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I am Chupacabra a.k.a. Chupafly! I try to get along with everyone, just here to answer some questions and meet people from all over. In fact, if you don't like me, you probably suck because I'm pretty awesome :)

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Who will win the NFL Super Bowl on February 7, 2016? Carolina Panthers or Denver Broncos 41,775 votes 609 comments 6 likes

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Looking forward to part 2 in the year 2037... 18 hours ago  
No clue what these are, picked the cooler looking name 18 hours ago  
Would definitely end up being more. A normal person poops once or twice per day, so that’s already $700 - $1400 per week. Most people don’t cry that often. 18 hours ago  
What’s the purpose of B if you have a cel phone? 18 hours ago  
I come close every year 18 hours ago  
Both awesome but A would prove more useful 18 hours ago  
She should bang a dinosaur and have a human-dino hybrid 18 hours ago +2
Anteater lol 3 days ago  
Refreshing 3 days ago 5 days ago  
Your ass cheeks... 5 days ago  
Set an example for all the kids like a true gangsta rapper. Make sure they’re raised right. 6 days ago  
I have Bose in my car 6 days ago  
A doesn’t specify which one. There are 4 :) 6 days ago +2
Since it’s like 20 degrees out lately 6 days ago  
Me, but people should still predict who they think will win 6 days ago  
Thank you for voting. I will never understand why people skip questions. 1 week ago +1
That wasn’t very nice meow :( 1 week ago  
So much better in every way 1 week ago  
I can't stand to fly. I'm not that naive. I'm just out to find... The better part of me. I'm more than a bird, I'm more than a plane. I'm more than some pretty face beside a train... And it's not easy to be me 1 week ago +2
Boats and hos 1 week ago  
Do you mean Pet Peeves or is this just stuff Pete does? 1 week ago  
When they’re gone 1 week ago  
You obviously changed it, àsshole 1 week ago  
No, but they are a staple of this site. It’s also interesting to see how much things change. I mean, I was actually a finalist one year. Shít changes quick lol 1 week ago +2
A picture of Superman would have been extremely easy to find lol 1 week ago +1
Dem bewbs 2 weeks ago  
Your* 2 weeks ago  
Like if you know the difference between “your” and “you’re” since this idiot obviously doesn’t. 2 weeks ago  
This is tough because I loved them both, but I would pick B if I had to choose. 2 weeks ago  
Definitely 2 weeks ago  
I hate snakes 3 weeks ago +1
Amazing 3 weeks ago +1
The inside of the cardboard is a material that helps it heat. Why wouldn’t you use it? 3 weeks ago +2
I hang dress pants and slacks, but jeans get folded 3 weeks ago  
Fix mah díck! 3 weeks ago  
A is totally normal 3 weeks ago  
I’d deage myself, friends, family, etc. and use the age on my enemies until they just wither away. 3 weeks ago  
Start over with all my knowledge... yes please. 3 weeks ago  
Because she’s extremely immature and hates anyone who calls her out for it 3 weeks ago  
Although B is very tempting 3 weeks ago  
Shinsuke Nakamura 3 weeks ago +1
Actually playing this now and I love it 3 weeks ago  
Basically the same shít, but A is made by Coke and B is made by Pepsi. 3 weeks ago  
What are wamen? 3 weeks ago +1
Amazing 3 weeks ago  
I like olives and chicken nuggets, but I wouldn’t want to eat either all the time. 3 weeks ago  
Thank you for your honesty. Meow. 3 weeks ago  
Chupafly! 3 weeks ago  
100% agreed. Plus, mauling is more fun than being irritable and impossible to be around, which apparently comes with B 3 weeks ago  
The fact that A is getting any votes at all tells me the quality and overall intelligence of the users left on this site has severely dwindled. 4 weeks ago  
I feel that if B had the power to make this site better, he’d actually do it... 4 weeks ago  
Just proves the lack of quality we have left on this site :( 4 weeks ago  
Classic AF 4 weeks ago  
Chupafly! Meow 1 month ago  
Arkham City, Arkham Orgins, and Arkham Knight. 1 month ago  
Don’t know either but I assume A has 9 or 10 siblings so whatevs 1 month ago  
Some of the best athletes on the planet 1 month ago  
Haven’t seen either, clicked for Harold. 1 month ago  
I don’t understand why Alex would ban the guy who’s basically been the heart of his site for years, but then again, based on how poorly this site functions these days, I assume Alex gives 0 fùcks about much anymore. 1 month ago +6
Suffocate his angry green áss with dem títties lol 1 month ago  
I didn’t realize Catholics had their own bible.... interesting. 1 month ago +1
I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I think I’m a sucker for cameos and references to the past ;-p 1 month ago  
In her prime, Carrie Fisher was absolutely beautiful. 1 month ago  
Honestly, people who falsely accuse someone of something that could literally ruin their entire life should be strung up by their pubes and shot in the head 1 month ago +3
Duh 1 month ago +1
Yeah it’s sad meow 1 month ago  
She’d use those bewbs 1 month ago  
Democrats have wanted this since the moment Trump was elected. It was happening whether it’s justified or not. 1 month ago  
No, just you and your mother/wife 1 month ago  
And I looked up your mom’s dress and saw a díck 1 month ago  
I’m from 2019 and I know old questions are still accessible.... idiot 2 months ago  
Do you mean “they’re”... otherwise I don’t compute... 2 months ago  
Bshsgshe 2 months ago  
I’m glad your calendar works. Is it made of corn, you inbred twat? 2 months ago  
Like if you fùcked this guy’s mom 3 months ago  
You’re also in Texas, so you’re probably still behind the rest of the country. 3 months ago  
Your mom 3 months ago  
Go fùck your mother... she should be all healed up from my big fat còck by now. 5 months ago  
Like if you’re a like whóre 5 months ago  
So you don’t realize old questions remain on this site years after they’re asked? You’re one dumb mother fùcker. 6 months ago  
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