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Would you rather for a zombie apocalypse Take a 2 youtubers of your choice to come with you or Take one celebrity 6 years ago 189 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Three days grace or Linkin park 6 years ago 127 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch Pewdiepie or Tobuscus/Tobygames/TobyTurner 6 years ago 148 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch Smosh/Smoshgames/IanH or Tobuscus 6 years ago 149 votes 10 comments 0 likes

Cantthink has posted the following comments:

Hate crisps 6 years ago +3
But...I can't ride a bike... 6 years ago +2
How in the hell are they wonderful? 6 years ago +4
Well, you shaddap 6 years ago  
Guess what. You're wrong 6 years ago +1
AAAAAAAH! ITS PSY!!! *BARFS* 6 years ago  
*Goes crazy* 6 years ago  
Um... 6 years ago  
Punch them. PUNCH THEM 6 years ago +1
A wall or a pillow 6 years ago  
I'm never going to look 6 years ago co-op gaming...? 6 years ago  
I'm a GUY 6 years ago +2
What is a tracker jacker 6 years ago  
Sensitive mouse, clicked wrong 6 years ago  
Quicker, I'd do it with Agent 47's silenced silverballers 6 years ago  
Not in Britain, either. 6 years ago  
Safer. 6 years ago  
Less whiplash 6 years ago  
Beyond? Do you mean Beyonce? 6 years ago +1
50-50 chance 6 years ago  
Sam fisher would win in the second match, Cloud in the first 6 years ago  
What are these? 6 years ago  
Love 'em both, but pokemon is more exciting and there are less problems 6 years ago  
Do...what? 6 years ago +1
Hate 'em, soooo.... 6 years ago  
Morons are funny 6 years ago +3
Meeee 6 years ago  
I can understand these people, plus they would be more fun once drunk 6 years ago +3
I like donuts, but more people like cake, and I want to be nice 6 years ago +1
I change because of this, but, I would love to be Sasori 6 years ago  
I've never been there, but if there were crash test dummies... 6 years ago  
STOMP HIS BALLS! 6 years ago +1
Lasercorn from smoshgames 6 years ago  
I don't want to drown 6 years ago  
I don't know why, but I think the drowning pic is awesome 6 years ago +2
I like gingers 6 years ago  
I'm a straight guy, so break up with him, immediately. 6 years ago  
My dad is 59 6 years ago  
Green! 6 years ago  
I hate bruno mars 6 years ago  
Wish for everyone to be sad. How would this counterreact? 6 years ago  
SPOILER ALERT-Death note,last episode and when L dies 6 years ago +1
I feel like I should be prepared 6 years ago  
Without the monkey bars? 6 years ago +1
I will vomit eating anything but luxury vanilla cake, so chocolate 6 years ago  
Am I the only one who thought of Vaas? 6 years ago +4
Never had either 6 years ago +1
Shrimp and fries 6 years ago +5
Hate milk, but... 6 years ago  
SECRET OPTION C : Hate harry potter 6 years ago +2
Green clothes for men 6 years ago +1
Purple male clothes 6 years ago  
As a dude 6 years ago  
Aaaas a dude? 6 years ago  
ANSWER 6 years ago  
As a dude? 6 years ago  
Not FPS, Third person shooter 6 years ago  
Why can't I PLAY THESE TWO!? But I do like Dishonored 6 years ago  
Nooooooooooooot sure 6 years ago  
LETS PLAY SAINTS ROW 3 CO-OP 6 years ago  
Three days grace - Never too late 6 years ago  
LEONARDO DA VINCI 6 years ago  
I live in Hetton-Le-Hole. 6 years ago  
I can punch 'em off 6 years ago  
Jiggy Mccue 6 years ago  
Never had s'mores either, heard they were good 6 years ago  
PERITWINKLE!! 6 years ago +2
Hate Psy, but... 6 years ago +1
Neither 6 years ago  
What are these? 6 years ago  
I have eaten cheesecake, I just feel like chocolate cake more, I hate it when people do this. 6 years ago +1
Everyone from Smosh gamebang ( Except Mari ) and Tobuscus 6 years ago +1
Why so many death questions? 6 years ago +4
Who? 6 years ago +1
Lasercorn and FPSRussia 6 years ago  
Can males answer? 6 years ago  
Who are these people? 6 years ago +3
I'm. a. dude. 6 years ago +2
Teletubbies are creepy 6 years ago  
Hate crisps 6 years ago  
