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    better leg prosthetics  
    depends on the material.  
    I hate moving, it's so hard...  
    married, so blind dates.... no so good  
    so many nice older folks :)  
    hmmm, extra artificial colors? no thanks.  
    weight can be gained and lost, some features don't change so simply. (also, plus size isn't obese, it's not a big deal.)  
    so many people mistake creation and science as opposites, yet they are not. Scientists have no clue at all how life originated, they haven't been able to reproduce most of the steps that would need to be taken for life to originate -even in a controlled laboritory environment. The odds of even a single RNA molecule forming by chance ANYWHERE IN THE OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE are so small as to be an incredible stroke of luck. even then there are MORE steps that have odds just as bad, and they all need to happen in the same place. I know that many religious individuals use illogical reasoning, but if the bible itself is carefully studied... it's supposed flaws dissappear. BTW, all the so-called "missing links" that were discovered more than a couple years ago, have been disproven, quietly... very quietly.  
    I wouldn't like that sort of event anyway  
    hobbit holes =)  
    animals don't have much to say, it's mostly just basic drive instincts. so you'd be able to tell when they're hungry? Also, stop trying to loophole, go with the intent of the Question.  
    dead or dead? (i'm assuming they are discounting places with lava, and labrotories.)  
    I'm assuming it's Pay/Annually. also, the watermark on the pic makes it look like the dirt is steaming.  
    texts are ignoreable, and don't imply action on your part.  
    My sibling would be more difficult to rescue than my spouse, so given the option, I'd always start helping the spouse first.  
    The question should be worded: Save up, or borrow.  
    only if it's their fault though.  
    the question implies success.  
    any celebrity to me is just... some person.  
    neither seems good... unless the ice cream is on demand? then It'd be free ice cream for life I guess  
    simple math, 5>1. your inaction is also an action, and the question implies you have the time and ability to choose.  
    for the sole purpose of being more visible to other drivers.  
    losing your digits is way worse than losing your already inanimate hair.  
    not the sort of kiss one should push for... I've heard stories of awkwardness. (also, kissing at TEN ?!?!? O_o)  
    that would be so cute :) (except for the kicking them part)  
    come on, respond to the intent of the question people >.>  
    both embarrasing, but falling in the lobster tank is a whole other level of odd.  
    that would be so crowded and loud...  
    cars can be in secluded places, whereas, unless you are an employee...  
    car crash is faster.  
    key word here is accidentally.  
    I really don't like parties much anyway.  
    modern inventions that middle class (1st world) individuals have, would have been so coveted in 1776 so as to be worth billions.  
    poisonous things scare me . . . Also, it's so hot :(  
    leg prosthetics are much better than arm ones  
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