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Lauren. 14 y/o, 3/16/04. High School Freshman (ninth grade). Female (She/her, not they). American, Eastern Time Zone. Languages: English (native) Spanish (learning in school). INFP-T. Art Programs: Toon Boom Harmony 14 Essentials (for animating and making simple cartoon drawings). Fire Alpaca (for backgrounds and regular digital drawings). Wacom Intuos Medium (for drawing). Rough Animator (for mobile, used for both animations and art preceding July 17 2017) YouTube:

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Would you rather become pregnant now (you must keep the baby) or never be able to have, adopt, foster, or spend significant time with children AND non-human animals (includes cats, dogs, and other pets) 3 days ago 100 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Are non-binary people real? Yes or No 1 week ago 113 votes 26 comments 0 likes
What do you consider twilight as? Day or Night 3 weeks ago 77 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Are you a Lefty or Righty 7 months ago 108 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play Chess or Scrabble 7 months ago 97 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Say we discovered life on another planet. What would you consider intelligent life? Any sentient beings/primitive human-like creatures or Only those as intelligent or more intelligent than humans. 7 months ago 72 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which design should I use as my avatar? AA or BB 8 months ago 59 votes 20 comments 0 likes
If you saw an ant in your house, would you squash him or let him outside 8 months ago 96 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you pull April Fools pranks this Easter? Yes or No 9 months ago 81 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather drink rat boob juice or eat a whole period 9 months ago 52 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Why should minors have to pay sales taxes? Comment or don't comment 10 months ago 55 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have your pet lick you on the face 100 times in a row or not have to feed them for a day 10 months ago 60 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Eat only 11 potato chips or Eat the whole fvcking bag 10 months ago 84 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Is unnecessarily and purposely hurting and killing animals animal abuse? Yes or No 11 months ago 94 votes 106 comments 0 likes
Should a female be able to join the women's Olympics if she is biologically male, or vise versa? Yes or No 11 months ago 102 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch paint dry for 15 minutes or Watch a cat for 30 minutes (you cannot pet them) 11 months ago 86 votes 14 comments 0 likes
What is a fact? My mom got pregnant with quadruplets and had a miscarriage or There is a kid named Tom Brady in my school who is the football team's quarterback. 11 months ago 72 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Do you think my new avatar is a dog or my new avatar is a cat 11 months ago 61 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Watch the Superbowl or not 11 months ago 75 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather sue girl scouts for not letting boys to join or sue boy scouts for allowing girls to join 11 months ago 51 votes 16 comments 0 likes
You are driving your car to work and a chicken crosses the road. Do you wait for her to walk off the street or run her over 11 months ago 67 votes 14 comments 0 likes
What's stupider? Veganism or Arguments against veganism 11 months ago 79 votes 36 comments 0 likes
How old do you think I am? comment or don't comment 11 months ago 52 votes 26 comments 0 likes
What's worse? American slavery or factory farms and slaughterhouses 11 months ago 97 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather ship me and manw or me and CrazyxHorse1 11 months ago 45 votes 11 comments 0 likes
You find 3 mice and a blue jay stuck in a glue trap. You could only save the mice or the bird. Would you rather save the mice or save the bird 11 months ago 78 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Your pet is being very affectionate while you are trying to work. Do you try to work around them or move them 11 months ago 83 votes 10 comments 0 likes
When you die, would you rather be buried or be cremated 11 months ago 105 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather dye your hair a natural color or an unnatural color 1 year ago 81 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Is taste more important than a life of an animal? Yes or No 1 year ago 99 votes 58 comments 0 likes
BEST ANIMATED MOVIE OF 2017 TOURNAMENT ROUND 2 (1/4) Despicable Me 3 or Ferdinand 1 year ago 61 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather not shower for a month or not brush your teeth for a year 1 year ago 73 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Wear a kilt on a daily basis and only eat haggis or Go to caber tossing school and major in the bagpipes 1 year ago 55 votes 13 comments 0 likes
