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    I can not pick I want a report button 2 months ago  
    Your nice 2 months ago  
    Yes 2 months ago  
    You made this 2 months ago +1
    I know but WHAT if it was my home it could be 2 months ago  
    Change my name there done 2 months ago  
    So I am in school and I thick of Teleporting so I go somewhere random it can be my home it is random what if the random is my home 2 months ago  
    Does that help? 2 months ago  
    It says Teleport Every time you thick of Teleporting to somewhere random 2 months ago  
    Boom out of school to my home(random it can by anything right?) 2 months ago +1
    Good one 3 months ago  
    Good one 3 months ago  
    Me too 3 months ago  
    Me too 3 months ago  
    Gifts can be Cash+you get Give too 3 months ago  
    There are the same A and B 3 months ago  
    Where? 3 months ago  
    My password for no No tell 3 months ago  
    Me too 3 months ago  
    Like this comment if you want B 3 months ago  
    Like this comment if you want superpowers 3 months ago  
    Well my crush is my best friend soo 3 months ago  
    Mine too 3 months ago  
    I did it says:But your friend is the same sex and you don't feel the same way about him/her. Your sexual preference (i.e. gay, lesbian or straight) does not change the outcome. 3 months ago  
    We are the same guest from Ontario, Canada Chat from Ontario, Canada 3 months ago  
    Can I be the opposite sex and beauiful. Yes you can 3 months ago  
    Turn to a rocket ship 3 months ago  
    By the way I did read it 3 months ago  
    What? 3 months ago  
    Harry Potter is #1 3 months ago  
    No Harry Potter 3 months ago  
    Harry Potter for me 3 months ago  
    I do not know what did you do? 4 months ago  
    Me too 4 months ago  
    But yes do not have to see you face 4 months ago  
    Use the computer 4 months ago  
    By the 2 me 4 months ago  
    Good one My true love is going to be rich.Problem solved :) 4 months ago  
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