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1% of the population owns 38% of the wealth.

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    Would gender even be a thing at higher levels of existence? It seems like something as arbitrary and human as that wouldn't make a difference. 29 minutes ago  
    Temperature has always been capped at how cold it can get, with zero particle velocity meaning absolute zero. Something cannot have less energy than nothing. There isn't really a limit to how much energy could be put into something unless it uses all of the energy that has been created and recycled within the universe. 30 minutes ago  
    Many more benefits because A would be likely to happen in the future with any other child. 34 minutes ago +1
    moonah 35 minutes ago  
    Yes, because it would look better if I turned them down 13 hours ago  
    There would be so many people applying that I'd choose someone that has a better reputation. 14 hours ago  
    Five 20 hours ago  
    "neighbor" 20 hours ago  
    Because you said "IF she's a girl", which implies your preferred sex is both male and female 1 day ago  
    You could reasonably be half of the people on here's dad 1 day ago  
    uwu but you'd be sexy sunbathing 1 day ago  
    You're bi? 1 day ago  
    Giraffe neck 1 day ago  
    Looks like asthomasa 1 day ago  
    I hate butter on popcorn 1 day ago  
    flip them off 1 day ago +1
    I thought your ankle was your face though 3 days ago +3
    I already did, and I got all of the money 3 days ago  
    You guys are all idiots 4 days ago  
    yeeeet 4 days ago +1
    promiscuously poetically perfected proactively professionally powerful protection possibly properly preventing preemptive premature penile penetration's projection's procreation 5 days ago  
    But aren't you also suicidal? 5 days ago  
    B could also be a crime of "passion" 5 days ago +2
    YEEET 5 days ago  
    I never said I'd be the oldest. I'd be the second oldest. still a pretty damn good accomplishment. 6 days ago  
    I was like 6 then 1 week ago  
    What a boy 1 week ago  
    I'd go down in history for living until 120 1 week ago  
    Worth it 1 week ago +1
    I used to talk about space way too much 1 week ago  
    I'm not usually awake at dawn 1 week ago +2
    A condom 1 week ago  
    just play creative 1 week ago +1
    40 1 week ago  
    promiscuously poetically perfected proactively professionally powerful protection properly preventing preemptive premature penile penetration's projection 1 week ago +1
    I would feel like A would be my fault and I'd rather them be happy before they died. 1 week ago  
    Or it's manw 1 week ago  
    You'd be rather sexy with long hair tbh 1 week ago  
    I always try to use the correct "your" and I hate when people say "I could care less" 1 week ago +1 1 week ago +1
    People who voted haven't seen A, its in the top 100 worst movies on imdb 1 week ago  
    Or cat 1 week ago  
    No 1 week ago  
    I haven't eaten meat in 3 years but looking at that picture makes me want some 1 week ago  
    It doesn't say I could ride a skateboard like a pro 1 week ago  
    Like satan's penis 1 week ago  
    yes 1 week ago  
    Na I'm dating him 1 week ago  
    By far 2 weeks ago  
    I fainted once. In the hospital. I was about 8 or 9. I was getting my blood taken and then I stood up and started to see rainbow dots. Then the next thing I remember is being on the floor and seeing nothing while old mcdonald played in my head. 2 weeks ago  
    March 16th 2004 2 weeks ago  
    I'd love to be fvcked in the VAGINA by Satan forever though 2 weeks ago +1
    Yes. 2 weeks ago  
    Either way, I'm dead as hell, I guess I should've chosen option A because the dogs would be euthanized 2 weeks ago  
    Chupafly! 2 weeks ago +1
    B means A plus the power to have sex with satan 2 weeks ago +2
    Please, you'd be better than both of our options 2 weeks ago +2
    My parents threatened to make me pay them 500 dollars if I got below a 90 average in any class 2 weeks ago +2
