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Freedom isn't free, so be thankful for those willing to fight so you don't have to.

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Would you rather be Necrophiliac or Pedophile 6 years ago 234 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have stomach ulcers or kidney stones? 6 years ago 159 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to Dimmu Borgir or Septic Flesh? 6 years ago 86 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Listen to ONLY Lil' Wayne everyday for a year or Go a year without listening to any music at all? 6 years ago 206 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to Slipknot or Avenged Sevenfold 6 years ago 168 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to I'm a Barbie Girl by Aqua or I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred 6 years ago 259 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be helpful on Yahoo Answers or Receive many violations by having fun. 6 years ago 195 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Your family move out of the house while you're away and not tell you where they went.? or Your parents sell everything you own and leave your room empty? 6 years ago 194 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the world Censored by the FCC? or Run by overly hateful people? 6 years ago 176 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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It would decrease gang violence and people would avoid making fun of the way they dress. 6 years ago  
You have terrible questions, I just want to shove it in my friend Ryan's face when his favourite quarterback a gay. 6 years ago  
that's why he minused the free part 6 years ago  
It makes it worse and it tastes disgusting. 6 years ago  
I'll be damned if I let a brat tarnish my image. 6 years ago +1
I honestly don't know. But it's been proven. 6 years ago  
Possibly, I'm not sure 6 years ago  
Home sweet home... 6 years ago  
If you want a job done, do it yourself. 6 years ago  
How could you do this to me...? I'm an Air Force Cadet, but England is my home. 6 years ago  
Mafia Gangster 6 years ago  
Thighs are nice in moderation. 6 years ago  
Yes 6 years ago  
You would die from eating liver. 6 years ago  
More grey, but blue as well 6 years ago  
I can't stand Bieber, but if I have to listen to country, I WILL kill someone. 6 years ago +2
If anything, it'll depress you with debt. 6 years ago +1
Happy early birthday, man. I'll probably not be on that day, so I'll beat it to the bullet. 6 years ago  
Flo is my hoe. 6 years ago +1
It's... It's Georgia... Georgia is terrible. 6 years ago +4
I wouldn't need internet. 6 years ago  
White supremacists are actually allowed to live like normal people do. As long as you keep it pg rated and to a minimum. 6 years ago  
Damn right. 6 years ago  
Laughing increases your life span. 6 years ago +3
I welcome the legal-coming ones, they help a lot. But the illegal ones are draining us. 6 years ago +1
Plus, when you pass it, you get a free diamond. :D 6 years ago +5
1967 GTO, please. 6 years ago  
Plus the sex. 6 years ago  
Neither. 6 years ago +1
It doesn't matter about the size of the gun, but how you use it. 6 years ago  
I'll be honest, I don't want any other girl than i've already got, so why not a car? As long as it's a 1967 Pontiac GTO. 6 years ago  
I sure hope so. 6 years ago  
I am in no fear of being sexism. I know as humans we deserve equal opportunities, but, also, as humans, we have strengths and weaknesses. Such as, men are good at some things, and women are better at some others. 6 years ago +2
They look the same. 6 years ago +3
I just don't like them because they are pretending to be something they aren't. I respect them in their work, I just don't like the music they make. I appreciate they still have a lick of talent on terms of not using enhancing computer programs to play with their voice. 6 years ago +1
Way to go, I'm pullin' for you, there aren't many people who can pull it off, anymore. 6 years ago  
Like them both, too. 6 years ago +1
I have a lot of problems, but it's nothing I can't set aside for someone more deserving. 6 years ago  
Sh... Sh-Sh-Sh.... I here something... I... I think it's... Sodomy. 6 years ago +8
And rubber. 6 years ago  
I dig Mississippi Queen from Mountain. 6 years ago +1
1-2-3-4, United States Marine Corps. 6 years ago  
You would eventually overdose on substances like iron. 6 years ago  
Damn, Phenenas, why can't I have both? 6 years ago +1
I would be part of the SES, but I need my cigs. 6 years ago  
Neither. 6 years ago  
faux furs 6 years ago +1
Nah, some crazed-ass fan. 6 years ago  
Spock thinks fighting is illogical. He wouldn't fight. 6 years ago +1
6 days apart, ended up getting 25 dollars total, nothing else... I prefer Christmas... 6 years ago  
He foresaw the decline of users, so he sold it for millions. 6 years ago  
So, stupid turtles are fast? 6 years ago +3
I ain't no basic b*tch. 6 years ago +4
Fear me, b*tches, for I am 1/60 your size. 6 years ago  
