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    Do you grow old in B  
    I would find B super annoying  
    It would make me feel more secure, plus I'd have time to write my will and arrange my funeral  
    My cousin who I only see once every year  
    Lol 2017 now  
    Lol 2017 now  
    I hate heights!  
    No more braces!  
    I'd rather have the friendship to myself +1
    I wish I had Windows  
    I could sleep when I want  
    You could see all the fishes and starfish as you die peacefully rather than falling many terrifying feet to your doom  
    I love potatoes I hate coke  
    The huge person would take up the whole bed!  
    After I die I could live forever in paradise! +1
    How do they give the money back  
    The secret stuff would just nag my brain the whole time  
    You can't get into anything locked without your keys  
    No veggies. "Shudder"  
    I don't have an annoying grandma  
    Who cares about having a cool car when you can have a cool home  
    I could catch up old TV episodes on iplayer  
    Keeping a monkey in captivity is just sad  
    I don't like milkshakes  
    I love my grandpa!  
    I could just leave it on the ground.If I saw the chocolate pudding I would try to eat it and get a nasty surprise  
    You would flood your whole house with mayonnaise and drown!  
    Neither have I  
    I like being alone  
    I would climb down Everest while I had the time  
    I love being muddy!  
    I would just ask for infinite wishes so I wouldn't need money  
    I like Christmas because it's about the family being together  
    I would never be deaf. I love making music too much  
    Who would fly when you can teleport  
    All my friends would be creeped out if I started making Darth Vader noises.  
    If I won I would get the money, which would be fun, and if I died, well I wonder what would happen after death.  
    I don't even like Starbucks  
    A zombie apocalypse would be cool  
    10,000 x 10,000 is a lot more than a billion  
    Ha ha lol  
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