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"So the Austrian army invaded Serbia at the speed of a bicycle."

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What language family does your native tongue belong to? Indo-European or Other (please do comment) 3 years ago 130 votes 39 comments 0 likes

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Are you trying to generalize? Yes. Some are dicks, some are pleasant. 2 years ago  
What right exactly? All of them? Bit of a tall order to do them all at once everywhere. 2 years ago +1
I do in fact have a G502 like in 'B' 2 years ago  
It's been "dying" forever, yet it's never actually died. Would people just stop proclaimig the end of the world every other week? 2 years ago +1
Then it wouldn't be wrong, would it? 2 years ago +2
Looking into someone's eyes, period. 2 years ago +1
If I had them, sure. But I'd rather not have them. 2 years ago  
Yeah, I'm a befuddled at my answer to be honest. The number of times I've said what you just said to me... 2 years ago  
Horrid little creatures 2 years ago  
Haven't eaten that, but the swedish blood pudding is really neat. 2 years ago  
Don't care one way or the other. It does however make people look like dolts. 2 years ago  
Wikipedia 2 years ago  
Get more and more as time moves on 2 years ago  
Never found Gravity Falls to be very good, always found Bill Cipher to fall flat. 2 years ago +1
Morrowind. Or Oblivion. Or Skyrim. Or eu4. Or etc. 2 years ago  
Julbord 2 years ago  
Not all psychopaths are violent. 2 years ago  
Psychopathy is an amazingly complex area, with so much we don't know about it. Screening for tendencies wouls be useless in the face of environmental factors. We should also not forget that a number of psychpaths are non-violent, again, possibly owing to environmental factors. 2 years ago  
Less money wasted when I toss 'em out for looking retarded. 2 years ago  
See, you're skirting what I'm talking about. One person can react differently to the same situation based on wisdom, experiences, etc. The keyword there is "react". It's not "choose to react". They simply react, and that's, as you said, based on their wisdom and experiences. It's based on these things - they dictate your reaction. 2 years ago  
Ornate furniture. I.e. furniture with qualities of both options. 2 years ago +2
Like our good friend roryg said: " I do not have to cater to you". 2 years ago  
Right, right. But to return to an earlier train of thought, if they stray from the narrow path so to speak, and end up never returning, were they ever going to do anything but that? If we grant that they technically had the option to return to the path, were they ever going to take it? Considering all the circumstances that made them stray from the path, were they ever going to react differently to these circumstances than they did? Is how you react to these circumstances not based on your experiences, is it random? 2 years ago  
Well, I'm perfectly capable of understanding what he means even if I don't agree. If anything I'm more critical to examples from the bible due to many being morally iffy and built on outdated values. That's the thing: the bible is very much made by the time it was made in. To adhere to it without convoluting the message would be madness. 2 years ago  
No need to have me smeared across the frontline together with the five other guys making up our army. 2 years ago  
A Liuyedao 2 years ago  
Doesn't really matter what I think. But considering what it can represent, I don't think it should be flown by things tied to the government. 2 years ago  
I'm sorry, but that's not how plans work. You can't screw up completely and then sort of save the situation and say "ah, yes! Part of my plan all along!". 2 years ago  
Right. Leaving aside the fact that favouring Hitler's right to genocide over the right of the genocided to have free will is pretty dark, isn't it common to say "it's all part of god's plan"? Is this saying then incorrect? 2 years ago  
Right. But the people that died did not stray from god's path? 2 years ago  
So god planned for those jews to die? In that case Hitler killed them according to god's plan 2 years ago  
So rather than intervene God let Hitler go nuts? Didn't Hitler alone affect pretty much the entire world, thus shoving everyone off the path God plotted for them? Unless of course God accounted for Hitler going off the rails, but then he would have done so according to God's plans... 2 years ago  
I'm not sure why you're telling me this. I said nothing to the contrary 2 years ago  
Yeah but they were never going to do anything but that, were they? God created everything with a purpose in mind, and everything fulfills its purpose, right? Can you ever choose to not play your part in god's plan? 2 years ago +1
I personally don't understand how a believer in an omnipotent and omniscient god can be anything other than a determinist. It's all god's will, all god's plan throughout, isn't it? 2 years ago +1