I must be the only one where it's the exact opposite for 6 years ago  
No magical powers means you're a muggle. 6 years ago +3
I'm not afraid, I'm just too disgusted. 6 years ago +2
Suicidal, so who cares either way? 6 years ago  
Wrong, ass wipe. Gothic are those with obsession of dark and unknown things. Scary and nightmarish material. You love what others find disturbing. Emos are the whiney little fags. 6 years ago  
Mike Myers 6 years ago  
In technicality, yes. I'm currently taking the same kind of situation. I have all advanced classes though. You might get that opportunity, I say might because I don't know if all schools work like mine. 6 years ago  
Yeah, but you can't exactly corrupt the corrupt. Most lawyers will do whatever they can to get money. 6 years ago  
I say yes, because it fuels our purpose as Americans to give everyone freedom and to get off our asses and do something about it. 6 years ago +1
No absolutism for me. 6 years ago  
NO I DON'T, NOT REALLY. 6 years ago  
If you're a girl, option A would never happen, ever. 6 years ago +1
Had to do option B when I broke my rib. 6 years ago  
Cops are law enforcers, it would be hell if they were paid not to do their jobs. 6 years ago +2
The elevator is useful? 6 years ago  
I'll be honest, my girlfriend is obsessed with them, and makes me watch them. I have a very profound way of remembering faces. 6 years ago  
So your both, that's cool. Got some variety and you don't limit yourself to just one identity. 6 years ago  
It isn't illegal unless you get caught. 6 years ago +1
"Hey! It that Phenenas's ass?" "I dunno, the all look the same to me." 6 years ago +2
Which one are you? 6 years ago  
Funny how you put Black Veil Brides as "amazing singer..." They're terrible, in my opinion. 6 years ago +3
Why? 6 years ago  
The trick is to leave out something small but ABSOLUTELY important in the plans, but remember it in your head, then, if it's stolen, they can't complete the machine. Maybe. Not trying to find loopholes, just trying to make A a winning situation. 6 years ago  
B means another day closer to death. 6 years ago +2
She could very well have been, but these lipstick wearing women here in America are better off where they stand. I'm not sexist, believe me, I know there are things women are just naturally better at than men, but vice versa is true, too. They are necessary for the population and essentially the race to stay alive. I'm not saying keep them out of the military, just putting the less competent one's where we are doing fine, is all. Not every woman can be as equal in strength as the girl you dated, and they shouldn't try to be. There are things best left up to other people. 6 years ago  
Factist* 6 years ago  
Die faster. Eat less. Require less maintenance. And quiet. 6 years ago +3
Sooo much porn. 6 years ago +1
Stock broker make ass loads in a decent market. 6 years ago  
Neither does thinking you're better than other people. 6 years ago +1
Staying sober! We need more of you around. Somebody's gotta drive. 6 years ago +1
Plus, he's black. Black is always better. 6 years ago +2
The fact is, no woman can be expected to rise to the physical peak as men. Men are built to be bigger. Many men would die. Anything but infantry. I don't think of it as "fake sexual harassment charges" happening. 6 years ago  
Damn right. 6 years ago +1
Constructive criticism/ Motivation 6 years ago  
Actually, masturbating will only cause carpel tunnel. 6 years ago  
I don't know what you mean. I think grown, sweaty men 25-35 years of age touching each other is cute... Not really, I'm joking. 6 years ago +1
But they are cutting themselves, so if they realise we are making fun of them, they'll stop. We don't want them to stop. 6 years ago  
Some schools are more prestigious, though, and are looked at first. Yes, you are right, but the job field will be, as people say, "rigged." They want people from ivory schools and such over a more common school. Although, it is still better to go to the more common school depending on what you want to major in. 6 years ago  
Sounds fun to me. 6 years ago  
True sh*t. 6 years ago  
I didn't know you had to be a b*tch. 6 years ago  
If they are guilty, they are guilty. You can't keep a known sex offender in jail. They have thousands of those that have admitted to it, that are still alive. 6 years ago +1
When I need to pee, I need to be. But there's a place for that to happen. Granted, there aren't many pregnant or new mothers, but they should provide a special room for them to go to when it's that time. 6 years ago  
Don't watch porn. Don't look at me like that, not everyone does. 6 years ago +1
y pants have space in that area, the guy's brand always comes like that. 6 years ago  
129 IQ, I'm okay. 6 years ago  
I was just using it as proof. We through with this? I don't feel the necessity to argue anymore. 6 years ago  
Through the course of your lifetime, it is expected that we eat more than that in our sleep. 6 years ago +1
COB is the sh*t. CC is alright. 6 years ago  
Apparently, to some ignorant people, that's still "unjustifiable" 6 years ago  
