  
Walking skeletons >.> 6 years ago  
like seriously... whats wrong with being gay? -_- 6 years ago  
Step Up isn't bad at all. :) 6 years ago  
I didnt lie, I would take the fall.. but only for a TRUE friend 6 years ago  
This question is too easy for gays.... xD lol 6 years ago  
wow... i cant answer this... 6 years ago  
I'm gay... :o Kinda insulted now... 6 years ago  
war will never stop :( 6 years ago  
I ca make my life count and know when I can rest peacefully :) 6 years ago  
I can get a new computer :D 6 years ago  
my personality already changes a lot... xD 6 years ago  
have no cell phone.... 6 years ago  
and if you live long enough.. money is no problem :D 6 years ago  
i like to socialize xD 6 years ago  
you should! :o 6 years ago  
ty ;) 6 years ago  
omg I cant answer this :O 6 years ago  
I bet no one really knows what Swag stands for lol 6 years ago  
awww.. i can be your friend :o 6 years ago  
lol xD best fight ever xD 6 years ago  
cant live withot either :o 6 years ago  
im gonna cheat here.. ill take a sniper and Armor from Halo :D hehe 6 years ago +2
God.. that's a hard one... like em both haha xD 6 years ago  
I would make everyone love me.. more xD 6 years ago  
can also make your own arrows :D 6 years ago +3
I cant use that damn gun >.> inaccuracy would kill me... not the zombies 6 years ago  
I would Recommend Nightshade to many people, most of my friends are wanting to read it now too :) was good enough I spent 9 hours of my day reading it ALL the way through :D 6 years ago  
Tyvm :) you should Read it 6 years ago  
Very nice thinking there ;) 6 years ago +1
if you don't like the question, skip it, don't me immature. 6 years ago +2
how about if you don't like the question, skip it... -_- 6 years ago  
i'm sorry (lol) and my sister thought the same thing.. xD she still picked Liam tho 6 years ago +1
Its really good and its 2010-2013 so new also ;D 6 years ago +2
i just have a preference to tighter shirts :) 6 years ago +2
good luck xD 6 years ago  
clearly haha xD 6 years ago  
hope Loneliness is temporary >. 6 years ago +2
im with u there 6 years ago  
Ham & Bacon 4 Dinner ;D 6 years ago  
Im a Guy and i voted One Direction 6 years ago  
Quite possibly a one sided question unless people only like sexually appealing people >.> 6 years ago +3
im already gay 6 years ago  
idc as long as its love 6 years ago  
lol i lost faith in America many years ago 6 years ago +70
strange but amusing question xD 6 years ago  
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