I believe an individual can never act any other way than the way they act, for how they act is determined by their past experiences and the unfolding of events around them. In short: 2 years ago +1
London 2 years ago  
Gävle 2 years ago  
Neither. I'm a different kind of determinist. 2 years ago  
"Oh no, nothing carries any inherent meaning! Wait, I already knew that, not being a religious dolt." 2 years ago +2
That's a tricky one. What's harm to you? What's harm to everyone else? Nature is caused harm when driving most cars. Driving while drunk leads to an increased chance of causing harm. Is that okay? 2 years ago +1
Have you tried angling the question a bit sharper? 2 years ago +1
What they please. 2 years ago +1
Gaberiel 2 years ago +1
Why not both? 2 years ago  
Varies, does it not? 2 years ago  
Just make sure to punish them hard enough for it to actually cause substantial harm to the company. And then maybe punish them a bit more, just in case. 2 years ago  
I thought Oreos symbolised white people keeping black people apart. 2 years ago  
When I run out of black and grey T-shirts, I get more black and grey T-shirts. 2 years ago  
What you just said is not a counter to anything I've said. I hope you realize that. 2 years ago  
I looked at the headlines, and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say these are reasonably specific things. It's not **all** GMOs. Because a GMO is just a genetically modified organism. Add a few genes to an organism, and voilá, golden rice. Take a tomato and put a gene in backwards, and lo and behold, delayed ripening. Not all GMOs need to produce endocrine disruptors. Now, there are lots of valid reasons to be against GMOs, like the possibility of threatening biodiversity, or harming small scale agriculture, but the fear of them turning you into a girl is not one of them. 2 years ago  
What do you think GMOs are gonna do to you? Make you switch genders? 2 years ago  
Got the other one nailed down fairly well 2 years ago  
Ah, the internet, a place of reason and educated people... 2 years ago  
Because of you b*tching; yes. 2 years ago  
Oh, god I love this, blame it on the media. Not a kernel of truth there, I say, not a kernel! 2 years ago  
A screencap from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5 2 years ago  
Rogue 2 years ago  
So we are to leave the regulation of the free market to... The free market? 2 years ago  
A dude 2 years ago  
Do I post pictures on FB, Instagram, etc? No. 3 years ago  
See, insulting people in the explanation isn't very nice at all 3 years ago +1
You do come off as quite very brusque. 3 years ago  
No, no, no, no. Some people use that phrase instead of "I couldn't care less" 3 years ago  
Why you seem like a pleasant and respectable fellow. 3 years ago +1
Theoretical knowledge can have practical implementations 3 years ago +1
10 kg is quite a bit, y'know... 3 years ago  
Two things: does she actually look real skinny? And have you actually seen signs of an eating disorder beyond what she weighs? 3 years ago +2
And then all children should live in dorms to know what student life is like. 3 years ago  
As much as I hate children, I don't want to be infertile quite yet. Or have a broken pelvis. 3 years ago  
Blue = cupric sulfate, Red = raspberries 3 years ago  
If you by that mean being able to, for example, immediately answer the question "what's the 20th letter in the alphabet?", then no 3 years ago  
I'd rather have them nick the cell if anything 3 years ago  
No bias whatsoever 3 years ago +2
Most people are not worried about the keepers of the pets. They're worried about the pets. I, for one, would rather see a tiger raised in a sanctuary that is sure to be able to care for it. 3 years ago +1
"Slowly go insane"? 'B's basically white room torture 3 years ago +2
Not to be that guy, but all the spartans were quite extensively educated in tactics and such 3 years ago  
"Exotic" and "brazilian" are not synonymous words. 3 years ago +2
A wooden door is a reasonable obstacle. Unless you've got one of them american movie doors that explode when you gently brush against it. 3 years ago  
Too warm during the summer... 3 years ago  
Smørrebrød is terrble. That bread is just awful 3 years ago  
The way I've come to see it is: several genders (which should, in most cases, be disregarded), and two sexes. 3 years ago  
So that he can chew Judas? 3 years ago  
Right, shame you're a cockhead then... 3 years ago  
Good, make it illegal. Keep the endangered animals in an animal sanctuary or some other place that puts the animal first. 3 years ago +1
Why are cockfights different from other animal fights? They harm eachother just the same. 3 years ago  
Unless we're talking animals with higher intelligence, like humans, they never fight just to fight. They fight over territory, they fight over mating rights, they fight over food. They do not fight for pleasure. 3 years ago +1
Not that I know of. Unless one counts going to Germany with school. 3 years ago  