Hotter, more is unnecessary 6 years ago  
Precisely. 6 years ago  
Maybe 6 years ago  
Actually, now that I think about it, my hand is warmer. Unless it's my left hand. I'm weird. 6 years ago  
I'm white. Pasty white, and Tupac is one of the most influential people to me. 6 years ago +2
Math is nothing for me. I wish i had math than any other. 6 years ago  
Regret nothing, fear no one. 6 years ago +1
Emo is a term meaning Emotional. I have chronic depression, to the point wear I can't handle pretending to be happy. I am more goth because I'm not a whiney pussy who mutilates himself for no reason, or any reason at all. I just obsess over the dark and misfortunes of death. 6 years ago +1
FavoUrite, honoUr, coloUr, etc. That's the easiest way to explain it. Hope it helps. 6 years ago +1
Nu-Metal 6 years ago  
You drive a nice argument, I give you that. But I'm not that kind of person. I got a facebook, if that would help clarify it. 6 years ago  
Cheese nipples. 6 years ago +2
Stalin killed more people. 6 years ago +2
The way most of the talk is ridiculously annoying. I'll be honest. I can't stand it, either. 6 years ago +1
Can't juggle a job, drill team takes up every afternoon. 6 years ago  
Yeah, I see what you mean. 6 years ago  
Pinball Wizard is awesome. 6 years ago  
In fact, China and Japan only have defence military. They don't build to attack anymore. 6 years ago  
Thank you! Stop bailing out the god damn banks. 6 years ago +1
Nope, killed. Rapists and murderers shouldn't get three meals and a warm bed for the rest of their lives. 6 years ago +2
I guarantee, but not enough for those to be noticed. 6 years ago +1
Large spines. 6 years ago  
I'm already a victim of chronic depression, so why not get paid for it. 6 years ago +3
Why would I wear a dress I don't have the hips for in the first place? 6 years ago  
There is nothing to fear but fear. 6 years ago  
Buddhism is a religion based on internal bliss. It is an interesting and easy second choice for religion. 6 years ago  
Gene separation and mutation. 6 years ago +1
Lucifer! I like the name Lucifer, but i don't know what this is. Sorry. 6 years ago  
Also, according to quantum phys, if you know either detail you know more definitely makes the other detail less and less definite. 6 years ago  
If you learn math, it would make science easier, so either way is a win. 6 years ago  
Solitary confinement could be necessary for those kids who have social problems and would rather work in a quiet, isolated room. Just an idea. 6 years ago  
I offer my help, but if she doesn't want it, she doesn't want it. That's that. It's good to offer. 6 years ago  
Okay then, sounds like a nice choice. 6 years ago  
I know, I know. That's why this is controversially one of the best questions out there. 6 years ago  
Ya see me in the picture, I know I'm not fat. So do you. You just have to resort to calling me names because you can't handle that you can't move me. 6 years ago  
As in Basshunter isn't a band. 6 years ago +1
I'd rather staple my fingers. 6 years ago +2
Haha, you're one pathetic little kid. 6 years ago  
If you weren't ignorant, I wouldn't feel obligated to educate you. 6 years ago  
It wouldn't be the same, but sure. 6 years ago  
You have to learn to be a follower before you can be a leader. 6 years ago +3
Neither 6 years ago  
Samurai had honour and integrity. 6 years ago +4
Traitors are executed. 6 years ago +2
TL;DR 6 years ago +2
It's fùtball. Understand? 6 years ago +1
They chose stupid because they are stupid. 6 years ago  
Shaun of the Dead is so damn funny. 6 years ago +1
Neither, I have taste 6 years ago +3
It's a saying, call yourself. Ever heard of "Chicks before dicks?" Girls have them too. 6 years ago +2
I beg your pardon? 6 years ago  
Yo ho ho, there be pirates. 6 years ago  
Nah, I misunderstood you, though. But Cyborg would be the one you need to talk to, being the digital genius. 6 years ago +1
I am British, but I like America just as well, so it's really not a choice I can make. 6 years ago +2
Oh, I understand, my mistake. 6 years ago  
It's proven A is worse than B, not mentioning you can crush testicles, irreparably. 6 years ago +2
I miss them.. 6 years ago +1
Reds 6 years ago  
Smart. No sarcasm intended, that was pretty damn good. 6 years ago +1
If I kept walking, I'd be no better than the men. I have to live with a purpose. 6 years ago +1
Fun Fact: You're more likely to fly a plane in the Navy than in the Air Force. 6 years ago  
Organism development through generations, and a selection of natural abilities used to best survive. AKA EVOLUTION. 6 years ago  
Refusal could result in the death. Or you could serve three years as a recruitment officer. Your choice. 6 years ago  
Alpha Romeo 33 Stradale 6 years ago  
Canadians play a nice version of the American Football. I like their rules more, sometimes. 6 years ago  
Plus, it just makes those who get in LEGALLY hate us more. 6 years ago  
Military time. 6 years ago +3
Coroners make tons of money. 6 years ago  
