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I like tacos

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    Both creepy  
    There the same dam thing  
    Put me to sleep  
    Can't fit  
    Dig must dig!?  
    Creepy pichach  
    Head butt time  
    Run forest run  
    I hate crying and love  
    Lol no heaven or he'll for me  
    Can I change my vite  
    Hunger game makes me arngy  
    You can't stab a piranhas  
    Her mine is the brian  
    Fight to the deth  
    Hate the books  
    Germans girls are better  
    This is spartaaaaaaaaaa  
    Kill your wife  
    I don't care  
    Left is creepy  
    Hate planes  
    I like fighting  
    Robot arm  
    I have both  
    Joke on you math and books  
    Weed no count nuts yes  
    I hate typing  
    Hate moeny game are movie you control  
    Love both  
    True that  
    More gaming oh wait I do are ready get 5 hours  
    Squirt bottle  
    Read a bok  
    Hate my meshca  
    No robs me  
    Kill every one get in your way  
    Jokes on you I have night mare every night  
    Hey I love country  
    Can't die  
    There the same  
    I wish to be a god  
    My is I hate you all  
    No death pls  
    Curios moket  
    Love gaurs dogs  
    Fail for the win  
    PC looks cool  
    I hate wrighting I can learn  
    Not want to get eaten  
    Shirt no pants yes soes yes  
    I want to know wat my dog is saying  
    I see you u no see me  
    It more fun running away and a great way to get in shape  
    You can't get food on amazon  
    More moeny for me no death for me  
    Cyborg time  
    All my freinds  
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