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im mat and im hella rad B^)

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Would you rather Be a misogynistic asshole or not joke about raping women as a security guard at a women's prison 4 years ago 115 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a Huguenot in mid 16th century in Paris or Be a Jewish person in the early 1940s 4 years ago 127 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go to... Fountain of bacon? or Fountain of youth? 5 years ago 241 votes 22 comments 0 likes

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ur four months late 4 years ago  
u fvcking idiot 4 years ago +1
someone understands finally lol 4 years ago  
111 votes. 1+1+1=3 a triangle had 3 sides. the illuminati has three sides. this question is illuminati confirmed 4 years ago  
then why do americans blame muslims for terrorist acts? 4 years ago +1
because fvck you thats why 4 years ago  
by the looks of it im glad i dont 4 years ago +3
i don't care 4 years ago  
how could you not find a picture for "magnum" what the hell did you type into google 4 years ago +3
#yoloswag 4 years ago  
because we are forced to do things we dont like in order for a small chance of living completely comfortably when were too old to do anything. 4 years ago +1
fvck you 4 years ago +2
you dumbass i didnt say that you need better glasses damn 4 years ago  
yeah but the question isnt who created the big bang now is it 4 years ago  
im p sure most of the people who voted for elderscrolls online have never played it and didnt realize that it is actually a pretty sh*tty game 4 years ago +2
wtf 4 years ago  
i dont find them interesting nor scary idc about them 4 years ago  
hue 4 years ago  
who the fvck cares 4 years ago  
weegee 4 years ago  
ive heard of him 4 years ago  
he wasnt in need for speed 4 years ago  
both movies are so fvcking boring 4 years ago +1
i dont have agameboy 4 years ago  
inject the marijuans 4 years ago  
then fvcking prove it you pussy damn 4 years ago +2
yes but thats not the point, you said you already have muscles 4 years ago +2
you mean when you get muscles bc you dont have any atm? 4 years ago +2
"o my camera isnt working" bs 4 years ago +3
come on post a pic then if you have muscles why dont you 4 years ago +2
b!tch please you dont have muscles, if you did you wouldve posted a picture by now and not have come up with bullsh!t excuses 4 years ago +2
yea ok think whatever you wanna think 4 years ago  
doesnt say it had to be my own money 4 years ago  
lmao fvck you 4 years ago  
but what type of intelligent person with a good sense of reasoning not be successful. name 5 people you know like that, that arent successful. thats why i think this question doesnt make sense the two options just contradict themselves 4 years ago +1
lmfaoo 4 years ago  
im not backing down he has a point, there are a bunch of talentless idiots who are rich atm so 4 years ago  
nakey 4 years ago +1
my gf doesnt care 4 years ago  
as much as i dont like the iphone i dislike the droid even more 4 years ago +1
i think that was the point 4 years ago +1
im too skinny lmao 4 years ago +1
well idk who youre thinking about but my name is mat im catherines boyfriend 4 years ago  
???????? what 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
o ive totally never seen a question like this!!! its not like the same question has been posted like 5 times this week or anything 4 years ago  
o come on you couldve chosen a better mj picture 4 years ago +1
touché 4 years ago  
what i mean is that if you are very accomplished and wealthy chances are that you're not stupid. 4 years ago  
this question doesnt make sense 4 years ago  
macbooks are computers 4 years ago  
both made awesome games 4 years ago  
illuminati confirmed 4 years ago  
so that teachers would get higher pay probably 4 years ago  
or theyd arrest you for possession? 4 years ago  
wtf is wrong with you 4 years ago  
bc halo is full of 11 year olds screaming into their mics on multiplayer 4 years ago +1
wrong one 4 years ago  
also shouldnt u b working in CLASS 4 years ago  
witty is actually a girl txt it 4 years ago  
its stupid 4 years ago +1
asspetting 4 years ago  
shouldnt u be in CLASS 4 years ago  
i dont think youre doing your research right... 29k is the amount a person living with another adult on MINIMUM WAGE would make a year. the average american makes around 51k dollars a year. but if you think you can live comfortably with 30k, well hey, good luck i guess. 4 years ago  
wouldnt you much rather make more money than only 30k a year? i get that that is a lot of money, and i dont know about you but i plan on being able to buy at least a few luxurious things in my life 4 years ago  
