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    You wouldn't need speed coz you could just teleport there  
    Another for gays or gals  
    I'm a guy so basicly this is a question for girls or gays  
    Hat sex? I'd love to see that  
    Mike Tyson is world war 2  
    A f**king gaming girl who loves Star Trek Nuff said  
    Guest in Sri Lanka mybe it's coz it's technically hard to answer  
    Morgan freeman for the win  
    F**K glee b*tches  
    F**K glee b*tches  
    Guest from Texas your comment 2 years ago is true Jedi have to hit on thier own sisters  
    F**K you Jedi bulls**ters  
    I'm batman  
    Nooooooooo I f**king picked Justin beiber nooooooo!!!!  
    f**K EM BOTH  
    F**K digimon  
    M****rf**king fail there both the same thing +1
    So hard to choose  
    There the f**king same people with different here  
    If i was dead I wouldn't know no one was there  
    Dosent say how much money  
    Well their both Logitech so realy?  
    What if the lock could be opened with your phone  
    Lolly bananas for the win  
    I don't drive so ha!!!!  
    Watch TV on the pc  
    It dosent say who your surrendering to what if I surrender to a pillow coz day r dedly ant cun smufer u  
    Guest from New Jersey you could get somone to sign language sing to you  
    It isn't a type of bear its a grizzly-polar bear hybrid so f**k you idiots who said a grolar bear dosent exist fact for the win  
    Technically i wouldn't be eating it soooo  
    Well I could've put the sh*t in a cup and make it look like a pudding  
    You guys are absolute retards it dosent matter if we camp or we get a luxury hotel as long as we have fun it dosent matter and also think about the price if we went backpacking we wouldn't get a hotel coz the camping is an expirance we could get loads more souvenirs but if we go to a hotel I mean realy why not just stay at home what's the point of going out to just go straight to a hotel room just stay home the 84% who decided yeah I'm gonna go out and sleep in a hotel tonight and I'm so angry that I messed up my spelling Nuff said just think about what I said as well  
    I live in australia so yeah I'm done here +1
    What if the stranger was my true love  
    My friend will comfert me in my time of need  
    Least it will look funny o_0  
    F**k flying cruise  
    I cann game in the back and call him Jeeves  
    I will just use a wheel chair so I don't need to use a seat for gaming  
    Just kill the enemy and be done with it spend money on world hunger people  
    My god the f****ing plastics again  
    Wow fifty fifty realy? Grid lock!  
    I pee in teh shower anyway  
    I'm 12 and I still have clothes from when I'm 10 so win  
    I'm a guy so I can't have kids anyway  
    Gamers to da max!!!!  
    I have both anyway  
    Oh my god obviose  
    * oh for god sake obviously  
    Of course there gonna put the plastics from mean girls on there it's obiose  
    Eat at the movie nuffsaid  
    They would probably kill me coz at least they can get away with so yeah Nuff said  
    By stupid I mean why judge somone for somthing they want to do its stupid +1
    I support people in what they want if they are gay and want to get married so be it I won't judge people are so stupid +1
    So much dreams  
    Just chuck fish at them  
    I'm a vampire I don't see my reflection any way  
    50 50 also I'd get to be famous for doing a nude scene Nuff said  
    Snow rules  
    If make a law that lets me get rid of any law  
    What is this outside and sunlight you speak of?  
    I'm mental any way so I'd probably fit in  
    Just imagine what's going on its better than any porno coz Nuff said  
    Be the first to get an iPhone and also I don't drive  
    I fish I do dat anyways  
    Ironicly I'm using firefox  
    I'm a vampire I don't sleep  
    Who knows what sick things people have hidden they should still stay hidden  
    I haven't searched anything dirty ........yet +1
    It's dead jim +1
    Micheal Jackson suckes ow!  
    Hitler was a sick man he deserves to die  
    What if my best friend is my crush Nuff said  
    I already own a big dog so um yeah  
    Stop finding loop holes people I mean what is the point of this website if your just gonna find loop holes  
    * to be  
    My life motto is most likely tobe my last words so Nuff said  
    MAC SUCKS!!!!!!!!  
    If I don't find meh true love can. Still have sex?  
    Already tried it as a baby chase is almost the same but not if you know what I mean  
    I academy ly click twilight whilst scrolling on my ipad god damn it nooooooooo!!!!!  
    Cure every disease or cancer ever Nuff said  
    Those Jews didn't deserve to die  
    No one would know what I would be saying I like dat  
    Bffth is right  
    Animals can't hurt you with your secrets like my gf did  
    Camokilla1 I'm not sure what you mean *wink* *wink*  
    Nuff said  
    Yep Nuffield said  
    Get away with anything Nuffield said  
    It's a 1 in 6 chance I'd take the money coz most likely I could just shoot the guy who is with me if worst comes to worst I'd probably die that way though coz there are probably other guys there to  
    I'm with ya guest from victoria  
    For those who download music illegally i hate you why would you do that somone made that music the least you could do is pay for the music I mean realy  
    Commenting on guest from Florida Canada a world war is horrible I'd rather zombie apocalypse coz you're already killing people that died  
    Just saying  
    I'm judging a comment that a guest from taranaki New Zealand dude you obviously didn't read the comment right because if you give $1000 dolars to them all why not give them the $10000  
    Well all I have to say you wouldn't need anything else if you had the love of your life  
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