I don't know what my favorite food is, there are so many I love. 6 years ago +1
I live in a tux 6 years ago  
I LOVE BEARDS! 6 years ago  
Had two so far, but only because I've been here for about 2-3 months 6 years ago  
WHY?! 6 years ago +1
COME AT ME BROSEPH 6 years ago +2
I only know meg 6 years ago  
That isn't the point, pick ONE OR THE OTHER 6 years ago +1
SANDWICHES 6 years ago +1
To be honest, I dont like it, I think it's music, But I respect people who like it 6 years ago  
I'm a dude 6 years ago +2
I'd feel more safe 6 years ago +6
Clowns are scary, I'd rather be a creepy magician with a doll 6 years ago +2
Pepperoni, cheese, salami and bacon. 6 years ago +3
Some 6 years ago  
Its torture to eat a PB & J sandwich 6 years ago  
Team twilight sucks 6 years ago +3
MAKE IT STOP 6 years ago +3
Blazblue is much better 6 years ago +1
I'm a dude 6 years ago  
Hate MIIIIILK 6 years ago  
I seriously hate nigahiga and Ray 6 years ago  
Gross 6 years ago +3
What is wall ball? 6 years ago +1
Who is thaaaat 6 years ago  
In some cases 6 years ago +1
Hate Harry Pothead 6 years ago +1
Coke has caffeine 6 years ago +2
NAME BRAND, Off brand cola is disgusting 6 years ago  
I do. I still want the Spear 6 years ago +1
WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE 6 years ago  
Its like I'm biologically gay. 6 years ago  
NARUTO 6 years ago  
I thought it was horrible, but a better chance of survival 6 years ago  
AAAAAAHHH 6 years ago +3
I hate how people do this, ERMAHGERD, ANYONE WHO CHOSE THE OTHER OPTION HAS NEVER DONE IT!!! 6 years ago  
I hate Harry 6 years ago  
Neither 6 years ago  
I have a PS3. I would rather play watch dogs. 6 years ago  
What happens in it? 6 years ago +1
What is the bates motel? 6 years ago +2
What? 6 years ago  
Wrong one... 6 years ago  
I need crack... 6 years ago +6
Do what? 6 years ago  
His is HECOX 6 years ago +1
Already own a NES 6 years ago  
Ew. 6 years ago  
I clicked wrong one 6 years ago +1
Because it was 6 years ago +3
I hate Nigahiga 6 years ago  
I would go on a rampage in saints row 3 6 years ago  
Bioshock infinite 6 years ago +1
I feel awkward 6 years ago  
Wrong one, but I'm ONLY looking forward to the Hangover part 3 6 years ago  
I haven't even had one, but I assume I'm going to like it 6 years ago  
Is this supposed to make sense? Because it does, but I'm not sure if it was supposed to? 6 years ago +1
Wrong one!! 6 years ago  
I enjoy these questions 6 years ago +4
Dammit, wrong one 6 years ago  
Dirty deeds is...? 6 years ago  
I know what a blue waffle is... 6 years ago  
I don't like RTS either, but you gotta choose 6 years ago  
I love these bands and I also picked the wrong one, I think I hate everything about you has more meaning 6 years ago  
WE GET DRUNK 6 years ago +1
Megaman contributed to my childhood more 6 years ago +1
Hands down, no contest. 6 years ago +7
What the hell is that pic? 6 years ago +1
Naruto - the best anime ever 6 years ago  
THAT IS NOT MUSIC 6 years ago  
THE DRAGONBORN!!! 6 years ago  
ALWAYS 7 6 years ago +2
Do WHAT exactly? 6 years ago  
STRAWBERRIES 6 years ago +4
Plushy poop 6 years ago  
DIE EVIL FIEND FROM HELL!!!!! 6 years ago  
Isn't it April now? 6 years ago  
I'm awesome 6 years ago  
Hitman... 6 years ago +1
Derp 6 years ago +1
Also die 6 years ago  
Die, please 6 years ago  
WATER GUN 6 years ago +1
I like girls without 6 years ago +2
Sometimes 6 years ago  
If you want no fall damage play Borderlands 2 6 years ago +1
Majora's mask is creepier and has more myths 6 years ago  
I'd be a sloth 6 years ago  
Assassin's creed 3 and Revalations made the series go downhill a little, But I love both games 6 years ago  
I'm surprised Gangnam style even has one vote, anything is better than it 6 years ago  
Yes, but computers were built for the internet. 6 years ago +3
Wrong one 6 years ago  
Do what? 6 years ago  
Your opinion 6 years ago  
Do what? 6 years ago  
Wrong one 6 years ago  
I only see someone I know 6 years ago  
