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Would you rather Look like this or Dis thing 4 years ago 82 votes 1 comment 0 likes

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Chai means tea so chai tea is tea tea 4 years ago  
My mom has this week off 4 years ago  
The new one 4 years ago  
Advil 4 years ago  
It's not always about doing what your supposed to. But doing what right 4 years ago  
Snake 4 years ago  
Room 69 4 years ago  
On wii 4 years ago  
My puppy 4 years ago  
Crap wrong one 4 years ago  
A gang of super cute golden retriever puppies! 4 years ago +1
I just got my puppy yesterday. 4 years ago +1
Frank 4 years ago  
Move to europe 4 years ago +3
Parachute 4 years ago +1
Not answering 4 years ago  
Humans are animals :D 4 years ago +5
Just because you don't celebrate Christmas doesn't mean your atheist. 4 years ago +1
Actually your still alive for like 7 seconds after your head is cut off. The longest time was 13 seconds after head off 4 years ago +3
It say 1,000,000 in pennies implying that you get 1,000,000 but in pennies. So it's the same amount of money. Plus it's hypothetical so it means if there was a 1,000,000 dollar bill. 4 years ago  
Your skin falls off on the cold. Read "when the last dog died". 4 years ago  
When you die you dont go to heaven you become a jellyfish 4 years ago +1
Clicked the wrong one 4 years ago +1
Atheism isn't a religeon 4 years ago  
What are you grammar? 4 years ago  
Wish that you could wish for money 4 years ago  
The jellyfish will conquer 4 years ago +1
I play soccer 4 years ago  
Poison ivy isn't that bad. 4 years ago +1
Stabbed with a finger 4 years ago  
Thought it was better 4 years ago  
Superman is do. Shnufferz. Know your super heroes. 4 years ago +1
It also makes you feel warm before you die and it's extremely comfortable right before you die 4 years ago  
Voice acting. You get to show up in sweatpants. 4 years ago  
Augh accidently hit guitar hero 4 years ago  
So power tools 4 years ago  
I already have found true love 4 years ago  
I get way more stuff on Christmas. For my b-day I get handmedowns from my sister. 4 years ago  
I will make all of my subjects worship me. Yes I'm atheist 4 years ago  
I like how all of the twilight fans are getting super emotional and saying that Harry potter sucks when it will be remembered for a very very long time because it has an amazing story. 4 years ago  

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