Suppose it could be heavily regulated. 3 years ago  
Wëll ÿöü'rë mïssïng öüt 3 years ago +1
Does the american keyboard not have a convenient "¨" button? 3 years ago  
The f*ck's "grun"? Now "grün" I know, sure... 3 years ago  
Overdosing on heavy drugs perhaps 3 years ago  
I do like to call bullsh*t on things... Sign me up and let me 'ave a look on those questions 3 years ago  
"Yes... I need them for a 'friend'..." 3 years ago  
Compatible how? 3 years ago  
Sigh. 3 years ago  
Sure, just like that 3 years ago  
How very american of you. 3 years ago  
Case in point 3 years ago  
I'm quite pleased with the none I have so far 3 years ago  
Popularity is never a good way to gage if people are competent enough to be deserving of power 3 years ago +1
Never said anything about that, silly. Feel free to read through what I said a second time 3 years ago  
All such words would be inverted as well 3 years ago  
Ehhhhh... Think you need a quite liberal definition of both "self-defense" and "in danger" for that. If you can just hide, or lock yourself in somewhere, is it still self-defense to actively go after them and kill them? 3 years ago  
You'd be able to function pretty much the same socially - inverted red would be your red, and so on. 3 years ago +1
Not necessarily. Self-defense is defending yourself from an attack (unless you personally also define it as defending your property). I wouldn't really call it defending yourself if you blow the brains out of a person from across the room when he opens your door. 3 years ago +1
Well, they assume there's a risk they have to defend themselves most likely. I've heard of burglars who go looking for the owners 3 years ago  
Because they're breaking in specifically to murder people, not to, say, nick your stuff 3 years ago  
C'mon, motherf*cking caves 3 years ago  
As it's been pointed out, 'B' is missing the point. 3 years ago +2
And as we all know, that means "Agree with me, cunts" 3 years ago +2
What a cheery memory that must be 3 years ago +1
Less likely that someone drugged me without my knowledge. 3 years ago  
You did what? May you and everyone you know perish in a fire or some sh*t. 3 years ago  
It's worth a like, but I'm not gonna clog up my feed with bullsh*t 3 years ago +1
You know it 3 years ago  
Only one year. Holy f*ck only one year... 3 years ago  
Both sound pretty horrible 3 years ago  
Kikki Danielsson, if only because she's the only one born in my socken. Otherwise Jan Gerfast, if only because he's one of two people born in my municipality. 3 years ago  
It'd smell faintly of cat urine, just such a faint sweet smell that you'd never be sure. It'd be called "Kat" 3 years ago  
There are some extra regulations on homosexuals (at least here), but they can donate blood. 3 years ago  
I'm not about to f*ck the game, mate. As long as it doesn't look like absolute arse, I'm fine with it. That being said.. Nicer graphics are a plus in the corner 3 years ago  
What if he was a man trapped in a woman's body? 3 years ago  
Do go on... 3 years ago  
I can't argue with that. Because it's no argument. If you wanna make your case, be my guest. Otherwise, our business here is concluded. 3 years ago  
Making too risky climbs in trees. Falling would probably hurt. 3 years ago  
Play Stellaris 3 years ago +1
Like my cousin said to our mutual friends: it's just geocaching. That, it drains ridiculous amounts of battery, and I don't care for pokemon. 3 years ago  
Judging by what the dude said, I'm a bit worried they're about to entangle themselves in some serious bullsh*t. And to be honest: season two wasn't nearly as good as season one (according to me), so I'm also a bit worried there'll be a further decline. 3 years ago  
Graphics should never put a nail in the coffin of a game 3 years ago +1
You're making a pretty strong point... 3 years ago +1
Preferably tea, milk otherwise. Often times I like having plain salted crisps with my candy, neutralizing the sweet, allowing me to enjoy a sweet beverage with it all. 3 years ago +1
Paranoid americans... 3 years ago  
"Stop killing each other. I cannot believe I have to tell you this." 3 years ago +1
Probably, but what're you gonna do, right? 3 years ago  
So much for the death of rrrather. Oh ye of little faith... 3 years ago  
To not live in a suburb when I grow up. Suburbia seems like the worst of both worlds 3 years ago +1
Tokenism is not the way to do things. It was a terrible idea when the femnist party of Sweden wanted it, and it's a terrible idea now. 3 years ago +2
I'm going to regret asking this, but what's a "two-pump chump"...? 3 years ago +5
It's not about disrespect, it's about people running around playing a dumbf*ck game in a bloody museum. 3 years ago  
Same as always: jumping into a lake with a cesium rod 3 years ago  
The answers are terribly worded, f*ck off. Aditionally, both contain bullsh*t, f*ck off a second time. 3 years ago +3
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. on the left side there, nice 3 years ago  