FAPPING POWER, GO!!! 6 years ago  
Someone who is sane 6 years ago +1
I love beards 6 years ago  
INFAMOUS 6 years ago  
I'm a dude 6 years ago +3
DON'T RUIN SNICKERS 6 years ago  
Assassin's creed or skyrim 6 years ago  
Neither 6 years ago  
SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!! 6 years ago  
Because we see boobs 6 years ago +1
Clicked wrong one 6 years ago  
All of it + 6 years ago +2
MAH FUNNEH BOOOONE 6 years ago  
Hair snipped off a bit? 6 years ago +2
Only some, and its very rare to be born without a brain 6 years ago  
Either way, I'm SHUNNED 6 years ago  
Three days grace FOREVER! 6 years ago +1
I'd rather either climb through the window or sleep right outside my house 6 years ago  
Pewdiepie is louder, but Toby would probably ask you how to do more stuff, But anyway, I love Toby's gaming channel. 6 years ago  
I seem crazy 6 years ago  
BAAATMAN 6 years ago +1
Do what? 6 years ago  
Don't like new-looking ray guns 6 years ago +1
Its juicier rare 6 years ago  
Most babies don't survive without a brain if something goes wrong, a few do, but if you were born without a heart ( Which I can't imagine ) You would die instantly, I think. 6 years ago  
IN THE END 6 years ago +2
Middle finger 6 years ago +2
What are these things you speak of?! 6 years ago +1
One Direction have cupping of one another 6 years ago  
Ew... 6 years ago  
Er... 6 years ago  
I would rather SEE girls in a bikini, its more revealing 6 years ago +1
WANNA FANTA?! 6 years ago  
SONY! But Nintendo for games and sorts 6 years ago  
This 6 years ago  
Happy of shout? 6 years ago +3
Call of booty : ModernWhorefare, Your insult isn't even good 6 years ago  
I hate COD 6 years ago  
Stereotype much? 6 years ago +2
CHERRIES 6 years ago +2
This one! 6 years ago  
Basically a dentist : "Yep, your gums are bleeding because you brush too hard and too far up, not because I'm jabbing them with a metal rod 6 years ago +2
NOPE 6 years ago  
I'm a dude 6 years ago  
Never tasted Arizona, but I like grapeade normally. 6 years ago  
Gotenks is much weaker 6 years ago +3
Clicked wrong one 6 years ago  
I hate crisps 6 years ago  
I'M A DUDE! HA! 6 years ago  
I just want a hidden blade with a longer blade and that pistol in it, or the thing shown in the picture 6 years ago  
both gross 6 years ago  
RUGBY! 6 years ago +1
Why do people eat crisps anyway? 6 years ago  
I.HATE.CRISPS 6 years ago  
AW HELL NAW 6 years ago +1
Luigi used to not get enough love 6 years ago  
Love both, but I love GM more, you can build robots 6 years ago  
Worst song ever? No thanks. 6 years ago +2
NO 6 years ago  
I feel it... 6 years ago +1
I SHAN'T ANSWER 6 years ago  
July 13th! 6 years ago  
But I'm not gay, so how can I admit it? 6 years ago +2
I love anime! I like these questions, but Resident evil would be ruined 6 years ago  
I don't want resident evil to be ruined! 6 years ago  
For what? 6 years ago  
PC does have a better community, heres how it is : PC has the best community, then PS3, then Xbox 360 6 years ago  
You old? 6 years ago  
LOOK AT DAT CUPCAKE 6 years ago  
Die, please 6 years ago  
WEDGIE POWER 6 years ago  
I'm happy with my ps3, plus I won't have to deal with douchebags and annoying kids on Xbox live 6 years ago +1
1. ERROR ! ! ! NO COUNTRY FOUND 6 years ago +1
I hate sunkist 6 years ago  
Rise against 6 years ago  
WHYYYYYYY 6 years ago +1
No, I haven't. I'm not liking your sexual fantasies 6 years ago  
I eat burger pizza, Its where you get a pizza ( not cooked) and put a patty on top then put it in the oven 6 years ago  
Duckies! 6 years ago  
Mass effect rules, so does Gears, but I like mass effect better 6 years ago  
Connor Kenway from AC3, GONNA KICK HIS ASS 6 years ago  
No sauce 6 years ago  
I believe in answering Would you rather questions on rrrather 6 years ago +1
Do what? 6 years ago  
Look at? 6 years ago  
Yes. 6 years ago  
I just remembered why I hate America: "ERMAHGERD IDIOT!!!11IM RIGHT ALL TIME!!!!1112! 6 years ago  