Hardcore porn involves making money, hardcore drugs involves losing it. 6 years ago +5
Acid tears would teach these emo queers not to be pussies. 6 years ago  
Pervert comes from the word "perverse," or strange and unusual. Pedophilia is the act or subconscious need to have sex with and possibly mutilate a child's body. There you go. 6 years ago +7
Thank you :) 6 years ago +1
Feminism feminism feminism. All guys are scum bags and all we want to do is have sex and run away when you get pregnant. I guess people don't realise that when 95% of the guys who make a "get in the kitchen" joke that it is a joke, not being serious. 6 years ago +5
Krabby Patties 6 years ago +2
It would take more than random summoning into the military to be General. You'd be lucky to be Brigadier General with years of service. 6 years ago  
You'd have to fight for everything, right? 6 years ago  
Damn! Really? I chose the wrong one... 6 years ago  
Just because you don't have lust doesn't mean you can't have sex. 6 years ago +3
Oh no... There's a glitch in the matrix.... There's actually another smart person on the internet? With knowledge and common sense like that, we need you as a politician or something. 6 years ago +4
That's ignorant. 6 years ago  
You better watch your mouth, you ungrateful sh*t. No branch is weaker or less important than any other, that's why they all still exist. 6 years ago  
Semper Fi! Hoo ha! 6 years ago +1
No one cares. 6 years ago +1
Democracy isn't something to be arguing about... As long as we understand that freedom isn't free and that Denmark should be considering themselves lucky that we aren't kicking their asses instead. 6 years ago  
If you can make that clean up work and fix it with straight-forward, uncorrupt men and women, I'd be behind that. 6 years ago  
That's a respectable opinion, and we've all got opinions. It all depends on who has to argue to try and make sense. I understand not everyone will agree with me, and I respect you fully, no matter what, until I'm presented with a reason not to. 6 years ago  
Mouth wash substitute. 6 years ago  
I don't need a lady right now. 6 years ago  
Water makes your breathe smell bad. 6 years ago +1
Guillotine 6 years ago  
100% Martyr 6 years ago  
People are just assholes sometimes. 6 years ago  
Not to mention the holiday was only associated with Jesus to make the schedules easier on the churches. 6 years ago +1
She has a pretty smile. 6 years ago +3
If you're on tie, you're too late. 6 years ago  
I'm sorry I can't be inspirational. (not sarcasm) I have chronic depression... 6 years ago  
So? Just because it is illegal, doesn't mean they won't get it. Get with the program. 6 years ago +2
It is pretty shameful that people lie. I'm being truthful, and I'm not exactly proud, either, given it's illegal. 6 years ago +1
Bring back MJ first, then proceed. You only get one chance to bring him back, we can't waste it. 6 years ago  
You win. 6 years ago  
Enter Sandman is terrible in my opinion. It started their downfall as a thrash metal band. 6 years ago  
There are somethings I'd rather not see. 6 years ago +5
You mean to tell me it's not normal to snort a tablespoon of salt...? 6 years ago +2
People think us atheists have no morals and we don't care if we murder innocent people. In my case, there are thousands of men in jail for rape, so if I justifiably kill one, I can get 1 trillion dollars. 6 years ago +4
Sorry, haters, I can't hear you over all my FREEDOM. 6 years ago +7
Tool is beyond Mediocre, you just have to appreciate the mellow mood. 6 years ago  
It snows in Alabama sometimes, not often, but still, so I'm not convinced anymore. 6 years ago +1
Waking the demons. 6 years ago  
That's not random, it's pretty well known. 6 years ago +1
Act like I'm going to fight him off, with the full intention of being murdered. I can't kill my family. 6 years ago  
Most are nice until you provoke us. As long as my heritage isn't mocked, I'm a big clown. But those who stayed with the Queen's land have dry humour, as opposed to my American-oriented humour. 6 years ago +1
Chucky is a joke. 6 years ago  
Nothing against Australia, really, but England is closer to US, and I don't want to stray too far from home. 6 years ago +1
What about genital warts? gonorrhea? AIDs? HIV? Herpes? 6 years ago +1
Again, NASA's budget is LESS THAN 1% of the federal budget, we can afford to spend more. In fact, Americans spend more money on pet food and cosmetics (separate and combined) than what is used to fund NASA. 6 years ago +1
Get off your high horse, NASA's budget is LESS THAN 1% of the federal budget, we can afford to spend more. In fact, Americans spend more money on pet food and cosmetics (separate and combined) than what is used to fund NASA. 6 years ago +1
Haha, yeah right. 6 years ago +1
Gutën Tag, mich freund. 6 years ago +2
Neither 6 years ago  
BBT is overrated 6 years ago +2
Sir, yes, sir. 6 years ago  
I'm pessimistic, I need to punch an idiot. I need to. 6 years ago +6
I tolerate and welcome religious perspectives, but I tell you what, I'd smack the hell outta snotty ass kids. 6 years ago +2