BEST ANIMATED MOVIE OF 2017 TOURNAMENT ROUND 1 (7/7) The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature or The Star 1 year ago 58 votes 6 comments 0 likes
BEST ANIMATED MOVIE OF 2017 TOURNAMENT ROUND 1 (6/7) The LEGO Batman Movie or Cars 3 1 year ago 67 votes 9 comments 0 likes
BEST ANIMATED MOVIE OF 2017 TOURNAMENT ROUND 1 (5/7) Smurfs: The Lost Village or Animal Crackers 1 year ago 57 votes 5 comments 0 likes
BEST ANIMATED MOVIE OF 2017 TOURNAMENT ROUND 1 (4/7) Despicable Me 3 or Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie 1 year ago 72 votes 7 comments 0 likes
BEST ANIMATED MOVIE OF 2017 TOURNAMENT ROUND 1 (3/7) Coco or The Emoji Movie 1 year ago 84 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather work in a dog slaughterhouse for 60 dollars an hour or work in a regular slaughterhouse for minimum wage 1 year ago 67 votes 27 comments 0 likes
BEST ANIMATED MOVIE OF 2017 TOURNAMENT ROUND 1 (2/7) Ferdinand or My Little Pony: The Movie 1 year ago 58 votes 7 comments 0 likes
BEST ANIMATED MOVIE OF 2017 TOURNAMENT ROUND 1 (1/7) The LEGO Ninjago Movie or The Boss Baby 1 year ago 69 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather stay up for 50 hours straight or sleep for 20 hours straight and feel like crap when you wake up 1 year ago 68 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Save the life of an actual working lightsaber that you will never meet or Have a starving, African child 1 year ago 63 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather only brush your hair and teeth with your hands or only eat with your hands 1 year ago 70 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a snow day tommorrow or get a day off in may 1 year ago 72 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather sprain your foot (you'll need a cast for two weeks) or have a teacher assign a hard five page long essay due tomorrow 1 year ago 71 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be fluent in braille or be fluent in binary 1 year ago 68 votes 10 comments 0 likes
What am I? a deformed trapezoid headed rabbit (is it a nose or a mouth??? You may never know....) or CRAZy OMG ADOrabLE KAWAii KItty FaNNATtICC!!!! 1 year ago 46 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have all furries turn into their fursonas or everyone in your county except you turn into extreme furries 1 year ago 54 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat a food dish that goes against your ethical eating habits once a week (pigs for Jews, dogs and cats for pet owners, etc) or Only eat foods you hate 1 year ago 68 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather give up your favorite food or give up your favorite video game 1 year ago 70 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have your hands amputated or go blind 1 year ago 68 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat an ultra dark chocolate bar or eat nine milk chocolate Hershey Kisses 1 year ago 75 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather kill yourself or kill everyone on rrrather except you 1 year ago 63 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to go to any theme park for free for the rest of your life or have all food you order at restaurants be free for the rest of your life 1 year ago 94 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Do you feel animals are property? Yes, they are helpless so we have a right to control them. or No, animals aren't objects. 1 year ago 86 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather lose all your money or lose all the pictures you have ever taken 1 year ago 94 votes 10 comments 0 likes
What's worse? A fear of crowds. or A fear of being alone. 1 year ago 83 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas! Are you spending time with your annoying family. or laying in bed using the gifts you never wanted. 1 year ago 68 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather marry a very nice person of the same sex or marry your first cousin of the opposite sex 1 year ago 70 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Do your homework as soon as you get home or Do your homework during lunch/free periods 1 year ago 103 votes 8 comments 0 likes
What's worse? Killing someone with a gun or Brutally torturing someone for a long period of time, but they live 1 year ago 90 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you you buy a kitten if it was the same price as adopting one? No, I'd rather adopt one in need or Yes, purebred kittens are cuter/prettier 1 year ago 66 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Is it hypocritical to say you love animals but support their slaughter by buying meat? Yes or No 1 year ago 94 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Never eat snacks again or Never play video games or watch lets plays again 1 year ago 83 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather rape, whip, abuse, burn, and skin 100,000 baby chicks. or throw a baby off a cliff. 1 year ago 76 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather buy a puppy or adopt a puppy 1 year ago 85 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Adopt a kitten or Adopt a cat 1 year ago 77 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Spay one cat or Neuter three cats 1 year ago 63 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Depression or Anxiety 1 year ago 84 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather kill 100 baby pigs or kill a kitten 1 year ago 76 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Who should have a longer sentence: A person who slit the throats of 10,000 baby cows or A person who shot a puppy. 1 year ago 73 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have exist Santa Claus or Dragons 1 year ago 150 votes 15 comments 0 likes