*VOMITS* 6 years ago  
Padded gloves on a baby cactus 6 years ago +1
DEATH NOTE 6 years ago +2
WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE 6 years ago  
I like cold 6 years ago  
Listen to? Do? 6 years ago +2
Some people have seen them both and voted for jackass 6 years ago +2
MUSIC 6 years ago  
LOVE NARUTO 6 years ago  
I don't want the girl to go through period 6 years ago +1
Not sure 6 years ago +2
I love Hufflepuff 6 years ago  
HIGH FIVE! 6 years ago +1
I'm British 6 years ago +1
Same 6 years ago  
Yes 6 years ago  
Same here 6 years ago  
I like my eyes 6 years ago  
LINKIN PARK 6 years ago  
Can't stand Gangnam style, I would choose 7 of TDG's songs and 3 of Linkin park 6 years ago  
I'm a guy 6 years ago  
What about just the hos 6 years ago  
CanThink 6 years ago +1
So is Artemis Fowl 6 years ago +1
Do what? 6 years ago +3
I'd say I was normL 6 years ago  
I'm British and don't care, just don't talk about it 6 years ago  
*Option B is so annoying 6 years ago  
Where I live now : Britan, England 6 years ago  
SCREW PSY 6 years ago  
Facebook is the worst website ever 6 years ago +7
SCREW PSY 6 years ago  
Wizard 101 is the worst game ever 6 years ago +1
Once I got beat up I would probably do the same to them 6 years ago  
REDDIT 6 years ago  
Punch them and give them the middle finger 6 years ago +2
Wrong one, I would teach him to use a gun 6 years ago +3
SLENDERRRRR 6 years ago  
I already live in England and have visited London, so Chicago, but I clicked wrong one like an idiot 6 years ago  
Argument database of comebacks : CALL HIM A FAGGOT 6 years ago +1
SWAT 6 years ago  
I hate crisps 6 years ago  
Nope 6 years ago  
Drugs aren't bad, M'kay? 6 years ago  
Recess, I thought Arthur was for a younger audience 6 years ago  
TOBUSCUS 6 years ago +2
A heavy Australian accent 6 years ago +1
Only if it was my parents idea 6 years ago  
I'M DIRTY DAN! 6 years ago +1
FRIENDS RULES! 6 years ago  
Amazing movie and books, If someone made a game of that would it be a text adventure? 6 years ago +1
I have bacon 6 years ago  
I saw Cantthinkofawittyone and picked that team 6 years ago +3
Bioshock infinite and Dishonored 6 years ago  
Cold coke in a glass bottle 6 years ago  
I read 6 years ago +10
All I saw was Deidara and ChronicRose 6 years ago  
All I saw was Deidara 6 years ago  
Wrong one, Douchebags are rare on PS3 online, so are little kids, but little kids sound easy to fool 6 years ago  
WERE AWESOME 6 years ago +1
Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot 6 years ago  
I WANT THAT MUSTACHE 6 years ago  
Clicked wrong one, I only know about Leonardo because of Assassin's creed 2 and Brotherhood 6 years ago  
I see warner bros whenever I watch an episode of Friends 6 years ago +1
KFC is amazing! 6 years ago  
Both games are amazing, has anyone ever played Farenheit/Indigo prophecy? Its a PS2 version of Heavy rain, but more supernatural 6 years ago +2
BACON 6 years ago  
I wouldn't say A is your best work, B is awesome 6 years ago  
TOBYGAMES HIGHLIGHTS!!! 6 years ago +1
Death note is awesome! 6 years ago  
Clicked wrong one 6 years ago  
Clicked wrong one, loved it 6 years ago  
Why do I hear "For giving you a heart worth breaking" , I think of this: "FOR 'GIVIN YOU A HEART WORTH BACON!!!!"...Nickelback forever 6 years ago  
My PS3 6 years ago +4
I forget when mass effect 1 2 and 3 came out 6 years ago +1
We are being honest 6 years ago +7
Dat egg 6 years ago  
Britain IS average 6 years ago +1
Snickers are much bigger and have nuts...Why do I sense something dirty in my comment 6 years ago +4
Click click click click click 6 years ago +6
I hate Reese's 6 years ago  
I like Evanescence 6 years ago +1
Blackjack 6 years ago +1
Unfair match, obviously Agent 47 6 years ago +2
Fishy Friday 6 years ago  
White chocolate brings back bad memories 6 years ago  
I want to have either a smosh-like channel or a gaming channel 6 years ago  
Damn it, I have random numbers for everything else 6 years ago  