    Seems like a hell of a ride tbh lmao 2 weeks ago  
    yes 2 weeks ago  
    Because it can breed 2 weeks ago  
    Thiccer 2 weeks ago  
    Cooler 2 weeks ago  
    No opinion 2 weeks ago +2
    Youngster Joey. Enough said. 2 weeks ago  
    tf 2 weeks ago +1
    I don't eat cereal with milk at all 2 weeks ago  
    yum 2 weeks ago  
    It has the best score out of any Mario game by far 3 weeks ago  
    You need to reach the post-game to capture all of them 3 weeks ago  
    I love tanky bois 3 weeks ago  
    B is boring 3 weeks ago  
    Those are modded dogs 3 weeks ago  
    but allllllllllll 3 weeks ago  
    laggy penis 3 weeks ago  
    not the eggs 3 weeks ago  
    OG 3 weeks ago  
    Obviously 3 weeks ago  
    Worse than that 3 weeks ago  
    OG 3 weeks ago  
    It was too rare of a type in gen 1 so they decided against it 3 weeks ago  
    That's gen 3 nlgger 3 weeks ago  
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday 3 weeks ago  
    Stop staring at my diamond-covered ass when mining 3 weeks ago +1
    I'm very new to driving but this is what I do 3 weeks ago 3 weeks ago  
    Basically 3 weeks ago  
    Okay frisk copycat 3 weeks ago +1
    Well now because of quarantine I've often been taking 2 naps a day 3 weeks ago  
    vore 3 weeks ago  
    One does school, one does art, and one has fun 3 weeks ago +1
    I'm not a republican but man do I love steve harvey 4 weeks ago  
    yeet 4 weeks ago +1
    It happens once you post a certain number of questions 4 weeks ago +2
    Unfortunately 1 month ago  
    Teleport 1 month ago  
    too well 1 month ago  
    Obviously 1 month ago  
    Oops I thought it said Robin Williams lmao 1 month ago  
    Only read the book 1 month ago  
    Trump says we should 1 month ago +1
    Dick 1 month ago  
    Since I'm 16 and my boyfriend lives far away 1 month ago  
    yeet 1 month ago  
    Dude, you'd fvck it? That's bestiality man 1 month ago +1
    Don't like either 1 month ago  
    Yes, the chat that we are going on is old chat at 1 month ago  
    What is this said extension 1 month ago  
    Why do people hate reddit dark mode so much? 1 month ago  
    Yeah that was when they first found out, they mellowed out by the end of may 2019 1 month ago  
    Our parents knew about our relationship since we were two weeks in. We met with their consent because we aren't old enough to drive. 1 month ago  
    Bulge™ 1 month ago +13
    Who DONATES to Trump? 1 month ago  
    Don't tell anyone about it 1 month ago  
    A better country in general 1 month ago +1
    It's probably based on nostalgia for me, as I had that game for 7 years and put well over 500 hours into it 1 month ago  
    If she asks I wouldn't say no 1 month ago +1
    since they can't be identical if they are of the opposite gender lmao it would be an anomaly 1 month ago +1
    I'd be much easier for me because I don't have to do as much work per subject as you do 1 month ago +1
    What selfish-minded person would choose B 1 month ago +2
    Misread it as I HAD to swim on land, so misclick 1 month ago +1
    gtc obviously 1 month ago +1
    The Pacific is much bigger 1 month ago +1
    I'm naturally mostly a sub because I'm female 1 month ago  
    I've seen B many times, like at least 5 times a year 1 month ago +1
    wtf do you actually think that 1 month ago  
    Registered for it when I got my learner's permit 1 month ago  
    You can draw? 1 month ago  
    Unless doing art commission counts but it's a side thing 1 month ago  
    I asked him to add you and me but I guess he only added me 1 month ago  
    Extremely meh but at least you ask questions 1 month ago +1
    Oh my god I feel you but it's like this every day for me and my bf because we're ldr 1 month ago +1
    yay 1 month ago  
    lmao 1 month ago  
    Yay uncle dragah 1 month ago  
    With B comes A 1 month ago  
    ummmmm.....most of the cases are in america/europe... 1 month ago  
    What astho said 1 month ago  
    What onex said 1 month ago  