What is better Fall or Winter 1 year ago 92 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you eat bacon if it came from a dog? Yes or No 1 year ago 106 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be stuck in a well or stuck in a tree 1 year ago 77 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Brutally murder a chicken a week for life or Go vegan for life 1 year ago 68 votes 7 comments 0 likes

CatIover has posted the following comments:

Cis means a person identifies with the gender they were born as. I'm was born female, I don't have gender dysphoria, therefore I'm a cis woman. 8 hours ago  
Everyone knows who B is and everyone knows she's underage 8 hours ago  
alexw... 8 hours ago  
I'm as round as a ruler 8 hours ago  
put down the vodka please 1 day ago  
A could cause dysphoria. B could as well but at least the child has a choice. 1 day ago +1
Depends on the woman 1 day ago  
Good point, but I did look them up and A is 16 and B is 13 1 day ago  
Has there been a documented case of a cis man getting pregnant? 1 day ago  
I don't really have an opinion on this subject manner but please respect people's pronouns (he/she/they) 1 day ago +1
I though hermaphrodite was considered an offensive term. 1 day ago  
Those people are called intersex, hermaphrodite is apparently an offensive term today. They are as common as redheads and they tend to lean towards a single gender. 1 day ago  
Those people are intersex. They are as common as redheads and they tend to lean towards one gender. 1 day ago +1
Aren't you a lesbian? 2 days ago  
Trans men who haven't had a hysterectomy or bottom surgery can get pregnant 2 days ago  
Am I gregment? 2 days ago  
Most people aren't just one or the other. I agree with many Republican beliefs but I'm more left-winged. 2 days ago  
So many government workers are suffering from this shutdown 2 days ago  
*shoves used tampon down your throat* 2 days ago +1
wtf that's horrible 2 days ago  
I've done worse in my dreams 2 days ago +1
I would be fine with being a Buddhist 2 days ago  
I don't really like coffee 2 days ago  
It depends on the tarantula. Most are venomous. 2 days ago  
It didn't say they couldn't be dead with their poison removed 2 days ago +1
I won't be prosecuted for B since I'm a minor. My family would think it's funny anyway. 2 days ago  
They both look underage. 2 days ago  
They are the same thing. I won't do it with a woman either way. 2 days ago  
No 2 days ago +1
They don't fit well with their backgrounds though. 2 days ago  
I love both of them 2 days ago  
They are inspired by many different mammals 2 days ago  
charmander? 3 days ago +2
Thanos himself dies 3 days ago  
less bacon 3 days ago  
I am over cats. My username is cat i over 3 days ago  
Where I live it sets at 4:30 pm in the winter and 8:30 pm in the summer. 3 days ago  
I agree. I like san diego better because it's yearly temperatures range from 60 to 80. It also doesn't rain much, but Miami is pretty dry too. 3 days ago  
Where do you even find these 4 days ago  
Pizza pizza 4 days ago  
The sun is out at 4 pm too, but I agree 4 days ago  
I'd be able to go to school 4 days ago  
I've only ever had drills 4 days ago +2
Does Starbucks allow dogs? 4 days ago  
Either way I'm doing the project by myself 4 days ago  
B is A 4 days ago  
*slowly steps back* 4 days ago  
I despise the cold but I went to Miami once and it was 110 degrees. 4 days ago  
Technically B is in a higher tier than A 4 days ago +1
People were literally rocks in elementary school because they couldn't find enough roles 4 days ago  
I absolutely love it 4 days ago  
too warm 4 days ago  
Don't have it 4 days ago  
A normal 14-year-old girl against a normal 14-year-old boy would be a more even match. 4 days ago  
That is completely false. Do you think I made my avatar with a click of a button? 6 days ago +4
My sister has a wooden alto recorder 6 days ago  
I have no interest in drinking 6 days ago  
I think you'll be surprised that the recorder can actually be a good instrument if the player knows what she's doing. My sister is a recorder player and won a lot of contests for it. 6 days ago  
Don't vote 6 days ago +1
ankle 6 days ago  
I'm a teenager so B won't make much of a difference. 6 days ago  
I can go without it 6 days ago  
I'm sure it'll taste good 6 days ago +1
It doesn't make a difference 6 days ago  
Don't exist as a gender or lack of 6 days ago  
Time travel to the past is most likely impossible though 1 week ago +1
yeah 1 week ago  
Much easier to get a license 1 week ago  
