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Would you rather Legally kill Every Innocent Person in the World or Be forced into a lonely prison for eliminating terrorism 1 year ago 69 votes 4 comments 0 likes

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I don't give a [email protected]#. 1 year ago  
I chose the first one because the picture of the chocolate melting was so satisfying 1 year ago  
Because I don't have a dog 1 year ago  
lol i chose the first option to troll 1 year ago  
For Option B: A dad is a male parent, and a grandpa is one's dad's dad. So I don't know how Option B would be possible. 1 year ago  
oh cool, it's one of those not-so-rrrather questions 1 year ago  
I don't really care about anyone. 1 year ago +2
i can do both 1 year ago +1
wheelchair 1 year ago  
seated* 1 year ago  
liar 1 year ago  
How can mixing races be degenerate? How? TELL ME, HOW!!?? 1 year ago  
it was already created 1 year ago +1
heard that some bars of soap were safe to eat 1 year ago  
oh no i meant other one 1 year ago  
us regarded 1 year ago  
thanks for the picture on the right. i'll have nigthtmares now, bye 1 year ago  
so that i dont get thid kind of question 1 year ago  
fock ants 1 year ago  
fock you 1 year ago  
there's texting and signing 1 year ago +1
your ass regarded ass diss spelein 1 year ago +1
AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!!! *john cena music plays* 1 year ago +1
aw s**t i picked wrong one 1 year ago  
"you'r" -Vanessa1211 1 year ago  
lol I'm a boy 1 year ago  
why not both? 1 year ago  
didnt say that the chain was attatched to anything strong 1 year ago  
Why would anyone want a desert? Deserts are so hot and water is scarce there...oh you mean dessert? 1 year ago +1
"Get them to follow you and they'll have a 100% chance too." -Cody Strever 1 year ago  
i did 1 year ago  
*spits out "emotion"* 1 year ago +1
Let's see. Puedo hablar español. Je peux parler un peu de français.That's it. 1 year ago  
i meant the other one 1 year ago  
cause im too lazy 1 year ago  
57% of people are liars. 1 year ago  
one that says "kill me" because im suicidal 1 year ago  
Listen up, just because one is Argentinian, does not mean he is not black. Black is a race and Argentinian is a nationality. So one can still be both, though I doubt any two black adults would go to Argentinia and have a baby there. 1 year ago  
Saying Asians can't drive is like saying white people can't walk. 1 year ago  
drink water 1 year ago  
LIGHT BULB TERRORISM! *silence* He said raping, not wrapping. Raping is the gerund of rape, which means to murder. So that means I'm gonna murder a light bulb. 1 year ago  
"It is easier to improve a house than your own country." -Cody Strever 1 year ago  
just like the mongols when they tried to invade japan 1 year ago  
*spits out CO2* 1 year ago +1
I meant the other way around, sorry 1 year ago  
No I meant foot 1 year ago  
Feel the wind. 1 year ago  
some people chose option b to troll 1 year ago  
You mean debt? 1 year ago  
What's an exist? 1 year ago  
Are you dumb? You can still have both. 1 year ago  
An internet troll. Ha ha! Get it? 1 year ago  
You dye it black and look more normal. 1 year ago  
I'll die either way. 1 year ago  
Google can be found on Chrome, which can be found on microsoft. 1 year ago  
I'd be less likely to die. 1 year ago  
I'm not Canadian so I shouldn't know about Canada's history. 1 year ago  
more time to do more things 1 year ago  
just to troll you 1 year ago  
Just to kill all the members. MUAHAHAHAHA!!! 1 year ago  
You highlight the text, right-click on it, click copy, go to the text area in which you want to paste the text, right-click on that, and click paste! Simple! Also I can just type in \/acuum for vacuum if the V key were disabled. 1 year ago  
That is the most American rrrather question ever. 1 year ago  
You mean Americans, in fact, even have the right to legally kill each other as a prank? Now that's freedom at its max. *bald eagle screaches patriotically* 1 year ago  
that's already me 1 year ago +2
Die with him. 1 year ago  
That was hard 1 year ago +2
You use the destruction powers to win the wars! 1 year ago  
i didn't know how i should feel about it. so i just say hate it. 1 year ago  
Google is available to access via Chrome which you can have on Microsoft. 1 year ago  
Neither one would really help, so whatever. 1 year ago  
Until I make another final decision. 1 year ago  
i can divorce my spouse regardless. 1 year ago  
Your mom 1 year ago  
I could put effort into making myself rich. 1 year ago  
To be more honest than that, i'd rather drink mercury with tons of lead shavings and die 1 year ago  
so i can escape the cringe 1 year ago  
trolltime yay #no100percentforyou 1 year ago  
i'd rather have many friends who are backstabers because they stabe backs not stab them. 1 year ago  
suffer so that i dont have to see stupid questions like yours 1 year ago +1
i can hide my teeth while smiling! Perfect! 1 year ago  
I've never run into a rrrather question involving answers with rhyming. 1 year ago  
i can buy my own gift whenever I start wanting it, so who cares? 1 year ago  
Although I'm American, I don't want to be like those Americans who diss other nations for "being unjust or repressive." I've never been to the E.U. before, so I don't want to just pick my own country without experiencing other nations. If you're American and you're reading this, please know that the only reason you choose America is because YOU'RE EITHER TOO LAZY OR TOO STUPID TO BOOK A FLIGHT TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES, okay? Respect other nations. Don't be self-nationalist. -Cody Strever, the (non-)American rrrather user 1 year ago  
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