what type of place do you think you will get with 8-12k? you call that living comfortably? 4 years ago  
someone finally said it 4 years ago +1
yeah the only universities that will get you in so much debt is america bc their education system fvcking sucks, its better to find a university and a job in germany or northern europe. Also do you really think you will live comfortably getting 30k a year? you wont be able to afford sh*t. go to college and dont ruin your life 4 years ago  
jumping with a parachute 4 years ago +1
the question is would you rather eat 4 years ago  
green mario 4 years ago  
sounds fun tho 4 years ago  
both 4 years ago +1
have fun at mcdonalds or some sh*t 4 years ago +3
what the fvck 4 years ago +2
both 4 years ago +1
mcr is for 13 year olds going through their emo phase 4 years ago +2
i dont want to watch it 4 years ago +3
no 4 years ago +2
shut the fvck up witty, rape is not funny just shut up. youre being a misogynistic asshole. 4 years ago +2
the only way youd get anything like that from that job would be if you raped someone, and rape is fvcking not cool. 4 years ago +3
swag #420blazeit yolo 4 years ago  
octodad 4 years ago +2
ok thats not cool 4 years ago +6
bc it seems obvious 4 years ago  
6 fvcking shots though?????????/ 4 years ago  
ah yes because being shot by a cop a million times and walking out of the hospital without any injuries is completely normal 4 years ago  
thats not my point selling cars for people who can only afford 20-100 dollar cars will not work... 4 years ago  
idk the new gta was better than gta 4 which was sh*t but we can all agree that most franchises including saints row are becoming ruined 4 years ago  
im not saying that they shouldnt have cars, if anything there should be minimum wages that can support people enough for them to buy a house and even a car, but selling expensive cars to the poor wont work because the car will work for a while, but without maintenance, it will become useless after a short while. 4 years ago  
not really youre not gonna see someone like jennifer lawrence on a history book 4 years ago  
nEVER 4 years ago  
sacrifice the most annoying ones 4 years ago +1
rebecca black is actually kinda cool her music just sucks 4 years ago  
and how exactly does that determine what his music is worth? 4 years ago  
yes, but poor people wouldnt be able to MAINTAIN the condition of the car. electric cars are too expensive for people who can only afford hundred dollar cars, and gasoline is extremely expensive for someone who would want to travel by car (which would be the reason to buy a car, who would want a car to just have it stationary?) also, over time the car will break down. car fluids will need to be replaced, engines will need to be checked and etc. its a good idea that you have, but it just wouldnt work. 4 years ago  
more money 4 years ago  
being a slut doesnt mean you will have a bad career 4 years ago +1
comrade 4 years ago  
NO U 4 years ago  
depends tho 4 years ago  
i dont think you know how much it costs to make a car... 4 years ago  
no but you can show prejudice against a religion if thats what you mean 4 years ago +1
weed is legal in colorado 4 years ago  
wtf cod is stupid tho 4 years ago  
how is saints row 4 realistic with a streetgang that became the government of the united states and is saving their planet from aliens who are trying to destroy the earth 4 years ago  
no... it doesnt mean that. 4 years ago +3
pros: helps women gain the same type of equality males have, and helps equality in general. cons: people misunderstand it as women wanting to be better than men. 4 years ago +2
the saints row series has basically gone to sh*t after saints row 2. what type of street gang becomes president of the usa and fights aliens????? its too unrealistic for an open world city rpg, not to mention its multiplayer is even sh*ttier than what it used to be 4 years ago  
people in A are too fvcked up 4 years ago  
whats the point of having the newest gen before anyone else if you wont have any games to play on it... 4 years ago  
"if you know what i mean." 4 years ago  
yeah, for men 4 years ago +3
dammit catheirne 4 years ago  
i dont hate america, but i think the people here could be a little less ignorant 4 years ago  
is2g like 99% of your comments are either sexist or fvcked up 4 years ago  
over a really long period of time 4 years ago  
the old brazilian team was better.. 4 years ago  
dota is valves attempt at copying LoL 4 years ago  
BIGDADDY666 4 years ago  
i like marvel better 4 years ago  