You can't beat originality. 6 years ago +1
No such thing as American food. There is American comfort, but not really American food. 6 years ago  
I have a girlfriend, believe it or not, and I like spending time with her more than watching Football. 6 years ago  
Don't take them seriously, they're from Mississippi. 6 years ago  
Not always, but majority rule. 6 years ago  
Run in zig-zags. 6 years ago  
I refer to Homosexuals as homosexuals or gay-preferred. 6 years ago +4
Congrats 6 years ago  
I'd like to see someone try that. 6 years ago  
Most large spiders are not poisonous, it's not necessary for their size. 6 years ago  
Jigsaw 6 years ago  
we will be defined as 2 people, not just one. 6 years ago +3
Anything times zero, no matter the number, is always zero. Right? 6 years ago  
By the way, all those rumours about male fertility and genitalia being affected by Mountain Dew are false, purely and utterly false. 6 years ago  
The Big Bang has more credibility than your worthless god. 6 years ago +4
Dig 'er up and sock 'er right in the kisser. 6 years ago  
Plankton is feeding the fish fish. Chum is left over remains of fish that are ripped apart and dumped in the water to attract bigger fish. 6 years ago  
You can't drink salt water, it dehydrates you faster. 6 years ago  
It's really the calculations are misread and effects of material in the water interact with the polarity on compasses, but yes, there have been many stories of ships with no crew. 6 years ago  
35% is smart, there's a difference 6 years ago  
That's a woman, have respect. 6 years ago  
Neither, you can't replace Mercury. 6 years ago +3
Agreed, even though we have different opinions. 6 years ago +1
I can dance, I choose not to. In fact, I'm not too terrible. I am more of a Military man, not a dancer. 6 years ago +1
Justification to the means of vengeance? Why not? 6 years ago  
The UN Denoted land away from the Jewish after they had fought for their right to be there. 6 years ago  
That is pure miracle. I would be luck to function correctly if I twist my ankle, more or less have that many severe conditions. 6 years ago  
I' aware, I was just being a smart ass. Thank you for the assistance, though. 6 years ago  
I listen to both, but it's been a while since I've listened to CD, and I really listen the sh*t outta CC. 6 years ago  
Wrong one. 6 years ago  
His big, loud, obnoxious mouth. 6 years ago +3
Neither 6 years ago  
No. You can't do this to me... 6 years ago +4
Honestly, Runescape has always had a sh*tty community and such. 6 years ago  
Not to mention that rap bullsh*t is combination of rock and blues aka R&B. 6 years ago  
Oddly enough, I see what you mean. 6 years ago  
I don't blame him. Kidding, I'm sure it's standard procedure for molestation. Again, joking, it's for reasons I don't quite know. 6 years ago  
I, "statistically" speaking, don't give the rear segment of rats to anything. I rather keeps rats as a whole and not touch them. I'm a terrible mysophobe. 6 years ago  
That's just terrible. xD 6 years ago +1
Key word is legally. 6 years ago  
Ares 6 years ago  
I'm not sure I'd last 30 minutes with a beast like that under me. We might have to go for second helpings. 6 years ago +1
No, no. The one on the right is what we like to call in the scientific community as a "Pseudo-pussy Whinestoomuch" 6 years ago  
unlimited might have been what you were aiming for. 6 years ago  
Both. Chronic to the top. 6 years ago  
Have class, there's no need for that. 6 years ago  
But is a part of the British Isles. 6 years ago  
With an attitude like that you will. I'll be damned before caught with a egotistical b*tch. 6 years ago +1
I'd rather be Joe or Quagmire than Flanders. 6 years ago  
Studies show left-handed people die younger than right, but then again, there are too many human variables to really be definite. 6 years ago  
Oh damn! 6 years ago  
I have already been punched in the face by my dad. 6 years ago  
Yes. Yes yes yes. 6 years ago  
Good. They are fighting for what was once theres, and was unrightfully taken away. It's not racism for me, it's what they deserve. 6 years ago +1
Push has more net force than pull. 6 years ago  
Pride. 6 years ago  
Both piss me off. I' not going to be happy that my girlfriend broke up with me, but I'm not killing anyone, either. 6 years ago +3
I'm hard. Kidding, but science is one of those subjects where it is associated with extremely difficult studies. 6 years ago  
Me too. 6 years ago  
"No" should be "Not yet" 6 years ago +5
Respect 6 years ago +1
Both? Both. I'd take the hell outta that class. 6 years ago  
Yeah, not until he/she is gone, at least. I agree with that. 6 years ago  
You, my friend, are on a hot streak of getting me to agree with you. 6 years ago +1
Buddhism 6 years ago  
Romney was Obama's little b*tch in the second one, and I was rooting for Romney... 6 years ago  
They both lied, it somewhat matters about how much, but the fact that it happened from both of them is ridiculous. 6 years ago  
Reagan was a good president. FDR, JFK, Bush; all satisfactory. 6 years ago  
