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    Oh yes. Oh f*ck yes. I'm a white man that loves the 1920s to 50s. I don't see anything bad about it.  
    I didn't feel like writing one, also the picture is supposed to be a mage and I'm really into the magic aspect of fantasy.  
    Barack Obama seems like a cool dude.  
    I love the time period.  
    Whilst mormonism is moronic, scientology will suck you dry. I atleast have something bordering on respect for the church of scientology because of their ingenious way of making money.  
    Meh. They're only cute and cuddly. It's not like I have built a friendship with them over several years.  
    I'd prefer to keep all of my mental capacity, thank you very much!  
    The sea is creepy as hell.  
    I don't care much for money nor do I care much for love. I'd prefer not to be poor though.  
    I don't really need more than a million dollars.  
    Lots taken.  
    I'm pretty sure that Deadpool could kill all of DC by himself if given enough time.  
    Well the bottom of the ocean is f***ing terrifying. Also I don't deal with pressure very well.  
    Who even are these guys?  
    I guess I'm not who this question was aimed at seeing as how I am a guy and all...  
    I'm not a religious person so basically I have a choice between temporary pain and eternal worshipping of a theoretical deity or temporary worshipping of a theoretical deity and eternal pain. I feel like I have to go with B on this one. Atleast hell is up-front about it being torture.  
    I don't know what any of these are but B had a nicer logo  
    Seems like the lesser of two evils  
    I don't have enough clothes to let them "disappear". I barely have enough to make it through a week as it is.  
    The thought of having an electronic eyeball look at me while I sleep is too tempting  
    I never liked spongebob but I've got good memories from B  
    Come on! Dude has gray hair, he's gotta win!  
    I doubt I could get away but I'd still want to try  
    Come on! It's Harvard! Who doesn't want that on their resumé?  
    Biting your tongue hurts longer  
    Seems like a lot of fun.  
    I do not trust anybody else except me to properly handle total liberty. Of course I realize that I'm not better than anybody but being who I am, I can't help feeling like I have the best possible moral compass. I'd rather have everybody (including me) have no liberty than total liberty for this reason. (Plus justice feels really good :P) +2
    Cat food is actually not all that bad  
    I would only share his name, not his actions...  
    Normally I wouldn't choose love since I'm tired of such clichés but I have no need for 10 million dollars anyway.  
    You would probably still be a muggle though  
    Pretty much me already...  
    So I'm suddenly a creep... Well f**k you too! (Damn you rrrather and your censorship!)  
    I need to have a beard after all  
    Well considering how dating a five year old would be pretty damn weird, I suppose I only have one choice here...  
    Saying everything I thought about would be fun!  
    All about that legacy  
    I'd rather do an evil act for a good outcome than a good act for a bad outcome. In reality I don't think you should shun them but I'm guessing that it automatically works in this scenario. +2
    So I get mental care AND a bunch of hot people everywhere I look? Sweeeeet!  
    Traffic isn't all that bad where I live  
    Is this even a real question? The 9/11 thing was small fry compared to the holocaust! 9/11 also lead to flight regulations that might be annoying but that have saved countless lives.  
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