A makes me feel sick 1 week ago +1
Time travel to the future is 100% percent possible. Hop on a plane and your watch will be very, very slightly ahead 1 week ago +1
I can stretch my body and head shape to more attractive 1 week ago +1
bowsette 1 week ago +1
kinkeh 1 week ago +1
So you never had any romantic feelings for your ex? 1 week ago  
It depends on who you ask 1 week ago  
Calm down she was making a joke. There is nothing wrong with being lgbt. There is also nothing wrong with being straight. 1 week ago +1
Ally 1 week ago +2
It wont allow me to post questions 1 week ago  
Never kissed (´༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ `) 1 week ago +2
How were you able to post a question it won't allow me 1 week ago +2
I do love the pansexual flag though. It's really pretty. 1 week ago +2
A is too crowded and B has an unattractive color scheme. Just my opinion though. 1 week ago  
Trying to drive at sunset without sunglasses 1 week ago  
Atheists should choose to have an afterlife if they want to, personally, I'd rather cease to exist then live through the utter torture of immortality. 1 week ago  
I don't like either of them 1 week ago  
you'll die 1 week ago  
When was the last time I even mentioned my eating habits? Why do they have anything to do with this? 1 week ago  
or drinking 1 week ago  
oookay 1 week ago +1
Or defecates. He urinates more often though. 1 week ago +1
meh 1 week ago  
His mood changes very quickly. One moment he speaks to you intelligently, and the next moment he screams at you for no reason other than "I'm drunk" 1 week ago +1
More people with watch it probably 1 week ago  
You'll die in B. The longest someone was able to go without sleep was 11 days. 1 week ago  
Happy New Year! I can't believe it's 2012! I typed this while using internet explorer so it may be a little slow. 1 week ago +1
Me against rrrather's newest "best user"? Cmon, there's no competition. 1 week ago +5
I believe those people are intersex 1 week ago  
Mr. Owl ate my metal worm. 1 week ago +1
spill. 1 week ago  
haggis 1 week ago  
wtf 1 week ago +1
B is incredibly helpful for desperate moments 1 week ago  
spill 1 week ago  
So... I'm the only girl who picked A? 1 week ago +1
I think so. 1 week ago  
Never illumination 1 week ago +1
Definitely 1 week ago +1
he's cool 2 weeks ago +1
She tried many different medications but none of them worked for her. 2 weeks ago  
Your writing style is very hard to understand 2 weeks ago +1
My mom has severe insomnia. Many nights she is unable to sleep at all. 2 weeks ago  
B sounds nasty honestly 2 weeks ago +1
Misclick. I thought it said legal. I'm on birth control because I have hormonal issues associated with my menstrual cycle. 2 weeks ago  
neither 2 weeks ago +3
wtf 2 weeks ago +1
I had a lot of sleep difficulties in eighth grade. I even fell asleep standing up in chorus (everyone had to take it, it was also at 7 in the morning). I made a huge scene and I was extremely embarrassed when I woke up a few seconds later on the floor with people hovering over me. 2 weeks ago  
What about toon boom ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2 weeks ago  
I played with LPS constantly when I was 6-8 2 weeks ago  
*clears throat* 2 weeks ago  
I'd bring the magic wand from fairly odd parents. Then I can wish for a fictional character to come to life. 2 weeks ago +1
Much, much worse 2 weeks ago +1
I'm none of them. I'm the picky eater 2 weeks ago +1
He's male 2 weeks ago +1
I'm going there this spring 2 weeks ago  
I go to A often. I'm only an hour and a half away from it. 2 weeks ago  
Oof can you do me? 2 weeks ago  
Relationships are about commitment and trust 2 weeks ago +1
I thought it said james charles for a split second 2 weeks ago  
truth 2 weeks ago  
Me and my family joke about this song all the time 2 weeks ago  
fewer syllables 2 weeks ago  
I never use my phone 2 weeks ago +1
No 2 weeks ago  
some fluke 2 weeks ago  
I honestly can't tell if you're trolling or not. 2 weeks ago  
I'm going to italy this spring 2 weeks ago  
Apparently you're from texas now 2 weeks ago  
It's not a perfect rhyme 2 weeks ago  
I didn't get the notification oops 2 weeks ago +1
Isn't trump B? 2 weeks ago  
fairly oddparents 2 weeks ago +1
pls subscribe to me im desperate for attention 2 weeks ago +1
Drama 2 weeks ago  
Don't be dramatic 2 weeks ago  
Don't be dramatic 2 weeks ago  
Don't be dramatic 2 weeks ago  
Don't be dramatic 2 weeks ago  
Don't be dramatic 2 weeks ago  
Don't be dramatic 2 weeks ago  
Egypt's overrated 2 weeks ago  
Not just to see it. I'm not paying thousands to only go to a museum 2 weeks ago  
It's drank less often 2 weeks ago  
pls subscribe im desperate for attention 2 weeks ago +1
Everything's cancer to you 2 weeks ago +1
hehe I have more subs than you 2 weeks ago +1
The earth doesn't revolve around you 2 weeks ago  
I don't hate you personally, I just don't like your content. 2 weeks ago  
It depends on the role you get. 2 weeks ago  
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2 weeks ago +1
It's never worth it 2 weeks ago +2
I never read the books 2 weeks ago  