Nixon wasn't that bad. 6 years ago  
You could also win ass loads of bets. 6 years ago  
Senate has more power. 6 years ago +5
Is this a joke? If America was out to get "brown people," we would be doing Hitler sh*t with CCs all over executing them. 6 years ago  
I'm sure you could ride her dinosaur any day, if she was into that kind of stuff. 6 years ago  
Don't forget wrong. He was wrong. 6 years ago  
I know sh*t loads of history, and it kept from being invaded from the west. You need geography too. 6 years ago  
Not 8 years. We're going downhill from rock bottom 6 years ago  
Freedom isn't free. 6 years ago +1
Sure, what's the use of intelligence if no one's going to use it? 6 years ago +5
He's been in a FULL 4 years and hasn't done SHIT. Correction, he's destroyed our economy. It's about time the damn liberals stop blaming Bush. 6 years ago +4
It's already there, and everyone knows it. 6 years ago +10
No, the unemployment is only calculated by who receives unemployment benefits, which can only be received for a limited time. So, if you STILL can't find a job, you literally go penniless. 6 years ago  
I got $70 converse, I stick with the best and original. 6 years ago  
I'm proud of what I become and who I am, but that doesn't mean I'm egotistical. 6 years ago +1
Right?! 6 years ago  
Cochineal shell, too. 6 years ago  
Put new meaning to digging for gold, huh? 6 years ago  
Dude... How can he walk? 6 years ago +2
Hahaha funny. 6 years ago +1
I'd like to see that when he crushes you rib cage and gives you a contusion. 6 years ago +1
My mom isn't available, so don't even. 6 years ago  
Easier to get off of. If you know what I mean. 6 years ago  
Someone who made this country of mine happen. 6 years ago +2
Less, that betraying ass. 6 years ago +1
Kennedy. John F Kennedy. He would have made one hell of a difference. Nothing against Martin Luther King, Jr., but what has become of some of his fellow people would disgust him to the point where he would want to kill himself. 6 years ago  
Numbers are forever, and they are the only things that are. 6 years ago +1
One's fake, one's real. All Norris has to do is show up and he wins. 6 years ago +7
Let's get diabetes. 6 years ago  
Ah, I see. You're in it for the experience. Not about the cash, but the fun. 6 years ago  
You can't replace blood. 6 years ago +2
Just did it to piss someone off. It worked. 6 years ago  
Fear is respect. 6 years ago  
Then neither. 6 years ago  
Humane society video. The second part is from somewhere I don't know, but I know they do it somewhere. 6 years ago  
Yeah, I guess it really depends on how much IS gold, but still, I'm not sure it would really be worth as much as expected. 6 years ago  
Ah, well, thank you for informing me. 6 years ago  
Every hair, as in your head is a part of your body. 6 years ago  
We seriously need a both option for this kind of question. 6 years ago  
Necrophilia, anyone? 6 years ago  
The downside is their breaks aren't the best. 6 years ago  
Yes. Win all around. 6 years ago  
Fruit salad, yummy yummy. 6 years ago +3
Just saying, I'm not fat. And I'm more bad ass than you will ever be, because I'm not a spineless, video game-worshiping little kid who has to hide behind a computer screen to use outdated and stupid phrases. So thank you. 6 years ago  
Superior* just kidding, I respect your opinion. 6 years ago  
The characters from Hunter: The Reckoning. 6 years ago  
No, my name's gary. No. 6 years ago  
1. "Wanna watch me do it again?" "No- please don't. We don't even know how you managed to live the first time." 2. Give it to a suicidal person who wants to jump to kill themselves. 6 years ago  
Gay 6 years ago  
Got a wii, time to upgrade. 6 years ago +1
Can't. 1:33 AM 6 years ago +1
Yummy 6 years ago  
F*ck! 6 years ago  
I'll be honest, my face ain't nothin' to be proud of. 6 years ago +1
Pardon, but a Corvette has better performance in stock, so to share all upgrades, it would still win. 6 years ago  
Who gives a sh*t? 6 years ago +12
Hoe needed a good one-two. Kidding. Maybe. 6 years ago +2
You can have both, not everyone is a lazy slob. 6 years ago +2
This is how beastiality will get popular. 6 years ago  
Both are respectable people. Dedicated, dedicated, down right motivated. 6 years ago  
No, no, and Who? 6 years ago  
Black is always better. Unless you are getting raped. 6 years ago +1
Not at work. 6 years ago  
No 6 years ago +1
China depends on Hong Kong and uses the US for common trading currency. They could f*cking break us. Japan doesn't need us, really, either. 6 years ago  
Welcome to the club :D 6 years ago  
Thank you. 6 years ago  
I want to put a pencil in the second dudes nose for some reason... 6 years ago  
Yeah right, do you know how much difference the price would be between a Zonda and a golden phone? I'm sure for that little amount of gold wouldn't compare at all. Not to mention it would be hard as hell to fix a gold phone, and it couldn't be completely be gold. Just voicing my opinion. Not trying to come off as aggressive or anything. 6 years ago  
Not being mean, but you are missing out. Amnesia is the sh*t. 6 years ago  
