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    Not to be rude, but fo me, it seemed pretty obvious that the 1% didn't want him to get 100% on this kind of stupid question. I mean, seariously, what positive traits would turning everything to dust server, while you can get money for gold.  
    Um.... dafaq are you talking about? Your respond to my respond dosen't seem to add up  
    The person who didn't want him to get 100% +1
    Free lsd? +3
    You would most likely not be good at something you hate +2
    The pic to the right is when marijuana was legalised +1835
    Older music is way better. Unless ofc the music to day is ACTUALLY put effort in it  
    I already do control my dreams, it's called Lucid Dreaming +2
    I love coffee  
    Dosen't matter, got paid  
    What do you mean with "Like"? As in gf/bf like, or friend "like", I am pretty sure it is bf/gf, but the " " confuses me  
    I wonder whats in the very center of the atom  
    Can I get new friends after? +1
    Dosen't matter, got paid +4
    MAN UP B'ES  
    Guys, guys! How about this, I meet JB and then kill him. Then I save the 1.000 kittens from dying of cancer listening to his music +11
    Didn't say how many. Alltough it says ES/MS at the end, so I'mma go with 2  
    The orphans didn't have to be alive  
    Yes, "they" did. Its in the tittle  
    I'm sure Bear Grylls would love it  
    I think most people would rate it by its motor. I know I would +2
    Give me your pic to prove it. Cocky girls/swagger fags  
    15 too. I wish my mom or dad had a whiskey or vodka basement  
    Defence mechanism, light up a fire place. It is great for survival, but not for you uncreative slub  
    Only because CN now is CRAP +2
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