How do you do when you pick users? Do you pick the most renown or the ones you know of, or...? 3 years ago  
Such a poser 3 years ago +5
Thanks, I'm a special little snowflake in that regard 3 years ago  
Temporarily 3 years ago  
The frozen tears of Tom Hanks 3 years ago  
Inhaling roughly 21% oxygen with each breath 3 years ago  
I complimented you? 3 years ago  
Vaguely 3 years ago  
... Because you're not cancerous...? 3 years ago  
Cancer - the very best name for a constellation 3 years ago +1
Of course you can, silly! 3 years ago  
Yeah! School shootings are always an option! 3 years ago +2
Wanna make that affect? 3 years ago  
Thanks to the miracle that is Steam 3 years ago +1
Probably not 3 years ago  
Usually when I nap. But only because I lie face down with a cat on my back or something 3 years ago  
Right, got other means of relaxing 3 years ago  
Spirituality is hardly needed though... 3 years ago  
How broad a definition of meditation are we using here? 3 years ago  
Ha! Intimacy... 3 years ago  
Maybe it's different in the US, since it's younger, but in Sweden there's a church in every village past a certain age. 3 years ago +1
Unless you're a very conservative f*cknut, there's a difference 3 years ago +1
Not even people want to take responsibility for their own actions... 3 years ago  
I've heard of it. That's it. 3 years ago  
They can hardly use all brain functions, if we're thinking of the pop culture zombies 3 years ago  
For the longest time I was startled by being texted. Doesn't really happen that often 3 years ago  
Makes me feel dumb 3 years ago  
Thank you for brightening everyone's day with that delightful simile. 3 years ago  
It's wet. And I'll get itchy when I dry. 3 years ago +1
Heaven would just be you, in a white room, going up and down on a seesaw with a life sized doll on the other side. The only sound would be the echoing of your feet hitting the floor. Hell would be you committing your "greatest sin" over and over again, but there is no sound beyond the first four seconds of On & On & On by Catch 22 playing in a constant loop. 3 years ago  
Unless it's really hot. So usually not during the summer. 3 years ago  
You sure it doesn't just differ from community to community? 3 years ago  
Meals 3 years ago  
This isn't facebook. 3 years ago  
No, but a combination of the fact that I really don't like you and the fact that you're being morbidly stupid compels me to complain. 3 years ago  
Well, firstly, it doesn't strictly need to be government run. You just need to pass some laws standardizing the cost, and then give them dosh to keep running. Then they could still make some money selling healthcare products and promoting certain things. And secondly, as you yourself ought to be painfully aware of: there's no such thing as "free". 3 years ago  
*cough* taxes *cough cough* 3 years ago  
Still false, numbnuts 3 years ago  
Free public transport? Fair enough, there are at least some valid points to be made. Free gym memberships? F*ck off, taxpayer money should not go to that. 3 years ago +1
I'm not sure it's that black and white. 3 years ago  
Dream come true 3 years ago  
Those are all the things I don't want. 3 years ago  
Already got my own answer for both of them. 3 years ago  
I don't dislike him. I just don't care for him in the slightest 3 years ago  
They have a f*cked ideology... 3 years ago +2
... 3 years ago  
Love how they feel 3 years ago +1
What the law dictates I suppose. 3 years ago +4
No, that's f*cking insane. 3 years ago +1
Germany's the economic powerhouse of Europe, not the UK. 3 years ago +2
Duh 3 years ago  
Seldom eat dessert 3 years ago  
Live porcupines, dog noses, human eyelids, Nuclear waste spray painted gold, etc. 3 years ago  
Way ahead of you 3 years ago  
Wait, actually, yeah. Go to the nearest swedish embassy. 3 years ago  
Well... They're sorta the same Kenny... 3 years ago +1
While I'd like to believe I've got an IQ of 170, I highly doubt it. 170 seems to be what you get from acing the test. 3 years ago  
Isn't it usually "'Use the force, Harry' - Gandalf"? 3 years ago  
Lifestyle buddhism, then? 3 years ago  
Focus should never be on punishment, it should be about rehabilitation; or, in the worst case, detainment. 3 years ago +2
Without guns it would've been a nightclub bombing. Or beating. Maybe swordfight. Perhaps a nightclub strongly worded letter? 3 years ago +4
I named a swan Brosef. It was awesome. 3 years ago  
Some sort of religious authority decides how long they fast instead. 3 years ago +1
Economic Left/Right: -2.88 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.13 3 years ago  
I'm normally against hero worship, but a small parade probably wouldn't hurt 3 years ago  
She's sorta raising a valid point though... 3 years ago +4
Dutch are germanic people. Swedes are germanic people. English people are germanic people. 3 years ago +1
I tend react quite negatively to pain 3 years ago  