Me too, but if you get a Samsung Galaxy S ii or something, it's much better. 6 years ago  
That's what I like to hear from the youth. You aren't a spoiled brat. 6 years ago +1
Dude... I was way younger when I found that out. Maybe 10 at the oldest... My damn stepmother ruined my childhood. 6 years ago  
Need for Speed is my game series. It satisfies my ADHD with colourful and constantly changing backgrounds. 6 years ago  
Or make possibly hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars a year? 6 years ago +2
I don't eat/ drink as much when I'm cold. 6 years ago  
You don't rush that crap unless you wanna die or something. 6 years ago  
But you'll have to jailbreak it all the time. 6 years ago  
Not necessarily, it all just depends on what it concentrates on, but that's the only slight distinction that is irrelevent but exists to me. 6 years ago  
Give those lucky ladies something to be grateful they don't have to look at in the bedroom. Ha! Just kidding, they'd love it. 6 years ago  
One of the best out there. 6 years ago  
I love playing GTA no matter how stressed it makes me. 6 years ago  
Bill Gates is a King. 6 years ago +12
You can't have the future without the past. You can't beat the original, we are only post-successors to the previous generation. Pick your reason why. 6 years ago  
I can't eat brownies. Simply put, I got drunk and puked up so much damn bronie and now I can't get that image out of my head. 6 years ago  
No it isn't. 6 years ago  
Get this sh*t out of tech. 6 years ago +2
With the losers nowadays? Internet. 6 years ago  
With a big round thing in yo' face 6 years ago +1
Big gut or a big butt... Gross. 6 years ago  
Hi from a 5'9, 120 pound guy in the Air Force JROTC. 6 years ago +1
Backwards cowgirl is the only country "dancing" I want to ever see. 6 years ago +1
Precisely, there will always be a conflict that can't be handled. 6 years ago  
Anger issues could very well lead to both. 6 years ago +1
Not to mention the batteries are disposed of in toxic waste fields. 6 years ago  
I bet some people are having a hard time choosing because they don't know if anime will include hentai. Yes, I know it's the same thing, but some twat will try to loophole it. 6 years ago  
Honestly, you have a lightsaber already, so just take it part, analyse the contents and build another. 6 years ago  
The fact that they are Jewish shouldn't matter. In fact, I'm sure they've put the Jewish community into embarrassment with their sell-out attitudes. 6 years ago  
Welcome to the club of people with a correct social life and/or a sense of intellectual gaming. 6 years ago  
Making your own is Cheaper, faster, cooler. 6 years ago +1
Their mom? 6 years ago  
Owning a cat increases chances of suicide. 6 years ago +1
F*ck you and your loop holes. 6 years ago +1
White beats black. 6 years ago +1
I beg to differ, it really depends on the Lamborghini you possess. But I do truly appreciate most Ferrari's. 6 years ago  
That would scare her and my neighbors the hell out. 6 years ago  
Games AND consoles. Holy hell. 6 years ago +5
hell yeah 6 years ago +2
Time travel is literally impossible. Time is a concept of man, therefore there is no existence of time without existence of man. 6 years ago  
This is the most mature thing I've seen in a long time. There isn't any name calling or anything. I have hope again. 6 years ago  
Guitar hero is the sh*t, I'll just throw modern warfare in the corner of my room. 6 years ago +4
No! You can't make me choose! You... You just... Can't... 6 years ago +3
Mortal Kombat over any MW bullsh*t 6 years ago +2
But skull candy is less over priced, but still absolute sh*t. 6 years ago +14
1967 GTO. 6 years ago  
1967 GTO. In summary, 1967 had some damn sweet cars. 6 years ago +8
Airs blow. They break easily, just falling off my bed less than three feet from the ground and the piece of sh*t shattered. 6 years ago  
neither, both are incompetent to succeed in such a thing. 6 years ago +1
I favour funmaster because of the colour of his skin, and we all know black is better. 6 years ago +1
There are some things Freeman doesn't need to say. 6 years ago +15
JS would be easier to not throw up while watching. 6 years ago +2
I'm fine with that. Just being honest, some people deserve it. 6 years ago +3
i'd be doing Justin a favour by killing her. You're welcome, Justin. 6 years ago +1
Yes. Win. 6 years ago  
She gets paid so damn much. 6 years ago  
Freedom isn't free, no circumstances. 6 years ago +4
I'll sleep when I'm dead. 6 years ago +4
This would make being stupid and getting shot easier. 6 years ago +2
Whoops, wrong one 6 years ago  
Exactly, I wouldn't mind owning it if it was that colour. 6 years ago  
Nope, just funny as hell. 6 years ago  
Really? Damn, it's been a while since I've been a guest. 6 years ago  
If you make a mistake, you can click the pencil and correct it. (Just trying to help.) 6 years ago  
Women. No sausage festivals in the winter. 6 years ago  
Pardon, that was what was intended.I was unaware of my mistake. 6 years ago  