Misclick. I hate both. At least I could have a good time making fun of A. 2 weeks ago  
Pretend you were 14 then. 2 weeks ago +1
That armor is not protective. It's exposing her "chest" for a bunch of 13-year-old boys to masturbate too. 2 weeks ago  
Break up with him. No loyal partner would ever do that. 2 weeks ago  
It's hard to become successful with either. I love A much more though. 2 weeks ago +1
Meat without slaughter 2 weeks ago +1
I stayed up all "night" when I went to Iceland. 2 weeks ago  
No thought is exactly the same 2 weeks ago  
either way I'm dead 2 weeks ago +1
I was working and took a five minute break to watch the ball drop 2 weeks ago  
heh nice pictures 2 weeks ago +3
Yes make more optical illusion questions 2 weeks ago +2
Lots of stuff in the bible that's considered a sin is acceptable today 2 weeks ago +2
I'd probably be less likely to die 2 weeks ago +1
depends on the child's age honestly 2 weeks ago  
weebs 2 weeks ago  
air conditioners 2 weeks ago  
If I was born in the 1700's, human slavery would be seen as normal. 2 weeks ago  
not yet 2 weeks ago +1
I haven't been in a relationship yet so it wouldn't be healthy 2 weeks ago  
neutral 2 weeks ago  
Please try to use better grammar. I can barely understand what you are saying. 2 weeks ago +2
Make an ankle lemon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2 weeks ago +1
Not everything is black and white 2 weeks ago +1
*takes out pliers* 2 weeks ago +1
Don't do it in front of people. 3 weeks ago  
We've been together for a year. We'll work it out. 3 weeks ago  
fascination doesn't always mean action 3 weeks ago +2
I hate teeth 3 weeks ago +1
A generic 15-year-old pubescent boy 3 weeks ago +2
One of the seniors in my high school went through a similar situation. They were born in 1999 and all the other seniors were born in 2001 (or 2000 if they were December babies. Where I live, people born in December are held back a grade). This particular senior was also a December baby and went through complications when moving countries, so they are technically two grades behind. 3 weeks ago  
You aren't born painting the mona lisa. 3 weeks ago  
for some reason I thought you were already 15 idk why. Btw, are you in 9th or 10th grade? 3 weeks ago  
Happy borth 3 weeks ago  
Both help keep the steam out 3 weeks ago  
I'd rather be attacked by a sheep than sentient bagpipes. Who knows what they can do to me. 3 weeks ago  
My cats hate them. They hide under the beds near and on the Fourth of July. 3 weeks ago  
The school system should be changed but not this extremely 3 weeks ago  
Nevermind, I don't feel like doing you favors 3 weeks ago  
Thanks for the compliments 3 weeks ago  
I'll do it then because it's four in the morning and I don't feel like going to sleep 3 weeks ago  
make sure to mention the date you changed your name and replace every mention of "mindlesspie" on the wiki to "koreanjesus" 3 weeks ago  
You still haven't changed the username of the MindlessPie page on there. 3 weeks ago  
kinkeh 3 weeks ago  
Also, doesn't A include B? 3 weeks ago +1
Ignorance is bliss. Edit: I didn't read the description first, oops. 3 weeks ago +1
edgy 3 weeks ago  
I use it as an "excuse" to procrastinate on work. 3 weeks ago  
He damages more at the tip of the sword in smash. 3 weeks ago  
Misclick. B is "better" in Smash Bros. She has a slightly faster start time. 3 weeks ago  
I don't get why people would want any of these. It'd ruin their lives. 3 weeks ago  
Pretend that hell exists in this circumstance 3 weeks ago +1
She's 20 or 21. I saw a comment where she mentioned her age almost a year ago. 3 weeks ago  
We learned about STDs in fourth grade but they weren't allowed to mention or even acknowledge the existence of the "S". 3 weeks ago  
Yes. Teenagers are children. 3 weeks ago  
There's a difference between accidentally killing an animal and purposely killing an animal. But honestly, do you really want to eat roadkill? Sounds pretty nasty to me. 3 weeks ago  
Isn't it limited to one like per ip address when not logged in? If not, that's easily exploitable. 3 weeks ago +1
If you were flexible enough you could eat your own meat ;) 3 weeks ago +3
Love>sex (in my opinion) 3 weeks ago  
That's possible? 3 weeks ago +1
I 100% percent agree 3 weeks ago  
I'm sorry. 3 weeks ago  
kinkeh 3 weeks ago +1
A is true, not just for you, but for everybody. 3 weeks ago +1
Fantasies are usually more extreme than they are when performed in real life. Then again, I wouldn't know since I'm a child. 3 weeks ago  
In this circumstance it's real. 3 weeks ago +1
Killing for food and killing for pleasure are two different things. You are certainly right about that. However, unlike lions, we don't need meat to survive. We don't need meat to be healthy either. If a violent act is not necessary it's wrong. The real message should be "killing for survival and killing for violence are two different things." 3 weeks ago +3
ActualFrisk is in her twenties. She can choose to eat what she wants. Don't let your parent force you to eat unnutritious food. You can buy food and cook for yourself. Your mother holds no power over you. 3 weeks ago +3
