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    at 2mph  
    Frog legs bruh!  
    Friends are dumb. All i need is a killstreak  
    Australia forever  
    water bottles  
    not the same thing  
    its called wheelchairs, also. HOW DO YOU PLAY 24 HOURS OF GAMES STRAIGHT WITH NO ARM!  
    broken pinky toe  
    hung from a bungee cord. living like larry  
    catch them sneaking my birthday presents  
    I would love to look like nicely patterned wall  
    doin flips from space driving off of the moon like eevil kneevil land on top the empire state building with 50 tons of tnt and bam! epic death. Also, have it recorded and put on youtube  
    DC is really OP but ironically i like marvel better  
    that man is my younger cousin and he has 16 inches of pepperoni.  
    I hate my phone. UPGRADE  
    picked smartest, realized i already am...  
    run like a true black man, when they catch me testify that I ran cause I was black and cops are racist. Bam. cop is charged for racism  
    dip my finger in saliva....  
    What if the ski lift was 5 feet off the ground?  
    my dad playing with his civil war replica kit? sURE  
    Already did it. I was 2.  
    Children as in minorities, so 17 will do. +1
    doesn;t have to b the jock sock, or they could have just not played.  
    Good thing I clean and use my own bathroom.  
    doesn't have to be someone elses, I bite, chew, and occasionally swallow me own!  
    plucking your eyelashes doesn't hurt, I do it alot!  
    actually, drinking a diarrhea milkshake would most likely end your life...  
    LOOPHOLE! never have sex AGAIN, so I just have to have a good first pick.  
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