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    missing some verbs here x)  
    I hope you didn't see a troll image xD  
    A truth about life is people in your life come and go. I would rather have been in love than wonder what could have been. no regrets.  
    that's what I thought about exactly...  
    i like conflict ;D  
    Sad as it sounds.. but I met my BF on an MMO lol xD  
    murder... cheat lol  
    where is mah Febreze lol  
    ikr? xD  
    i do control my dreams  
    but its still a national catastrophic event lol  
    popular is fine by me o.O  
    indeed it is...  
    no divorce if there is no marriage ;D lol win-win in my eyes  
    I am :P  
    we can fight it out lol  
    even in friend zone.. i would make my advances, change his mind ;D  
    wow... people think homosexuality is that bad... i thought this would be 50-50 +2
    I hate the haters' comments on the Heterosexual or Homosexual question.. Everyone hates something... +12
    Id take my boyfriend with me xD  
    haha xD +1
    I always wanted to live in London :o  
    Better than Internet!! xD  
    Option A has cute glasses :)  
    Walking skeletons >.>  
    like seriously... whats wrong with being gay? -_-  
    Step Up isn't bad at all. :)  
    I didnt lie, I would take the fall.. but only for a TRUE friend  
    This question is too easy for gays.... xD lol  
    I'm gay... :o Kinda insulted now...  
    war will never stop :(  
    I ca make my life count and know when I can rest peacefully :)  
    I can get a new computer :D  
    my personality already changes a lot... xD  
    have no cell phone....  
    and if you live long enough.. money is no problem :D  
    i like to socialize xD  
    ty ;)  
    omg I cant answer this :O  
    I bet no one really knows what Swag stands for lol  
    im already gay  
    idc as long as its love  
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