That is not what that word means. 3 years ago  
I'm almost a bit upset I've been able to miss this for however long it's been going on. It's a pretty neat idea 3 years ago  
I just nod 3 years ago  
I'm quite surprised by these statistics... 3 years ago  
Imagine a fence going along both sides of the road. Now imagine a hole in the fence on both sides. And now, imagine moving those two holes. In such a case, animals do not necessarily cross there because that's how it's always been, but simply because that's the only place to cross. 3 years ago  
Animal crossings can be moved. 3 years ago +1
Not strictly, no. But then again, there are a lot of things we don't strictly need. 3 years ago +3
All in a day's work 3 years ago  
Might wanna specify which education system you're talking about 3 years ago  
Please don't pull the "back in my day" sh*t 3 years ago  
But then it'd be a triplet... 3 years ago  
Cats are very much capable of washing themselves 3 years ago  
There's something almost adorable about your self-masturbatory egoism 3 years ago  
I mean, there's nothing wrong with it... 3 years ago  
While he won't be president after that, there's still too much of a personality cult around him 3 years ago  
Races within a race, huh? 3 years ago  
I'm currently trying to muster up the energy to power through a genocide run... 3 years ago  
Mother Teresa was 87 when she died. She'd just die a few years later instead 3 years ago +1
You do know that atheism and communism are two different things, right? 3 years ago +4
Not being able to access youtube for a week, or having a person be convicted of a highly stigmatized crime? Hmmm... 3 years ago  
Balanced diet 3 years ago  
I prefer to not group people together. I'm not going to refer to my fellow classmates as "the Middle Eastern hivemind", I'm going to refer to them by their names. Nor am I going to assume they all have the same personality, I'm going to assume they're just as varied as the rest of the class. 3 years ago  
A bunch of isolated communities is not really a viable option anymore... 3 years ago  
The point of it all was going on stereotypes, numbnuts 3 years ago 3 years ago  
Naw, the other one 3 years ago* 3 years ago  
You can really tell you're an american 3 years ago 3 years ago +3
Something containing all the nutrients I need to not die 3 years ago  
Black I suppose, since december is sh*tstinkingly dark 3 years ago  
Since I hate both I'm going by the gameplay mechanics they bring in eu4. 3 years ago  
What noises does the spaghetti make? 3 years ago  
Replace the Swedish National Agency for Education with halfway competent people. 3 years ago +1
The rugrats look like something from my nightmares. If only they'd treat me as more of a social pariah.. 3 years ago  
How edgy. 3 years ago  
I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing anymore... 3 years ago  
I never said they always did. You know, ruling parties change and all that 3 years ago  
They're basically following the lead of Norway as far as I understand 3 years ago  
Support might be a bit too heavy. I have nothing against them. They only share one defining trait and nothing more. 3 years ago  
Bunch of militaristic wank... 3 years ago  
Cow dung does smell quite good... 3 years ago +1
Just makes you long for home, do'n't it? 3 years ago  
Very atmospheric 3 years ago  
We should, of course. But you can piss right off for putting your own overly elaborated opinion in 'A'. 3 years ago +3
Seeing how your reasoning works is fascinating 3 years ago  
7. 3 years ago  
She's so frail that she thinks it hurts when I pat her 3 years ago  
No shipping... Please... 3 years ago  
And you sound like the backwater of America 3 years ago  
You know, once you say a word too many times, it loses its meaning 3 years ago  
There is only one Arvak. He's an individual 3 years ago  
Considering what we know about it 3 years ago  
Goblin shark 3 years ago  
And then not attend it 3 years ago +2
Feels like I'd break my legs in both cases... 3 years ago +1
It'd be tricky to perform CPR on 'A' 3 years ago +1
Neither. I'm gun-indifferent. 3 years ago  
Because grilled shrimp 3 years ago  
Of course it's not true - that was the point. 3 years ago  
Westboro baptist church is true christianity 3 years ago +2
Muscovy, eu4 3 years ago  
Leanna (and Xana if she counts) in Dark Messiah of Might and Magic; Anders in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, and ONLY in Awakening 3 years ago +1
Raped my eardrums 3 years ago +2
Got the c-section cleared 3 years ago  
Slept for three and a half hours instead of studying for the final tests of the term... 3 years ago +1
Of corse you did 3 years ago  
Scrap that vote; I greatly enjoy them both, but eat more mackerel if anything 3 years ago  
I like how you felt like you needed to explain the terms 3 years ago  
Presumably. 3 years ago  
At first. Unless we're talking graphics, bugfixes, etc. 3 years ago  
Not sure why you mentioned the lake in such a way. There's usually always an outflow to carry away some salt 3 years ago  
