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still had sex 2 years ago +1
I could literally sacrifice my soul to cheeseburgers and be happy. 2 years ago  
boom. 3 years ago  
A car crashes into your house and kills you. While you are on a cruise, an airplane with cars is driving over you. The cars fall out of the airplane and your problem is solved. 4 years ago  
Buried alive in what? Water. 4 years ago  
I hate friends with a passion. Real ones too. 4 years ago  
39% are chicken fat guzzling geeks that sit in a heatbox all day while listening to dubstep, while 61% of the world is playing a good game of Call Of Duty. It's classic, and it has better game modes. 4 years ago  
Have fun, Miley Cyrus. :P 4 years ago  
Magnets dont get hammers out :) 4 years ago +4
There would be no competition. Bacon on cheeseburgers? 4 years ago +1
How about punch them in the face? 4 years ago +5
No. Intelligence is worth more THAN popularity. :) 4 years ago  
pus-SY! 4 years ago  
I see the bug after finishing the milk. So... I have no bug in the milk. 4 years ago  
firie ants. They are fire ants, so what if the ants are dead...? and what if they are candy ants 4 years ago  
Sweat could be the brand of a drink... 4 years ago  
Cheeseburgers everyday! 4 years ago  
The crap could be on the other side. And crap can be a reference to trash. 4 years ago  
Unused bathtub. 4 years ago  
Toe cheese is non existant :) 4 years ago  
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