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I am 22 years old. I love to smoke marijuana. I am a midnight toker. My friend prefers alcohol over weed, I prefer watching him clutch the toilet all night while I float in space. Just legalize it already! My Friends List: American_Jedi, Boo-Rad, charlotte01, Chupacabra, crackofdawn, Danielle083, favsallover, gamedays, GoldenMoon78, HashSlingingSlasher, Heti123, ilovefreedom, jrob196, KaweKid, KindaPsycho, KipperCat, mangobear, MindlessPie, OtakuRG, RedEagle, thenamek21, usmanc, VorpeHD (let me know if you want to join the list! :D)

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    oh sh*t yeah you could jump off the lift 4 weeks ago  
    less cold 4 weeks ago  
    yeah but you dont know what that person will choose 4 months ago  
    A is really B technically 4 months ago +2
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