Got the basics figured out 3 years ago  
Sports is also easy to play. I've seen five year olds play sports. 3 years ago  
Your phrasing is a trainwreck. I don't know which answer represents what opinion 3 years ago  
You'd also need to know how to utilize the game mechanics. Don't you see that you're ignoring the skill requirements for only one of the two? 3 years ago  
And anybody can kick a ball. 3 years ago  
Well, it'd be e-sports, wouldn't it? 3 years ago  
Not to be that guy, but there have also been cases of businesses blacklisting activists, people dying during strikes, etc... 3 years ago  
All in all, the nordic cross is pretty drab 3 years ago +1
Hopefully less urine on the floor. 3 years ago +2
Some of the definitions are rather vague 3 years ago  
Technically 3 years ago  
Right-o. I would however say that "guy" has started to move into more neutral territory 3 years ago  
I do however love the look on the guy's face in 'B' 3 years ago +2
Ehhh...One has to do with the fictional character and one has to do with the actor 3 years ago  
It'd still be about the story they want to tell; because what that phrase means is: they have control over their own creative work. 3 years ago  
I would argue that they're not comparable, so I'll go off of what I've been playing lately 3 years ago +1
If you want LGBT people represented, make your own movie. You can't demand (or force) representation onto these people, because it's **their** creative work; it's ultimately about the story **they** want to tell. 3 years ago +2
... What statistics say that about the scientists? 3 years ago +1
I've always liked the kamchatka peninsula 3 years ago +1
1. Fun to f*ck over people who want it to stay. 2. I'm petty-minded 3 years ago  
Easy to whip up, easy to grab out of the fridge the next day, easy to bring with you... Very practical 3 years ago  
Yes, because that sounds like it'd annoy his supporters 3 years ago  
Depends on your relation to the person/people in question 3 years ago +1
Too much of a hassle I'm afraid 3 years ago  
If you don't sterilize your cat you're either poor, retarded, or trying to have kittens. 3 years ago  
Yahtzee Croshaw 3 years ago  
yahtzee19 3 years ago  
Motion of no confidence 3 years ago  
Likewise baseball players would be laughed off the field if they tried playing football on a competitive level 3 years ago +1
Gotta stay united against the Aldmeri Dominion. And gotta work on not tossing out all non-Nords. 3 years ago  
This has very little to do with morality. Unless you hold a prejudice you might as well flip a coin 3 years ago  
... How? 3 years ago  
I know there are breeds of indoor cats (who really should not be outside), but the idea of keeping a cat exclusively inside the house still seems a bit morally iffy to me. 3 years ago  
Which belief? 3 years ago  
Sex laxar i en laxask 3 years ago  
Polkagris 3 years ago  
Gonna release it somewhere proper because I'm not a cruel maniac 3 years ago +3
Olympus Mons, Mars 3 years ago 3 years ago +3
A mediocre leader is different from a non-functioning one 3 years ago +1
Don't handle heat too well 3 years ago +1
The fact that Jesus came along and said that the old testament didn't apply anymore does not change the fact that it **did** at one point apply. 3 years ago +3
I don't appeal to an objective standard. I never even claim something is morally wrong. You said it yourself - morality is just based on opinion. 3 years ago +2
Because someone has to be the killjoy around here 3 years ago +1
Negative. But somehow I manage to never see her nowadays, which is neat 3 years ago +1
Mind giving me a cut? 3 years ago +1
Childish with backward opinions 3 years ago +3
Same in Sweden. You only wear slippers if your floor's cold 3 years ago  
The notion of wearing shoes indoors is terribly odd 3 years ago +4
Removing it now would just do harm. I will however say that you people have too many history months 3 years ago +3
I wouldn't wanna have it established if it wasn't around, but removing it now smacks a bit of spitefulness 3 years ago +1
Not a car, mind 3 years ago +1
Amen 3 years ago +2
Blood pudding is a common dish in southern Sweden, can't imagine bloodplatter being any worse 3 years ago  
Sarah was alright, Kenny Jr. was too jumpy. 3 years ago  
40% chance to get away with it 3 years ago  
Hurrah for mercury poisoning! 3 years ago  
Whilst being able to cave in skulls with ease when you're the least inclined to mull it over isn't exactly great, it's a step better than having the grand power to have your max speed decrease [edit: reading descriptions is for people who didn't crash on the couch till three in the afternoon] 3 years ago  
Whenever easter happens. 3 years ago +1
The thing is: even most right-wing parties here are left-wing when compared to the U.S. politicians 3 years ago +3
And how lucky we are that it is so 3 years ago +2
Anywhere else in the world, if you were to wear your country's flag, you'd come off as some sort of idiot 3 years ago +1