    Pick me and satan since we are the og rrrather couple 1 month ago +1
    Less likely to be shot 1 month ago  
    Epiccc 1 month ago  
    I was putting that into account but if it didn't include you I would have to choose B because I'll get gangbanged to hell and back 1 month ago  
    Less likely to be raped 1 month ago  
    Come back on 1 month ago  
    Old chat is where the users talk now 1 month ago  
    Old chat is still open: 1 month ago +2
    If they look like what they are in the picture, then I'd choose option B. If they are just a bunch of showers lined up together, like in a dorm room, then A. 1 month ago  
    But your doll of it is creepy 1 month ago  
    No wtf 1 month ago  
    I don't HAVE to shapeshift 1 month ago +1
    You've been on here for 7 years and you still don't know that? 1 month ago  
    Go on rrrather old chat for feet 1 month ago  
    It's winry you thot 1 month ago +1
    American Jedi is back under a different account called Zombie since alexw banned him for posting a question that had rather lewd images though it wasn't any worse than nikopowers). 1 month ago  
    Run to satan's house 1 month ago  
    Women 1 month ago +2
    Just often checking the ingredients to make sure I'm not eating gelatin 1 month ago +1
    The broken "Newest" button on rrrather 1 month ago +3
    .............................wtaf 1 month ago  
    Hey guys I need more votes on this so I can make a tournament 1 month ago  
    If they have such futuristic technology, they would be smarter than us and less arrogant, so they wouldn't attack something for no reason 1 month ago +1
    One set of them 1 month ago +1
    The hoenn starters are my favorite 1 month ago +1
    Satan can first "lady", golden would be next in charge because she's actually not insane, and various others of my favorite users can be included like flash and hatty. 1 month ago +1
    People see my toes less 1 month ago  
    Lmao 1 month ago  
    Too feminine for me 1 month ago +2
    come on rrrather old chat 1 month ago  
    I shall murder 3,424,867 souls 1 month ago +2
    It was a mistake nlgga I fixed the image but it heavily cropped it 1 month ago  
    NIGGGGGA 1 month ago  
    Nice April Fools prank 1 month ago +1
    ye 1 month ago  
    uwu 1 month ago +1
    six 1 month ago  
    Oh yeah I forgot it was April fools day but tbh you have said that penises are less ugly than vaginas 1 month ago  
    He gets his protein from food, like any other person. Are you really that daft? 1 month ago  
    idk but my cat is fat 1 month ago +2
    My cat is fat. 1 month ago  
    This is a quiet place 1 month ago  
    But it's always erect 1 month ago  
    But not against frisk 1 month ago +1
    I had a dream that the green one kissed the red one and Christian moms were freaking the fvck out. 1 month ago  
    I have donuts less often and I just had pizza an hour ago 1 month ago  
    yum 1 month ago  
    The Jedis' are not allowed to love 1 month ago  
    INFP 1 month ago  
    I'm not entirely sure 1 month ago  
    B at least looked good 1 month ago  
    He Smashes Traps 1 month ago  
    Yes. 1 month ago  
    Pothead, Weeb, Foot-fetishist 1 month ago  
    You Spelled Wrong 1 month ago  
    Why can't it be both? 1 month ago  
    My C0ck Daddy 1 month ago +1
    The Best Kisser 1 month ago  
    Because it's ironic 1 month ago  
    I don't think that the coronavirus had to do with animals 1 month ago  
    He's a Florida man, cold weather to him is like 70 degrees 1 month ago +1
    Satan and Cat, Bring Me The Night 1 month ago  
    idk who both of these are but A has the sexier thighs 1 month ago  
    Yes but it doesn't work on google docs 1 month ago  
    I don't have a credit card 1 month ago  
    Pokemon could be huge cause for animal abuse in real life 2 months ago  
    ironic 2 months ago +2
    Yes Daddy. 2 months ago +1
    Vaginas are only a thing in porn 2 months ago +1
    I stole a drumstick from the band room and now use it as a dildo 2 months ago  
    I have a penis. 2 months ago  