Absolutely 6 years ago  
People are too scared to join the military and fight. They worship worthless cum-guzzling little boys over the men and women who keep them alive. And lastly, everyone looks down on the military and says it's for the stupid people. I have an IQ of 129 and I have no intention to change my mind about joining the Marines. I appreciate you share my opinion and I understand if you have your own. 6 years ago +1
Kiss showed more talent then those worthless wannabes ever will. 6 years ago +2
It's wrong unless execution. If the convict raped a girl, off him, he isn't fit for society. 6 years ago +1
Virginia must be lucky to have a smart person. 6 years ago  
I assume he's referring to the ring or something. I don't know, just trying to help. 6 years ago  
My generation is a puke stain upon the men who fought and still fight for their freedom. Freedom isn't free and apparently some people don't understand that. 6 years ago +5
Because you don't know what a well-playing team is. 6 years ago  
What a shame. You don't have to tell me what I already know. And they're usually referred to as Sociopaths. 6 years ago  
I'm sorry for the fact that there are self-hating homosexuals out there. After all, they are humans like the rest of us, so there's bound to be a self-hating person. 6 years ago  
Hahaha I don't hate any of my teachers because I'm not a whiney, ungrateful little ass who complains about homework. 6 years ago +2
Can I kill them? 6 years ago +1
Aw, don't be sad because your team lost. 6 years ago  
You don't know if I know that. In fact, you don't know anything about me. 6 years ago +1
I'd like to see you do what he did. Steroids or not. 6 years ago  
I understand. 6 years ago  
Look who won. 6 years ago  
right 6 years ago  
Damn right. Lance smoked weed, too. 6 years ago  
Ha! Any dog looks sexy with money. Saw a poor old bastard and a Lamborghini Diablo with a woman probably 20-30 years younger. 6 years ago +3
I would like to have seen the Vikings whip the Green Bay Packers, but I hate to say, the Ravens are gonna win. 6 years ago  
Lance Armstrong, Michael Phelps. 6 years ago  
Al Gore was a joke. Bush wasn't the best, but it wasn't his fault the senates were democrat. 6 years ago  
Perverted means weird and unnatural, sex is natural. 6 years ago  
They should be fine with who they are, but option B is a very valid point. Not to mention, it's an original question. 6 years ago +5
Not my problem. 6 years ago +2
They sugar up everything there. Dressing and all. 6 years ago  
"Oh man, I totally screwed some chick last night and I think I got crabs. Hold on." -touches fingers to temples- "Alright, unscrewed." 6 years ago +10
Broke as hell, now everyone who reads this knows. 6 years ago  
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. 6 years ago +1
Never said how old fashioned. Even so, I dress in suits and sh*t to look nice. 6 years ago +2
Which one is that? 6 years ago  
I really don't have a problem with physical pain. I'll be honest, I never cried because of physical pain anymore. 6 years ago  
Eh, I may have portrayed beyond what I intended. It wasn't meant to be sarcasm, sorry for the confusion. 6 years ago  
I give up trying to explain my position. I'll try one more time. The percent of women who CHOOSE to have babies is higher than the percent of guy's who CHOOSE to have their shaft shifted, if you understand. 6 years ago +1
Yes! We can't forget the women. Of course! 6 years ago +1
Toes are your balance. 6 years ago +6
I rock these -fits all week long. 6 years ago  
You'd be surprised how long they go without eating. 6 years ago  
Boots are for men. 6 years ago +1
So, be Korean or cannibal? 6 years ago +1
Damn it, that's serious inception crap. 6 years ago  
Sadly, my friend, I am not. 6 years ago  
Not to butt in, and I agree Kev, but teenage girls do say my music sucks. But I don't care because my opinion about their music is just as bad. 6 years ago  
It was a tough choice, but I like Corey Taylor in Slipknot more than Stone Sour. Don't get me wrong, I like SS, but they are a different category to my attention. 6 years ago +1
Common misconception, Piranhas actually aren't that aggressive as long as the school isn't threatened. As you said though, if you don't splash, they are definitely less likely to attack. True, they will go after you if they are hungry, but that's the only exception. 6 years ago +4
He had like three different types of cancer. 6 years ago +1
They're 6 years ago +4
I'm glad to see these results, I'm sure the new generation of soldiers will be happy to know they have someone to come back to. I know I will be. 6 years ago +11
No, they are dipped in boiling water, while alive, and their throats are slit and if they don't die in a certain amount of time, their bodies usually get shredded and fed to other pigs. 6 years ago +8
Accepted and mutual. 6 years ago  
I can't handle purple pants. 6 years ago  
I want, yes, but cannot have if it means lying and stealing. That isn't tolerable behaviour of Cadets. 6 years ago  
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