There is a difference. We don't need meat to survive. It tastes good for sure, but we don't require it like wolves. Wolves and humans are not the same. Wolves kill for survival. Humans pay others to kill for taste. 3 weeks ago +3
Not all lives are equal. A human's life is more important than a blue whale's. No sane person would say that isn't true. If I had to chose to save a human or a blue whale, I'd choose the human for sure. What I'm saying is that these differences don't justify killing or paying to kill for sensual pleasure. Dogs and pigs are different. Humans are different from other humans. But that doesn't mean we can kill others willy-nilly because some species are superior in strength or intelligence. Killing for survival is acceptable. Killing for pleasure or paying someone to kill isn't right. 3 weeks ago +3
Humane slaughter doesn't exist. It's an oxymoron. If it's wrong to kill a dog, it's wrong to kill a pig. 3 weeks ago +4
Aren't you a vegetarian? 3 weeks ago  
The Bible doesn't say anything is wrong about eating meat. However, the Bible does not support violence. By eating meat, a person either kills an animal himself or pays someone to kill it for him. So yes, it's wrong from an ethical standpoint. Morality and legality (in terms of the Bible) are very different. 3 weeks ago +5
I'd regret it 3 weeks ago  
I don't want to be immortal! 3 weeks ago  
kinkeh 3 weeks ago +1
still edgier 3 weeks ago  
kinkeh 3 weeks ago +1
Platinum to Heart Gold. My sister just beat the Elite Four with four pokemon so I sent her two more to use in Kanto. 3 weeks ago +1
I only play chess occasionally for fun. I'm not that great at it. 3 weeks ago  
Chess is my second favorite board game. Scrabble is my first. 3 weeks ago  
Everything's kinkeh to you 3 weeks ago  
I swear, I literally just traded a Scyther holding a metal coat to my sister yesterday. 3 weeks ago +1
Read the description 3 weeks ago  
vampires 3 weeks ago  
He should have a life sentence 3 weeks ago  
wtf superawsomefunman shouldn't be in this competition he hasn't had an account for more than 500 days. 3 weeks ago  
edgier 3 weeks ago  
B is offensive to pigs 3 weeks ago +1
100% fact, all men are rapists and murderers and womyn are angels and the superior race 3 weeks ago +1
100% fact, all men are rapists and murderers and womyn are angels and the superior race 3 weeks ago +2
ankle 3 weeks ago +1
I could just go into the future and see lottery results 3 weeks ago  
Read the description 3 weeks ago  
misclick 3 weeks ago +1
You're usually into that kinky shlt 3 weeks ago  
Can I use a hot dog to smash her? 3 weeks ago +1
Both 3 weeks ago  
nvm 3 weeks ago  
may or MAY NOT 3 weeks ago  
My sister may or may not be famous too 3 weeks ago  
I love that movie 3 weeks ago  
It's the internet 3 weeks ago  
I wouldn't mind B too much 3 weeks ago  
INFP-T 3 weeks ago  
James Madison 3 weeks ago  
My sister was born on October 13th too 3 weeks ago  
Confront him 3 weeks ago  
An artist's quality is not necessarily defined by his fans either. 3 weeks ago  
ew 3 weeks ago  
Every day except when my dad comes home late from work 3 weeks ago  
Childhood is a necessary part of life. 3 weeks ago +2
I would be fine without Rrrather and Facebook. YouTube, however... 3 weeks ago +1
I care deeply about global warming; it's one of the reasons I'm vegan since animal agriculture accounts for about 50% of greenhouse gas emissions. However, saying that global warming was responsible for a "non-white Christmas" is pretty extreme. Sure, it may play a small part in it, but the reality is, it just doesn't snow that much in December. Christmas is just a random day in the month, it doesn't have a higher likelihood of it snowing on that exact date. 3 weeks ago  
First world problems. Complaining about a lack of snow. 3 weeks ago  
One in your pseudo-pussy 3 weeks ago  
I don't want to be immortal 3 weeks ago  
You don't want to bleed everywhere 3 weeks ago  
B is disqualified because he hasn't had an account for more than 500 days. Why are you going against your own rules? 3 weeks ago  
edgier 3 weeks ago  
ankle 3 weeks ago  
I rarely use my phone 3 weeks ago  
Mental illnesses are not cool 3 weeks ago +1
more food 3 weeks ago  
my virgin eyes 3 weeks ago +2
An F could be a 64 and the highest D is a 69. A would affect my average much more. 3 weeks ago  
then kill the other one 3 weeks ago  
I can't handle even slightly spicy things 3 weeks ago  
*shoves used tampon down your throat* 3 weeks ago  
fck ultear, marry kagura, kill briar 3 weeks ago  
fck laxus, marry gildarts, kill elfman 3 weeks ago  
Fck Jerome, marry the blue haired guy, and kill the girl 3 weeks ago  
I hate getting older and soon I won't be allowed to go trick or treating 3 weeks ago  
*passes giant clots and pretends that they're meatballs* 3 weeks ago  
*bleeds on pasta and pretends it's tomato sauce* 3 weeks ago  
Why does she have bowling balls for breasts 3 weeks ago +2
True 3 weeks ago  
Hug your parents 3 weeks ago  
I hate B with a passion 3 weeks ago  
100% yes 3 weeks ago  
I've been to A many times for obvious reasons 3 weeks ago  
I'm going to Rome in April. 3 weeks ago  
Pasta>Life 3 weeks ago  