    He just hopped in the shower so I'll send you the link in 15 minutes 2 months ago  
    We stream every day we just didn't send you the link lol. Also, the way you define it as "tongue kissing the air" sounds really fvcking cringy jeeez 2 months ago  
    Ye 2 months ago  
    nigggers 2 months ago +1
    Anus. 2 months ago  
    anus. 2 months ago  
    Go on discord 2 months ago  
    It'll be in nine and a half years 2 months ago  
    That's some strange looking dude 2 months ago  
    oh oop 2 months ago  
    Since I'm female 2 months ago  
    bbc 2 months ago +2
    Crispin' Goddamn Freeman 2 months ago +1
    Tell her I'm straight 2 months ago +1
    Oh jeez 2 months ago  
    Both are good but B is my main 2 months ago  
    In brawl 2 months ago  
    Love this meme 2 months ago  
    Toilet paper 2 months ago  
    l0vE 2 months ago  
    I live in new york 2 months ago  
    FBI alert 2 months ago  
    n o j o b t o l o s e 2 months ago +1
    Guys...It's not worth it 2 months ago +1
    Legit thought this was a frisk question for a second 2 months ago +4
    Golden would be the nicest popular kid to ever exist 2 months ago  
    36 2 months ago  
    Everything is accurate to a tee 2 months ago +1
    I'll be 16 in four days 2 months ago  
    uh... 2 months ago  
    Since I'm a child and my parents pay for everything 2 months ago  
    Satan better be number 6 2 months ago  
    great. 2 months ago +1
    Cool 2 months ago +1
    Weather can create hail 2 months ago  
    Never thought I'd agree with freedom 2 months ago  
    I can basically do A and I'm actively trying to learn B, but I have only scratched the surface. Please let this come true. 2 months ago  
    No, it's mountain breast milk 2 months ago +2
    Tomorrow somehow? 2 months ago  
    That's very true wow 2 months ago  
    Manipulate individual atoms that are inorganic that make up an organic species. 2 months ago  
    Fire is really the weakest. Water can be used for so much more like dehydrating a person to the point of killing them. 2 months ago +2
    suck all the air out of someone and be able to fly 2 months ago  
    Not really because of the coronavirus, it's because I'm not ready to go to another country on such short notice. 2 months ago  
    Alexw would murder me otherwise 2 months ago +1
    B was just a sequel thing 2 months ago  
    Oh hell no 2 months ago +1
    Cooler name 2 months ago  
    yeet 2 months ago  
    Around 2015, but I didn't join until late 2017. 2 months ago  
    YEEEEET 2 months ago  
    Club penguin basically is back 2 months ago  
    Gender is something that can't change on a day to day basis, but levels of gender dysphoria and/or gender expression can. 2 months ago +1
    It can buy alcohol 2 months ago  
    Porn is blocked on my computer. I legit have nothing I need to hide. 2 months ago  
    It's a special month for me 2 months ago  
    I'm already A so I'd rather not give it up 2 months ago  
    Either way, I'm dead but with B I could last a little longer if rain comes. 2 months ago  
    Move to new york. Teachers are paid an average of 90k a year. 2 months ago  
    It's a mansion. In a city. That automatically means that I have WAY more money to use 2 months ago  
    Many people in the community I am in are artists and draw animals as their profile pictures for various websites, so I did the same. 2 months ago  
    What satan said 2 months ago  
    Purple is beautiful. Also, why does this user pick the ugliest variations of each color? 2 months ago  
    The gravity there is twice as strong as it is on earth, it would likely kill you 2 months ago  
    A dress ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2 months ago +3
    Kenny. 2 months ago +2
    Costco's items come in too much bulk (I just want to buy a goddamn container of vegan butter, not 6 huge ones) and you don't need a membership to go to Walmart. 2 months ago  
    Buy gas so we can see each other. 2 months ago  
    NO NO NO NO NO 2 months ago  
