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I am 22 years old. I love to smoke marijuana. I am a midnight toker. My friend prefers alcohol over weed, I prefer watching him clutch the toilet all night while I float in space. Just legalize it already! My Friends List: American_Jedi, Boo-Rad, charlotte01, Chupacabra, crackofdawn, Danielle083, favsallover, gamedays, GoldenMoon78, HashSlingingSlasher, Heti123, ilovefreedom, jrob196, KaweKid, KindaPsycho, KipperCat, mangobear, MindlessPie, OtakuRG, RedEagle, thenamek21, usmanc, VorpeHD (let me know if you want to join the list! :D)

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    depends. weird question 2 days ago  
    im hard working at stuff i actually like/care about 2 days ago  
    nasty 2 weeks ago  
    i know......its a joke 2 weeks ago  
    C: Lunch 2 weeks ago  
    I don't wanna smash either of them 2 weeks ago  
    dont care. keep scrolling 3 weeks ago  
    *most women dont short guys 3 weeks ago  
    GTA 3 weeks ago  
    its all i use now 3 weeks ago  
    i can get fit 3 weeks ago  
    i can lose weight cause women dont like short guys 3 weeks ago +1
    rrrather is sh*tty now anyway 3 weeks ago +1
    making a joke the same day someone dies is always that offensive. im done with you. i hope you get some help and i hope one your family members die so i can make fun of them and see how that makes you feel 3 weeks ago  
    fvck you. you're a disgusting human being for making the joke in the first place. whatever is wrong with you mentally, i hope you get some help 3 weeks ago  
    cause he's makes fun of people after they die, like a virgin 3 weeks ago  
    glad to see someone with a heart - rip mamba 3 weeks ago  
    fvck you 3 weeks ago +1
    fvck you and i hope you and your whole family burns in hell 3 weeks ago +1
    fvck you 3 weeks ago  
    i dont know u 3 weeks ago  
    i clicked no but i realized i actually like you so i will 3 weeks ago +2
    has money 1 month ago  
    you dont think 14 year olds can make a half court shot? or go to a school with a basketball court in their gym? use your head, buddy 1 month ago  
    why? its very possible 1 month ago  
    besides your own.... -_- 1 month ago  
    not really 1 month ago  
    quality question 1 month ago  
    she fine asf 1 month ago  
    being black in 1950 wouldnt be good so........ 1 month ago  
    it actually cooks fine without it 1 month ago  
    ...................... 1 month ago  
    tao water 1 month ago  
    seeing these pictures really makes me wonder how many hours i spent watching all the episodes to all these shows 1 month ago  
    nah 1 month ago  
    oh sh*t yeah you could jump off the lift 3 months ago  
    less cold 3 months ago  
    yeah but you dont know what that person will choose 6 months ago  
    A is really B technically 6 months ago +2
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