both tbh 4 years ago  
*whining about friendzone intensifies* 4 years ago  
the pictures are extremely misleading 4 years ago +2
doesnt say it cant be lightly 4 years ago  
bacon is life 4 years ago  
mlady 4 years ago +1
GOSH DARNIT 4 years ago  
thats not my point, my point is that i can love someone and not have children. it doesnt make love pointless. 4 years ago +1
i imagine that a blind AND deaf person wouldnt be able to do anything rly 4 years ago +2
i like debating with him in comments 4 years ago  
idc about studying 4 years ago  
i hate both but at least this one is more decent 4 years ago  
some people dont want children. love isnt just about having children. 4 years ago  
wtf 4 years ago  
its only scary sometimes bc popup scares but other than that its not scary 4 years ago  
goD DAMMIT 4 years ago  
its when you have a revolver with one bullet, you spin the barrel, point it to your head and pull the trigger. you have a 1 in 6 chance of dying 4 years ago  
receive the money and give it to the poor 4 years ago  
its not a good enough reason for death this question is stupid 4 years ago  
im pretty sure the question meant if YOU wanted to be blind or a midget 4 years ago  
yea america is pretty stupid 4 years ago  
in other words, "die or die?" 4 years ago +1
i cant decide 4 years ago  
wtf big bang theory sucks 4 years ago +1
exactly 4 years ago  
not really, so many people in america think that the islamic religion is full of terrorists 4 years ago  
didnt say how much sh*t 4 years ago  
yeah i never said it had to be a dictator ship or a monarchy. democratic governments dont need two parties, the people can still elect their president or leader 4 years ago  
no bugs 4 years ago  
first of all china isnt going to invade us we already have a good enough military 4 years ago  
i didnt even know there was a chat 4 years ago  
Not really, if you think about it there wouldnt be too many arguments and gridlock wouldnt happen as often. 4 years ago  
still awesome at drifting tho 4 years ago  
i like mclaren but porsche looks better 4 years ago  
faster and awesome for drifting 4 years ago  
tesla is kinda ugly tbh 4 years ago  
well you would take over your friend so technically your friend wouldnt exist mentally anymore 4 years ago  
"death is inevitable" 4 years ago  
well 1st it wouldnt be true, and 2nd i probably wont see the people i meet in the stadium again anyways so why would i care 4 years ago  
there arent enough female superheroes/villains 4 years ago  
so if a guy plays tomb raider its just a way for him to feel loved? how does that make any sense 4 years ago  
sell the business jet to a millionaire and get a lot more money 4 years ago  
lol yes 4 years ago  
the only test subject who lived was chell. so basically its a die or die question 4 years ago  
porn doesnt give you viruses 4 years ago  
i never go into the basement anyways 4 years ago +1
both are hella rad 4 years ago  
weegee 4 years ago  
no its green mario 4 years ago  
its a reference to a vine where a kid says that 9+10 is 21 4 years ago +2
flying would be exercising if you used wings 4 years ago  
...and a tank 4 years ago +2
vegans dont eat any dairy products but vegetarians do 4 years ago  
cory in the house is my favorite anime 4 years ago +1
damn you got me i forgot to add that lol 4 years ago  
You don't get A with B. Rosa Parks was famous, she never got rich. Gandhi was famous, but he didnt get rich neither. Neither did Mother Teresa. 4 years ago  
no one cares 4 years ago +2
ive played online its lame. its the same graphics, same everything except for the maps and weapons. so if theyre not gonna change anything why not just add multiplayer dlcs the the same game 4 years ago  
3G isn't wifi. 4 years ago  
im offend 4 years ago  
uH NO 4 years ago  
u look good w/o eyeliner 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
i love japanese food 4 years ago  
yes -angrily rants about cod- 4 years ago  
half life series is rly good but i also like gta 4 years ago  
neither of them are good they are literally the same thing. "O NO A TERRORIST??? LETS KILL THESE PEOPLE" 4 years ago  
sh*t i picked the wrong one 4 years ago  
i cant 4 years ago  
its the same damn thing over and over again 4 years ago +4
i dont even know who you are 4 years ago  
whats with the pictures 4 years ago  
idk i love my gf 4 years ago  
jokes on you im not angry 4 years ago  
wtf is oovoo 4 years ago +3
???? 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
i can go to a swimming pool and say im swimming in pussy 4 years ago +5
fnaf isnT EVEN THAT SCARY 4 years ago  
neither 4 years ago  
i dont like either 4 years ago  