    That's more torturous 2 months ago  
    mac and cheese 3 months ago +1
    I legit made a misclick. A would be cool because it could be used as a pseudo car lol. 3 months ago  
    An anniversary gift to myself 3 months ago  
    As long as they don't hurt them 3 months ago  
    Do me and satan 3 months ago  
    Great songs 3 months ago  
    How do I get that reference 3 months ago  
    Usually 3 months ago +1
    I'll be the smartest baby in the world 3 months ago  
    and dead 3 months ago  
    Scared of the size of my penis 3 months ago +1
    dovewing 3 months ago  
    There was a series of like 20 questions asking this same exact thing with slightly different wording two years ago. 3 months ago  
    The few one time cool experiences as a guy is not worth gender dysphoria and not getting the money lol 3 months ago  
    Oh no not this again 3 months ago +4
    My boyfriend already has B 3 months ago  
    Definitely 3 months ago  
    misclick, because I could just fart again and there will be a 50% chance ill go back to my current time. 3 months ago  
    When will I ever be able to kiss again 3 months ago  
    Yeeet 3 months ago  
    So much can be made out of that. Make money, make a teleporter, make a house, etc. 3 months ago  
    Thar's cool 3 months ago +1
    Misclick, what gtc said 3 months ago +1
    Never B, please no 3 months ago  
    Definitely 3 months ago  
    A isn't as bad as people make it out to be 3 months ago  
    Jesus 3 months ago  
    Yes 3 months ago  
    True 3 months ago  
    Most likely 3 months ago  
    I wish lmao but we're 15 3 months ago  
    Everything is acceptable if it's with the Holy Ankle™ 3 months ago  
    I am 3 months ago  
    Sounds like me 3 months ago  
    Open Valentine's gifts from Satan 3 months ago  
    Duh 3 months ago  
    Yes 3 months ago  
    Stfu I'm not 3 months ago  
    True 3 months ago  
    False 3 months ago  
    I'm a furry 3 months ago  
    18, she just acts 8 lmao 3 months ago  
    Very false 3 months ago  
    Everyone thinks I'm gay though 3 months ago  
    makes sense 3 months ago  
    My dad ran over a raccoon in a 2011 Civic, does that count 3 months ago  
    Lets be honest 3 months ago  
    Oh hell yes 3 months ago  
    What an original question 3 months ago +1
    Same, it's called mixed dominance 3 months ago  
    I didn't know that 3 months ago +1
    huh 3 months ago  
    what 3 months ago +1
    Idk, it depends on the person I think 3 months ago  
    Almost always, except when I say in my head something around the lines of "you're an idiot" 3 months ago  
    Everyone knows that no people ACTUALLY have vaginas, that's just a thing in porn 3 months ago +1
    That happened to me once 3 months ago  
    just say no!!! 3 months ago +1
    who? 3 months ago  
    fvck b 3 months ago  
    by far 3 months ago  
    What flash said about what ilovefreedom said 3 months ago  
    I don't want to die 3 months ago  
    No I'm not I'm only 3 inches taller than you but 20 pounds more 3 months ago  
    I was actually just thinking about making a question on this 3 months ago  
    Wow, what an original question 3 months ago  
    B always ends in a tie if anyone actually knows what they're doing 3 months ago  
    That's objective 3 months ago  
    No one cares 3 months ago  
    Jesus Christ 3 months ago  
    Same as the toilet paper at school 3 months ago  
    Hell no 3 months ago  
    Whisper it 3 months ago +1
    Wedding dresses don't have to be that fancy, some people go casual 3 months ago  
    breathing 3 months ago  
    That's basically just as good as being invisible 3 months ago  
    An hour ago 3 months ago  
    ^^ 3 months ago  
    White, blue eyes, brown hair, 5' 5'' 3 months ago  
    Me, because men don't HAVE to get pregnant, but women have to squeeze out a fcking egg every month no matter what. 3 months ago  
    gru 3 months ago +1
    Lmao 3 months ago  
    please 3 months ago  
    I would never use B because I'm not a sporty person. Quality-wise, B is better, but also way more expensive and not worth it for most people 3 months ago  
