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Nah. Thanks though. +1
fvck you too +14
All the same to you bro +1
I won't be back, sorry +1
thanks +1
bye +1
maybe I'll show someone with specific instructions never to show you +1
indeed it has bro +1
he makes money off it and he still hardly ever comes on +1
just got to man, can't explain it, other than moving on +1
no, just that I would be +1
thanks babycakes +1
bye man, and good luck seducing reogirl +1
thanks, and sorry you didn't get to get to know me, rrrather noob girl  
Same to you bro +1
Thanks man, I liked you too, but I gotta go +1
Nah if I were gonna do that I'd just keep this account +1
bye cactus jelly guy +1
glad I could bring you some happiness +1
nothing in particular I'm just close to turning 18 and don't want to be 21 and still wasting time on this site lol +1
sorry man I gotta move on +2
thanks youre cool too +1
see below +1
see below +1
it's just time +1
thnx +1
thanks man +1
thanks bro +2
no lol +1
yes I'm afraid this is the end of the Fable of Witty the internet contrarian +1
I've got to, can't stay on rrrather for the rest of my life y'know +2
be creative, I'm sure you'll think of even better ones +1
thanks bro +1
sorry ): +2
there will always be smart conservatives who hate Leftism about +2
good thing you're insignificant +4
that's the thing though, idk why I've stayed on here the past few months. +1
sorry man. +2
nah, people have left, that's just something we say. and no I won't. sorry bro. +1
but they're disgusting  
yes you are.  
Idk what you're talking about. but thanks for helping.  
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