Whats the milk and the knife song challenges? 6 years ago  
It's a prank! I thought technology was evolving! 6 years ago +2
I'd start to charge it if I was at home, but if I was away, power saver 6 years ago  
JAPAN! STAAAAAAHP!!! 6 years ago +1
I'm interested 6 years ago  
I THINK there is a possible loophole 6 years ago  
I would get back up and shout something 6 years ago  
San andreas was amazing 6 years ago +2
Mass effect is awesome 6 years ago +1
Side, but out of these stomach 6 years ago +2
Every one of your questions involves sea urchins 6 years ago +1
I vote Chronic every time 6 years ago  
I'd rather have Dis sloth 6 years ago  
I HAVE A SWORD 6 years ago +3
Indeedy 6 years ago  
Blood money and Absoloution 6 years ago  
Is it just me that whenever I hear someone's name is Dylan I nickname them Dill pickle? 6 years ago  
I don't like it either 6 years ago  
I have not seen the ending episode of Chowder 6 years ago  
BATMAN 6 years ago +2
All I want is a voice like Adam Gontier 6 years ago  
Now, I do save sexy as hell twenty year olds from fire breathing dragons. 6 years ago  
I'm a dude so this is harder 6 years ago  
60s or 70s rock band now? Think of all the people who hate on good things and say YOLO 6 years ago +4
Batman! 6 years ago +2
I'm not sure if that is a penthouse, But if it is, I want it. 6 years ago  
Some other guy did it, I can do it 6 years ago  
Wrong answer, Stupid mouse. 6 years ago  
So I listen to Gangnam style, but get to do a cover of Three day's grace - I hate everything about you? Oh, I read it wrong, but I would like to know how it would turn out same way 6 years ago  
Already can't tell 6 years ago +1
PS3 6 years ago +2
COD sucks 6 years ago +1
Whats wrong with the jail 6 years ago  
The lips aren't right 6 years ago +1
Dat ass 6 years ago  
I hate football 6 years ago +2
Difference? 6 years ago +1
Facebook sucks because people post annoying crap and stuff no-one cares about 6 years ago  
I'm a dude 6 years ago  
I love castlevania on the NES 6 years ago  
I hate apple, but so many apps... 6 years ago  
Nostalgia 6 years ago +1
Why? 6 years ago +1
I thought jello was wet poop 6 years ago  
On iOS I can play super head esploder - X 6 years ago  
I hate both 6 years ago +1
Sorry, but I like to play games 6 years ago  
Venice or Florence? 6 years ago  
Same reason as me 6 years ago  
Where do you get pictures?! 6 years ago  
You people are...? 6 years ago  
I'm a dude 6 years ago  
Who is Ms. Sirois? 6 years ago  
SPRIIIIIIITE!!!! 6 years ago  
I hate both 6 years ago  
Don't know, Don't care 6 years ago  
Arms dealer because If a deal goes bad I can shoot them, also badass suits 6 years ago  
I think I just found the person I hate most in the world 6 years ago  
NOPE 6 years ago  
FACEBOOK IS POINTLESS!!!! 6 years ago  
*Vomits* 6 years ago  
Hmmm 6 years ago  
Ew. 6 years ago  
Some people 6 years ago  
WHAT ARE YOU THINGS 6 years ago  
I. Hate. Football and American football 6 years ago +1
Snowy... 6 years ago  
Look at the pics 6 years ago +1
'Stayin at home 6 years ago +2
Video games 6 years ago +1
We know both. 6 years ago +4
Not excited for either 6 years ago  
A Jiggy McCue story. 6 years ago  
We both like Assassin's creed 6 years ago  
I love Three days grace and linkin park 6 years ago +1
RUN LIKE HELL 6 years ago  
Er..Succubus? 6 years ago  
IMAGINATION 6 years ago +2
If it was a Horror GAME I would pick it, but... 6 years ago  
DIVORCE 6 years ago  
Easy 6 years ago  
They get better 6 years ago  
Stay classier than thee 6 years ago +1
President - FREE COOKIES FOR EVERYONE!! Then I resign 6 years ago +1
I like these very much 6 years ago +1
I have more a chance of dying if I surf 6 years ago  
Uuuuuuuuuunicorn! 6 years ago +1
I am the leader! FEAR ME 6 years ago +5
This is really good cat food, gonna have s'more - said no one ever 6 years ago +5
All I do in every game is kill everything except animals 6 years ago  
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