One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster. The bars are temples but the pearls ain't free. You'll find a god in every golden cloister. And if you're lucky then the god's a she. I can feel an angel sliding up to me. 3 weeks ago  
B means "chosen gender." Therefore, Actual Frisk and TalcumPowder will still have gender dysphoria, and if the opposite was true, you would gain gender dysphoria. Please stop pretending to be female because it's "cool". It's not. 3 weeks ago  
*clot splashes into the toilet* 3 weeks ago  
Sexist 3 weeks ago +1
Say that santa's elves ran out of toys 3 weeks ago  
"she" 3 weeks ago  
misclick 3 weeks ago  
Nothing ever happens here. 3 weeks ago  
Fck ipkiss, marry the grinch and kill salad fingers 3 weeks ago  
I'd rather do A but B is more likely. 3 weeks ago  
get a life 3 weeks ago  
So edgy 3 weeks ago  
Are you actually ambidextrous or just mixed dominance? I'm the latter, I draw and write with my left hand but do other activities with my right. It's very common in lefties. 3 weeks ago  
I need my drawing hand 3 weeks ago  
For once a question not about victoria secret models 3 weeks ago +2
Hah you changed your gender sign 3 weeks ago  
I was at my grandmother's 3 weeks ago  
We bring our own lunch and eat it in the gym. You have to go even if you're not hungry. 3 weeks ago  
Why? Because they're a guest? 3 weeks ago +1
It didn't say you had to do any of them 3 weeks ago  
We don't have a cafeteria 3 weeks ago  
Most people aren't completely leftist or rightist 4 weeks ago +1
I never got into the habit of doing B. Mostly because I don't speak much. 4 weeks ago +1
I don't watch anime so I wouldn't know what I'm missing 4 weeks ago +2
I hated that movie (B) 4 weeks ago +1
A is stronger but B is cooler 4 weeks ago +1
I'm not sadistic 4 weeks ago +1
Don't be afraid to express your beliefs 4 weeks ago  
I did it when I was 11, but not in a romantic way or to someone I knew in real life. 4 weeks ago  
Definitely. Scrabble is easy, you really only need to memorize the two letter words. 4 weeks ago  
A person can be thankful for what they have without paying someone to take the lives of others. 4 weeks ago  
Ask them who your "rrrather crush" is 4 weeks ago +2
spill 4 weeks ago  
I hate A so much 4 weeks ago +1
I like reading 4 weeks ago  
A person can be thankful for what they have without taking the lives of others. 4 weeks ago  
A shooting happens like every other week 4 weeks ago  
I like to enjoy a good book. For school reading, I listen to the audiobook while drawing if I don't need to take notes. 4 weeks ago  
What do you do for a living? 4 weeks ago  
I could care less about this site honestly 4 weeks ago +1
My phone is six years old anyway. I don't use it much either. 1 month ago  
no 1 month ago  
more spaghetti 1 month ago  
SuperAwsomeFunMan is disqualified because his account is less than 500 days old. 1 month ago  
YEE 1 month ago  
Misclick. I hate Thanksgiving. How are you supposed to give thanks for being alive when there's a corpse on the table? 1 month ago  
I was born one day before Saint Patrick's day. 1 month ago +1
Senpai 1 month ago  
nostalgic 1 month ago  
more ankles 1 month ago +1
overrated af though 1 month ago +2
Pikachu. Sounds cheesy but he's not bad. King K Rool is great too, but I don't use him that much. Same with Ice Climbers. 1 month ago  
Fast and light 1 month ago  
I hate birthdays too 1 month ago  
Trash is more convenient to say because it's one syllable. 1 month ago  
Tentacles 1 month ago  
Me in a nutshell 1 month ago  
Why would I want or need either of these 1 month ago +1
Definitely 1 month ago  
You're fifteen now? Happy borth 1 month ago  
Option C: Kill them 1 month ago +1
Hentai will happen 1 month ago  
kinkeh 1 month ago +1
You can't vote for yourself unless your account is 500 days old 1 month ago  
Here's something I found, "Just 4 percent of Christmas days have had flakes flying for any measurable snowfall in Long Island" "1 out of 5 Christmas's have an inch or more of snow cover already on the ground" 1 month ago  
Long Island. We get a lot of snow in January - March but never any in December. It is cold enough to snow, but it never happens for some reason. 1 month ago  
The question is worded very weirdly... misclick I think? Not too sure though. 1 month ago  
I used to do A all the time. With slaughterhouse videos. 1 month ago  
I would be A at first, but I'd get back into it. 1 month ago +1
Some stuff you did has a decent amount of views. Subscribed. 1 month ago  
I don't live in the city. 1 month ago  
What is your youtube channel 1 month ago  
Na my animation computer is $1,000 1 month ago  
I have trouble interacting one-on-one with people. If I was with a group, it would be easier 1 month ago  
That sounds like an eternal October 1 month ago  
In my whole life it never snowed on Christmas nor was there any snow on the ground. 1 month ago  
I could get a nice job with a 1 month ago +1
wtf 1 month ago  
Quality over quantity 1 month ago +1
It's just $500 1 month ago +1
MustaKrakish's pronouns are urinates/defecates 1 month ago  
true 1 month ago  
That's cute 1 month ago +2
pentatonix 1 month ago  