    wtf 3 months ago  
    I got married before my first hug 3 months ago  
    Basically my grandparents. My uncle stole their car keys so they couldn't leave the house if they want to. Long story. 3 months ago  
    Ew 3 months ago  
    die 3 months ago  
    yeeeeeet 3 months ago  
    Yum 3 months ago  
    People think I'm one anyway 3 months ago  
    Humans would be dead or have evolved so much that they'd be inhabiting other planets by then. 3 months ago  
    No, it's not suffering because girls can just touch their c l i t t y and it's the most common form of female masturbation. Even then, some girls participate in no nut november as in no orgasming/masturbating november. 3 months ago +2
    It's been nearly a year, 3 months ago  
    One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster 3 months ago  
    I have school 3 months ago  
    When will I ever go into space 3 months ago +1
    yeettttt 3 months ago  
    Biggar c0ck 3 months ago  
    Though it's not very useful, I love it. 3 months ago  
    skinny long c0ck 3 months ago +1
    Not sure why people liked it so much 3 months ago  
    Yes please 3 months ago  
    You blink 28,800 times in one day. 3 months ago +1
    I don't eat meat 3 months ago  
    I don't know if you can teleport him WITH you, but thanks bb 3 months ago  
    I'm probably a bit too old for them now 3 months ago  
    Actually a good question 3 months ago  
    The warmth of the lava around me would make it more torturous 3 months ago  
    An amateur voice actor 3 months ago  
    nibba 3 months ago  
    I'd most likely teleport to the void of space and die immediately. 3 months ago  
    I cry more than I poop 3 months ago +1
    I never read A, but the first two books of the hunger games were pretty good. Mockingjay was boring as f*ck. 3 months ago  
    Bro fist vs Thanos snap 3 months ago  
    As cool as it would be to fly, some species of ants live for 15 years while house flies only live for a month. 3 months ago  
    Not true 3 months ago  
    I'm an artist 3 months ago  
    I'll just talk to my rrrather friends elsewhere 3 months ago +2
    More useful 3 months ago  
    Oh sh*t I just realized with teleportation I can teleport to Satan's house but A is so op aaaahhhhh idk what to do 3 months ago  
    duh 4 months ago  
    Generally, men play more console/pc games and women play more mobile games. 4 months ago  
    I knew you were going to post that 4 months ago  
    Only I can do that 4 months ago  
    I thought this was a frisk question at first 4 months ago  
    And they say I'm the furry (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) 4 months ago  
    wings 4 months ago  
    There are two kinds of people in this world: people that have peed in the pool or liars 4 months ago +1
    97% of animals are invertebrates. Enough said. 4 months ago  
    Actually useful 4 months ago  
    One word: Trenches 4 months ago +1
    ooooo tough 4 months ago  
    die 4 months ago  
    die 4 months ago  
    French Toast 4 months ago  
    :) 4 months ago +1
    I vored the fat kid to death 4 months ago  
    I love this series 4 months ago +1
    hitler 4 months ago  
    Since when did alexw have a castle? 4 months ago  
    I've seen B way too many times 4 months ago  
    lmao I really hope you're joking 4 months ago +4
    Definitely, when I ate them that is 4 months ago  
    OH SHIT YEAH 4 months ago  
    Though B was a much better movie 4 months ago +1
    Easy 4 months ago  
    Definitely 4 months ago  
    Thats the racing game not the free run 4 months ago  
    Wii fit cycling was god tier 4 months ago  
    No, it's part of wii fit plus 4 months ago  
    Also onision looks like a woman there 4 months ago  
    Though I already have the power to draw dongs well it would be nice to draw them photorealistic 4 months ago  
    manipulate the size of food 4 months ago +1
    Yes 4 months ago +1
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