I'm not sure what to make of that sentence... Mind trying again? 3 years ago  
At the same time, it's their religion. Some women really do want to wear it. 3 years ago  
A very unique kind of terrorism would flourish 3 years ago +1 3 years ago +2
Duh 3 years ago  
And why exactly would WW2 start without Hitler? 3 years ago  
The one that has the best chance to beat the maniac this cancerous community will inevitably support 3 years ago  
I 'unno... Work in the diamond mines while I finish my education? 3 years ago +1
Though they should of course not expect to be unconditionally believed straight away 3 years ago  
Normally I'm opposed to the concept of a neither button, buuut... 3 years ago +2
That'd be retardedly unnecessary. 3 years ago  
There are evolutionary benefits to monogamy, so it's not exactly far fetched 3 years ago  
How can someone not have plants in their house? I though plants were just one of those things that spontaneously popped into existence if you didn't have any 3 years ago +1
I'd say the glorification of the past and past leaders has gotten out of hand, but oh well 3 years ago +2
Forbidden fruit 3 years ago  
We basically share all of our DNA with them. Because we're both vertebrate. We're both mammals. We're both primates. We're both haplorhines, we're both hominids, we're both homo, we're both Homo sapiens. So fret not, dear numbnuts, you share most of your DNA with them. 3 years ago +4
Oh the horror. Even with your ideas of racial supremacy and such, one percent is beyond any significance. 3 years ago +2
Of course it's ineffective. Whether you like it or not, you're a radical. And whether you like it or not, the scientific community at large is against you. 3 years ago +2
Not really sure it's a moral issue 3 years ago +1
It hasn't to do with the temperature as much as with the amount of sunlight. 3 years ago +1
It's very much real. It's just absolutely pointless to get worked up about 3 years ago +1
You're not much better. In fact, you're a bit whiny and seem to have a fleeting grasp on differences in perspectives 3 years ago +3
Are you trying to strawman me, or am I getting paranoid? Oh, and, the thing with the meat industry is that it's the crop industry, and then a lot more on top of that. 3 years ago  
Ouch, better check myself into the burn ward 3 years ago  
What can I say? I'm vindictive 3 years ago +2
If you think this is bad, you should see me with a scissor 3 years ago +2
Misclick. We should make it super legal. What more, we should smear your walls with the remnants. 3 years ago +3
First and foremost: my god, you are retarded. But then, we already knew that, didn't we? Secondly: it's not about banning it, it's about regulating it. Much like one would regulate fishing so as to not run out of fish. 3 years ago  
That's something along the lines of what our dear brute suggested, numbnuts. And are you f*cking retarded? The world's full of animals, yeah, sure. But there's not an equal ammount of all of them. Lastly; remember what I said about lots and lots of really efficient hunters? That can do a number on most populations that don't mate like bunnies. 3 years ago  
The problem is when lots and lots of really efficient hunters don't know when to stop. Really, the human population has not grown to this size sustaining itself on "natural" means 3 years ago  
Ideally it won't be needed. Because it won't be able to take place on an almost industrial grade scale. Y'see, there are different kinds of anarchy, as I'm sure you know 3 years ago  
Legalize all except the death penalty, regulate hunting 3 years ago  
Nothing beats the common house cat 3 years ago  
You spend several hours cutting purses so that you have enough gold to bribe everyone at the tavern to parttake in a spontaneous song and dance number in which you sing "I will always love you" by Whitney Houston and tell me that's not funny 3 years ago  
Me and my buddy made our elves gay, and their every interaction with each other is ridiculously homoerotic. It's absolutely hilarious 3 years ago  
Somehow that's worse 3 years ago +1
But in all honesty, f*ck cities 3 years ago  
What do you define as a "newbie" for these things? 3 years ago  
More specifically you think people should be aware of **your** version of reality. 3 years ago , , , , 3 years ago  
Kristianstad, Skåne (I think) 3 years ago  
"America" is used to refer to both continents in some places 3 years ago +5
Isn't that like pissing in the wind with your political system? 3 years ago  
The committee has been criticized for being Europe-centered, but I wouldn't say Sweden-centered. Because rightfully, 30 really isn't a lot. 3 years ago +1
I realized that there was still ice cream in the fridge 3 years ago  
Like it or not, they are what they are for a reason 3 years ago  
That place in eu4 where you get a colonial nation after swearing for the hundredth time that you wouldn't get one 3 years ago  