B happens all the time to me 1 month ago  
I just pasted it into google and it said "I'm gay" 1 month ago  
いいえ、あなたはバイセクシュアルです 1 month ago  
I could at least get a job with it. No one wants a female santa impersonator. 1 month ago  
ayy edgy emo boy is back 1 month ago +1
I need those fries though 1 month ago  
I'm a sucker for cats 1 month ago  
No weener to kleener 1 month ago +2
My sister would find some way to make it into an instrument. 1 month ago  
I can smell the oil paint 1 month ago  
they're bowling balls 1 month ago  
Dogs are more work 1 month ago +2
Used to be when I was 12 1 month ago 1 month ago +1
My head's always down drawing. Still got A's though. 1 month ago +1
You could be on the other side of the world for all you know 1 month ago  
I've got nothing to hide 1 month ago  
Go to bed 1 month ago  
Keep your hair down and you'll look decent 1 month ago  
Better chance of getting a good grade 1 month ago  
and automobiles 1 month ago  
Depends on if money's a factor 1 month ago  
wtf 1 month ago  
100% agreed. 1 month ago +1
You misclicked. The question was worded weird 1 month ago  
Traveling to the future has already proven to be possible (with the watch on the fast-moving plane experiment), but traveling to the past almost definitely is not. 1 month ago  
Nauseousness really isn't a significant side effect 1 month ago  
Definitely 1 month ago  
F*** incineroar, marry wolf, kill bowser 1 month ago  
Wow MustaKrakish actually likes a movie for once 1 month ago  
Depends on my mood honestly. Candy would last longer, I would eat all the chips in one sitting. 1 month ago  
I never tried vegan turkey, mainly because I never liked regular turkey in the first place. 1 month ago +1
Didn't goldenmoon do this? 1 month ago +1
A crush at first sight is real but love requires time. 1 month ago  
Neither please 1 month ago +1
Sounds cooler 1 month ago +1
I hate Thanksgiving 1 month ago +2
Less turkey 1 month ago  
Less marshmellows 1 month ago  
Less lobster 1 month ago  
No 1 month ago +1
It said I was in new jersey for many months 1 month ago  
No 1 month ago +1
Less salmon 1 month ago  
Less meat loaf 1 month ago  
Definitely 1 month ago +1
Less bacon 1 month ago  
My account said I was from New Jersey for almost a year 1 month ago  
I never curse 1 month ago  
Sweet 1 month ago  
Your legs won't fall asleep anymore 1 month ago  
eee 1 month ago  
You need to work on grammar. 1 month ago +3
No 1 month ago  
I'd eventually become numb to it but I wouldn't like it. 1 month ago  
You can do that? I'm not really sure how ghouls work. I'd be better than eating a human though. I'd eat a cow because there's more flesh in them than most pigs and chickens. 1 month ago  
Work at a graveyard 1 month ago +1
I'm sure many have decomposed already or haven't been discovered. 1 month ago  
A is worse when it happens when you're younger 1 month ago  
*vomits, defecates, and urinates on you like my cat did today when we took him to the vet* 1 month ago  
I agree 100% 1 month ago +1
I'm as straight as my non-existent ass 1 month ago  
Everyone has a little gay in them I guess 1 month ago +1
My dream occupation is to get paid to sit in my room do nothing 1 month ago +1
Trans or intersex? Intersex is when someone has parts of both genitals. 1 month ago  
There are 12 inches in a foot. He's 1.8 meters. 1 month ago +1
Isn't 5,11" above average for a man? 1 month ago  
Still taller than me, but I will grow a few inches. I love deep voices. 1 month ago  
No. I have a heated blanket 1 month ago  
Sell the electronics to buy food 1 month ago +1
*Gives carrot* 1 month ago  
Sell it 1 month ago  
With traditional Scottish bagpipe Christmas songs playing. 1 month ago +2
Not a fan of baked potatoes 1 month ago +1
If I didn't try hard enough, I wasn't as invested in the case and would feel less emotion over failing it. 1 month ago +2
I'm biased because of my age so I don't really know what it's like to pay taxes. I would still sleep for an hour or so to make it feel like a new day. 1 month ago +1
ew 1 month ago +2
Sorry 1 month ago 1 month ago +1
pretty sure he means christmas 1 month ago  
electric blanket 1 month ago  
I never liked birthdays 1 month ago  
you sound creepy 1 month ago  
Only social media I have 1 month ago  
ew 1 month ago  
ew 1 month ago  
ew 1 month ago  
Long Island pizza is the best 1 month ago  
I'm not a fan of subs 1 month ago  
fries and homefries 1 month ago  
My hair is light so my legs don't really need to be shaved. I'm okay with both honestly. I haven't started wearing makeup yet and I'm fine staying that way. 1 month ago +2
Then don't cut it 1 month ago  
I don't eat lunch at school. 1 month ago  
Buy another kilt to do that 1 month ago  
My three cats own me 1 month ago  
my cat's anus is in my face right now 1 month ago  
My cat is stepping on my keyboatf 1 month ago +1
Ur a mindful cake 1 month ago  
My cat is fat 1 month ago  
Is that pasta? I'm hungry now 1 month ago  
You look psychotic in a 1 month ago  
Cool name for a bird 1 month ago  
Get surgery 1 month ago  
It's north 1 month ago  
lesbians exist 1 month ago  
It isn't 1 month ago  
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