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    Home made costumes can be cooler! What if there isn't something on the store you want?  
    Okay, I did choose future, but what if by then it's like a Fallout or something? That'd be bad.  
    I mean, I feel bad for choosing this, but you can sell the lightsaber, then save a lot more than just one.  
    I'd love to be the smartest teams  
    No thank you.  
    Um. All Rebecca did was make a bad song, which got a lot of hate. Justin Bieber did a lot worse.  
    I'm a gamer so... Yeah. Movies are cool though.  
    Umm, have someone take a picture of you? Phones? Hello?  
    What? Is this even a question?  
    Gangnam Style is overused.  
    Monkeys are cool and all, but that pig is very adorable.  
    I'm christian. Also even if you were an atheist wouldn't you rather have heaven be real than not?  
    Umm, no, I rather just live with no problems.  
    Snow is cool! I have huskies, and they would love it. Also snow = no school!  
    I'll just stick with my current gender. +1
    It doesn't say I die doing so.  
    Small dogs? Pfft, toy dogs. Get real dogs!  
    Oh I'm going to have fun with this.  
    Take all my friends! I don't care! I'm keeping my computer!  
    Cats are cool & cute and all, but dogs are just more fun to have.  
    Sweet! I would love to live in the Fallout Universe!  
    Snow at the bottom?  
    13% are trolls & fangirls  
    Nope, nope nope nope nope nope not awnsering +1
    I'm not gay, just saying.  
    basically asking,  
    atleast 60% of people who voted for home consoles have no experience with nintendo and 50% of those people say it's bad when they haven't played it  
    already have a gamecube  
    nuh uh take all of my friends idc i need my pc  
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