Hmmm... A king or a god? Tough one... 3 years ago  
Gender's defined as a social construct. Sex would be the thing you're born with. I'm trying to cut down on calling people "numbnuts", so I'm just gonna tell you to mull it over good and proper. 3 years ago +1
"Oh wow, really proving you're the good guys here" 3 years ago  
Awful foreign policy. 3 years ago  
Some movies have next to inaudible dialogues at places 3 years ago +1
Not at all biased 3 years ago  
Yeah, I'm sort of still in school... And as to your question; there's a very obnoxious and childish air about it all. That's the main thing. 3 years ago  
This probably says more about me than it does about you, but I so badly want to smash out all your teeth. 3 years ago  
I've grown a resentment for Spain since I started playing eu4. They wanna hog all the colonies for themselves, the greedy bastards 3 years ago +2
Bah! You're changing no one's mind... 3 years ago +4
If it's a theory concerning intellectual property, then I'm not gonna pay it any attention. 3 years ago  
My feelings. They are hurt. 3 years ago +1
Anything but christianity 3 years ago +1
Third wave ska and melodic hardcore. 3 years ago  
Leliana is crazy 3 years ago  
That way I'll have modern healthcare at my side when I inevitably become injured due to having no training whatsoever in any form of combat. 3 years ago +2
My current one 3 years ago  
I'm not going to count distant relatives in the US because every swede has those 3 years ago +1 3 years ago  
Though I must say that an asphalt road never signified "cool" to me. 3 years ago +1
Not really a choice 3 years ago  
Though any animal with a pseudo-penis deserves credit 3 years ago  
Morning edition over here 3 years ago 3 years ago  
Not religions 3 years ago  
Soo... "You can't speak your mind, only I can" 3 years ago +1
Both. 3 years ago  
I thought you'd be used to upsetting people by now, buddy ol' pal. A racist supporting eugenics can hardly go through life without offending 3 years ago  
Doing crossovers is a terrible idea 3 years ago  
Well, cloaca. 3 years ago  
You seldom drop dead when the divorce is over 3 years ago +1
Both are quite awful 3 years ago  
I find it to be a very uncomforting idea that you claim to be from Sweden. 3 years ago +1
Prata med Datorn 3 years ago  
I've always felt that a switch from noon to monday morning would be the best thing. 3 years ago +1
What about with a controller on a pc? 3 years ago  
Not a fan of bathing. Especially not in pools. 3 years ago +1
My bread and butter 3 years ago  
Oh no. How will I now get through the day. 3 years ago  
2+cos(1), i.e. roughly 3 3 years ago  
There can be multiple representatives 3 years ago  
Then call me an idealist. But whether it would actually remain an anarchy or not, it'd offer a fresh start wherein more localized and freer systems could theoretically develop. Note that I'm imagining something with a lot less population, see the primitivist-ish part of my ideology. 3 years ago +1
Undecided, although I suppose it's not so much establishing an anarchist society as it is abolishing all forms of government and law. I'm however thinking something a lot more localized. On a personal scale I'm leaning towards individualist/primitivist anarchy 3 years ago  
Establish an anarchist society, legalize all drugs, etc. 3 years ago  
A bit isolationist, I see 3 years ago  
You represent everythig that's bad about this site. 3 years ago +3
Too bad they haven't made it all the way down here yet 3 years ago +1
Considering I chose an education based around natural sciences, and they're teaching me natural sciences. I do however think the grading system is out of whack 3 years ago  
Must be a very special kind of evolutionists you're talking about 3 years ago  
Being in a swedish jail, it'd be very anticlimactic. 3 years ago  
Not per se. 3 years ago  
Not being the son hunter, I've never felt the incentive to do so, nor have I ever had the opportunity 3 years ago  
What saved me was my exceptionally low thoughts about myself 3 years ago  
Cream cheese sounds completely disgusting in conjunction with any form of sweets 3 years ago  
Theoretically 3 years ago  
Unsurprisingly; slightly left, quite libertarian. Though I will say that there is a fundamental problem with the wording of quite a few questions, as well as with them being centered around american society. There is also the issue that I can personally be slightly off-put by the level of sexualisation going on in our society whilst still thinking that things should be allowed to run their natural course without any intervention. 3 years ago  
The other one's just pretentious 3 years ago  
Something about this artstyle is bothering me 3 years ago +2
Seems about right 3 years ago +2
'D probably get sort of curly if I left it to its own devices 3 years ago  
That's just because you can't hear my annoyed passive aggressive tone 3 years ago  
Make their own decisions 3 years ago +1
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