saints row just got sh*ttier after saints row III 4 years ago +1
wwe is lame and fake 4 years ago  
no 4 years ago  
add 4 years ago  
no im giving my honest opinion... obviously religion has to do with religious prejudice??? im not saying religion is completely bad, but it have a ton of problems just saying. 4 years ago  
dude religion plays a huge part in this. without religion literally none of the crusades/other wars or hate crimes against religion (keyword: religion) would happen. 4 years ago  
i havent read the bible either and i know hes not white lmfao you dumb as hell 4 years ago  
and not just wars, religion also causes prejudice, for example, how many american christians hate muslims, or how israel hates palestine simply because of their religious views. mcdonalds never had any problems like that lmfao 4 years ago  
dude are you literally forgetting about the crusades that was caused by religion?? killed tons of kids and people for nothing??? it doesnt matter if people were manipulated, religion still had a large part in it. 4 years ago  
UK has better healthcare and provide more things for the public than the US 4 years ago  
are you kidding me, there is an incredibly low chance of receiving ebola in the united states, and ISIS are already sending threats to the US. all ebola victims are already being treated and one of them are already cured 4 years ago  
do your research dumbass 4 years ago +1
doES IT REALLY MATTER?? 4 years ago  
stop drop and roll i think 4 years ago  
jesus wasnt even white, dammit 4 years ago +1
neither 4 years ago  
scout rifle 4 years ago  
r u kidding me jesus will get his ass kicked 4 years ago +1
oops 4 years ago  
no responsibilities 4 years ago +1
mcdonalds didnt start wars now did it 4 years ago +3
when leaves are green it means they are making oxygen 4 years ago +1
although 9-11 was a terrible incident it improved airport security and security in general in the us. also the holocaust was way worse than 9-11 4 years ago  
it literally says "and nothing else" 5 years ago  
no one 5 years ago  
Yeah, so do i. 5 years ago  
yea!!!!!! 5 years ago  
you would have a dime there are only 2 comments 5 years ago  
yes 5 years ago  
yeah i think after like 5 comments im pretty sure the person to commented that got the point 5 years ago  
i picked the wrong one. also, dihydrogen monoxide is water. di (two) hydrogen mon (one) oxide. oxide can be used if a compound has one or more oxygen atoms. so it just literally means two hydrogen and one oxygen, aka H2O. 5 years ago  
two 5 years ago  
half life 3 5 years ago  
you cant buy bacon if you choose fountain of youth 5 years ago  
who buys food online 5 years ago +2
you can watch youtube on tumblr u guys 5 years ago  
caesar's legion is literally a nation of slaves guys 5 years ago +4
beat him up 5 years ago +1
is2g if i have to go bowling one more time with roman ill kill myself 5 years ago  
damn 5 years ago  
if u choose fountain of youth ur a nerd 5 years ago  
merchant of venice? 5 years ago  
like futurama but only 40 years 5 years ago  
wrong one 5 years ago  
deadpool tho 5 years ago  
WILD CATS 5 years ago +1
good luck getting a job 5 years ago  
drawing isnt as easy as you think, guys 5 years ago +1
you need to go to school to go to work 5 years ago +1
i like cats 5 years ago +2
that was an accident 5 years ago +1
if all goes wrong ill make meth like walter white 5 years ago +2
I CHOSE THE WRONG ONE GDI 5 years ago +2
idk it would be kinda cool to turn people into hotdogs 5 years ago +2
so youre saying you'd rather have stalin as your president? 5 years ago  
so what 5 years ago  
im going to hell anyways 5 years ago  
China doesnt control everything you do... 5 years ago  
i picked the wrong one 5 years ago  
soo live or die? 5 years ago +4
burger king is even more unhealthy than mcdonalds .-. 5 years ago  
it didnt say it had to be a painful slow death 5 years ago +1
there was a woman that found a human finger in her burger at wendys 5 years ago +8
so what if she has armpit hair 5 years ago  
ill wear a parachute 5 years ago  
mmm hobo foot 5 years ago +1
i clicked the wrong one 5 years ago +1
many people in the south are sexist and racist so 5 years ago +1
wish for more wishes 5 years ago  
you know what they say about men with big feet 5 years ago  
zombies dont have nukes 5 years ago  
im like 2 5 years ago  
Not necessarily, you can be famous but also be poor. Don't assume just because you are famous that people will just give you money. 5 years ago  
the CEO of firefox is homophobic 5 years ago  
how boring would it be to live forever jfc 5 years ago  
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